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  1. I have a lunch box story also. In the early days of my job, everyone packed a lunch box and all were set in one place in a lunch room. There were many different kinds, from very old hand-me-downs, to the latest with the best stainless thermos bottles. One puzzled me. It was a full sized woven picnic basket. I was anxious to see who had it and what he had in something that large. Soon I got my answer and it was a surprise. He was one of the smallest guys there and his basket was FULL of sandwiches, fruit and desert. To my amazement.......he ate all of it, every day.
  2. I saw a lathe tool that could be used on a lathe up to____ inches of swing. I looked it up and that was confusing too: Many lathes are specified with multiple dimensions for swing, so you might see: Swing over bed: 10" Swing over carriage 8" Swing over compound 6" What does it mean to you?
  3. Kilroy was a weld inspector and left his mark on ship construction welds. The mark ment it was inspected and OK'd. After that, it became popular and everyone was making one. Thats the story I read and it sounds possible.
  4. I made a couple of these for my family and got another request for a couple more. I made them out of Cedar fencing boards and painted with some fence stain/preservative. I made each finger and then joined with glue. After the glue set, I made a cut thru the knuckle and put in a spline. I also drilled all the way thru the fingers and glued in a small dowel to hold the fingers together. The childrens sunglasses came from the Dollar store
  5. Ron Altier


    love the grain and beauty. I'd like to turn a piece of that stuff
  6. Ron Altier


    Star trek, no and hell no. A piece of beautiful art that has a lot of flow and vision. Looks great!
  7. Ron Altier


    yes, I sure did enjoy it, nice design
  8. We no longer have "A" coon problem. We now have 2 of them and they were fighting last night under my neighbors deck. When we first told them there was a coon in our yard, they didn't take us seriously and kind of chuckled. I guess the coon problem has a new owner. To be continued
  9. My wife has been feeding birds and squirrels for years. Recently we discovered a coon is also on the prowl after midnight. She became concerned that the coon would attack her dog. She called the animal control people here in the Denver area. They said they would gladly trap and relocate the coon. But first he explained coons. He is in the area to eat bird/squirrel seed. Remove all seed that the critters don't eat. Remove any outside storage of feed. The coon will retreat if the dog is in the area, but will defend itself if attacked. Close any dog door you may have at night. Plug any area where it may make a home. He said that the coon will move on to other areas of food. After a few nights of no food, he will find other places. He also said that if relocated, only 20% will survive. Squirrels relocated have a less than 3% chance of survival. We are not familiar with coon activity and want to know what you think of these "facts"
  10. Great desk and also some add on room if needed. However your workmanship makes it all happen and look great.
  11. I think that rather than crimping, it was used for flaring. Years ago copper tube was flared with a hand tool to connect tubing. A flaring tool of this size could have been used to flare a tube for insertion in a water cooling condenser. It has a mounting shaft and was probably part of an assembly that installed tubes in holes and the flare held them in place, to be soldered in.
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