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Ron Altier

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  1. Ron Altier

    Exotic Table

    My wife was looking for a piece of furniture and we sent in several stores. I'm glad she didn't find any but I did see a table that really impressed me. I asked about it and the sales guy told me it was imported from Africa and was VERY heavy. It took several men to move it. He told me the name, but I can't remember it. The price.......$9,700. However it was on sale from its regular price (I didn't ask)
  2. Ron Altier

    Best way to drill

    My wife has a favorite antique heavy aluminum cooking pots with a long wood handles. The handles have deteriorated over the years and I made a replacement. I drilled it on the drill press from each end and turned it round. The hole was not straight and it fit after some persuasion. So I was wondering..........is there a better way?
  3. Ron Altier

    Best way to drill

    I have drilled the holes both ways, on the drill press and on the lathe. My results could have been better, but worked satisfactorily. What kind of drill bits do you find are best and what speed for that type of bit bit? Thanks for all the input, I'm still learning
  4. Ron Altier

    Best way to drill

    Sorry, I didn't make it clear........I want to have the best way to drill the length of the cylinder
  5. Ron Altier

    Best way to drill

    Is there a BEST way to drill a hole thru a cylinder that you have turned down. If you have a piece 8" long X 2" in dia and you want a quarter inch hole going completely thru it, is there a best way to accomplish a straight hole, end to end? My attempts were OK, but could be better. I know someone has a tip or two to share. Thanks
  6. Ron Altier

    Bamboo Butcher Block

    They are relatively at IKEA and nice size too
  7. Ron Altier

    Ornament of stripes

    As you know by now, I see things a little different than most do. That is why this ornament is just a bit different. I used the colored ply and some Maple to come up with this one. My wife really like the color combo and I guess that is all the approval I need
  8. Ron Altier

    Bamboo Butcher Block

    I have made a few butcher blocks over the years and my wife used an old one I made 20 years ago. However I am seeing a lot of blocks made of Bamboo. My wife got a small one and really likes it. It is very hard and almost non porous. It is easily cleaned and looks good. I don't like working with the stuff, it is VERY hard and splinters like crazy Any opinions on Bamboo in a butcher block?
  9. Ron Altier

    Knife presentation box

    Looks great,,,,,,,,,,great work!
  10. Ron Altier

    Sewing kit box

    The other side, finally got it to download
  11. Ron Altier

    Sewing kit box

    I turned all the buttons, spools and thread on the lathe and halved them. I have a picture of the the other side, it wouldn' t download
  12. Ron Altier

    Sewing kit box

    Several years ago I surprised my wife with this piece. She wanted a neat box to keep her sewing things in. I got some ideas and turned some things down and added a few others. The other sides were also loaded with stuff. She still uses it.
  13. Ron Altier

    Prayer Cross

    Just a safety reminder........if you use any kind of spalted wood, use eye and breathing protection during the work and shop/machine/clothing clean up. There can be some really bad stuff in that decaying wood.
  14. Ron Altier

    Prayer Cross

    All are finished, however the colors and spalting make finishes look different due to different rates of absorption. Some of the spalt can be very soft and at times unusable.
  15. Ron Altier

    Prayer Cross

    I started making Christmas gifts for family and friends. My wife wanted me to see the "Prayer cross" that some stores are selling. I liked the idea, but not the wood. I made mine out of spalted Maple. They are about 5" high and easily held in praying hands. I know several of my family members will love this. I selected the best areas of spalt, drilled holes w/forstner drill, cut each with jig saw and used the band saw to compete each. Then rough sanded with my spindle sander (smallest shaft) to give it the rough hewn look. I went thru the extra efforts cutting them out to save other areas for future use.

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