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  1. Good Morning Friends, I have as you know that I have been away from the forums for a while and so busy with work coming in that I wonder how I ever got anything done while I was working. Starting today I will try to remember to write a quiz and here it comes; Having a door hanging jig frees your mind and hands. How is this possible?
  2. Good Morning All, Everyone is on the right track and correct in the design as I knew you would, including the pictures. Thanks for your support.
  3. Good Morning Friends, Well here we are in another Saturday and time for a new quiz; What is Egg and Dart Molding? How would one go about making some for restoring an old building or home?
  4. Hey Fellows, Being an old horse man and watched the leather craftsman make harness I am sure I know what it is; It is a leather vise for holding two pieces of leather while the craftsman sews the two pieces together by hand, seen it used many time in the past.
  5. Jim Heavey of Wood Magazine taught me how to flat cut crown some odd years ago while at the Woodworking show in Columbus and I have used it since then. However I haven't cut any for quite some time though.
  6. Good Morning Friends, Well another Saturday has come around and time for another quiz; A fellow wrote the following to a magazine asking, During a recent DIY project, I struggled while cutting crown molding on my miter saw. I angled the molding against the fence and table, but when I made the cut the pieces kept sliding around, making cuts unsafe and inaccurate. Can you help?
  7. I like the first poster keep mine in two places, one in the package they came in and a box with separators between the teeth. Thanks for your support.
  8. Good Morning Friends, What is the better way of storing saw blades? Stacking them on top of each other or storing them in a case of some sort to protect the teeth?
  9. Good Evening Friends, We are so busy in the shop that I just now got time to write the quiz; So here goes; How would you hide sanded through spots in veneer? Especially where they would be seen.
  10. It ain't real coffee till the spoon stands straight up. The correct answer is indeed 203 BF and yeas it was a trick question. April fool in June.
  11. Good Afternoon Friends, Well finally I got back on the internet as a result of Spectrum taking over Time Warner and had the forums blocked for a few days. Thanks to Stick for reminding me that I hadn't been on for a few weeks as I totally forgot to publish. Now here is the quiz; How many BF of lumber will you find in 203 SF of a deck that is 1"thick?
  12. Good Evening Fellows, All good answers however here is WOODS answer from issue 247 on page 14, Align the foot of the saw on the end of a hardboard base and mark the blade slot from the end and cut for "0" clearance slot and then measure from that slot to the desired radius and drill a hole for a finish nail to anchor the center of the cut. Then either screw the base to the saw base or attach with double sided tape. This will allow for a splinter free cut both top and bottom of the workpiece. Thank you all for your support.
  13. Good Morning Friends, When you are starting in woodworking and the only saw you have is a sabre saw, how would you go about cutting a round table top without leaving splinters on the top edge of the circle?
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