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  1. Ron Altier

    Table Saw Guide Stick

    I got $25 from a submitted idea from a wood working magazine, for nearly the same thing. The only difference, I used one of those larger add on erasers and installed it on a larger/longer dowell, to keep my hand away farther.
  2. Ron Altier

    Ornament of Many Colors

    I got an idea for making a different ornament. It involved using different colored woods and the colored ply. It took all day for the set up, which went wrong and I didn't set up the colors right. The shape was not what I wanted and I had to cover mistakes. If I do another, I will really plan a LOT better. There are so many angles that I had to cut, just to keep the circles round
  3. Ron Altier

    Bird Houses

    Some of you have seen the bird houses I built. Every year we get birds, but every year wasps make nests in the houses. Even if the birds have a nest, they run them off or kill them. I've experimented and have finally found a solution. I bought some thin Teflon sheets and put them on the underside of the roof, figuring that if their nest can't stick to the roof, they won't build. I have 5 bird houses and 4 had birds, no wasps. One I forgot to put it in had a BIG wasp nest. (Teflon spray did not work) The other big problem is hail, we've had it as big as baseballs and it can destroy a house with a direct hit.
  4. Ron Altier

    Led Update

    I was getting them from the Dollar store, they ran out. Walmart had them for 97 cents
  5. Ron Altier

    Led Update

    I think I've found the lights that my wife will like. They do look really good on the patio I drilled a hole the same size as the light stem, painted with reflective particles paint and put a piece of black tape at the top to keep the bright LED from being seen by your eye. They will look really good on the patio tables.
  6. Ron Altier

    Sidewalk Leds

    Keep in mind that they are designed to shine the light downward. If you hang them up above eye level, such as sitting in a chair, the light can be too bright. I taped part of the lamp on the ones my wife put in a tree. But they are a nice addition to our patio. I did have to put some weight on them to keep wind from blowing them around
  7. Looks like where I live in Idaho. I have COPD and can't even mow the grass on a rider.



    1. Ron Altier

      Ron Altier

      A family friend with COPD was traveling from CO to WA and the smoke was so bad that she had to get a motel with cleaner air. She was having so much trouble that she considered going to the ER. Thankfully the wind shifted and by morning she was OK

    2. steamshovel


      Thank goodness for clean air. I'm glad she is ok now. I finally got the grass mowed today and I was not in to bad of shape when I finished.

  8. Ron Altier

    Just a Couple Carved Walking Sticks

    True artistry, wonderful job
  9. Ron Altier

    Sidewalk Leds

    My mind has been wondering again. I saw Walmart had those solar charged sidewalk lights for $1.00. I thought "why not make some patio lights. I used Cedar fence material and have made several variations. Some I just took the stake out and glued a string on to hang from above. Others I made small housing for and some have legs.
  10. Ron Altier

    a Day At Disney

    Loved it!!
  11. Ron Altier


    A couple of years ago a fire came to the very edge of an exclusive housing area. About 3 miles from us and the smoke was super thick. Helicopters were dropping water and the tanker plane made multiple trips, but got the fire out. Good thing that airplane is stationed here in CO. Cops had the whole area blocked off, no cars in. However some parked and ran in to get their pets and important papers.
  12. Ron Altier


    The smoke from CA fires has been bad. We can't see the foothills and if you look just above the tree line, you can see some of the taller buildings. Visibility is less than than 10 miles. We can smell smoke, but it isn't too bad yet
  13. Ron Altier


    I think the new tips addition is great. Even an old dog can learn. It could easily be called "Tips and advise" I learn new things and get good advise that only experience can give
  14. Ron Altier

    Making Crown Moulding (Grand Father Clock)

    John there is a sequel to this finish. I went to Rockler for finishing advise. They recommended a light sanding and apply a water based cherry stain. I applied it as directed and when I let it sit overnight......It turned BLACK. I worked my tail off removing that junk. I then sanded it all down and applied a good regular stain. It came out great. I think I posted a picture of the finished clock. If not, let me know, I will

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