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  1. Cool and unusual, thanks for sharing.
  2. First Gary, good job on project look grate and useful. Cutting board safety and the FDA.....Meh........The FDA allows toxic chemicals in out foods the other countries ban. I'll take a wooden cutting board any day. Lol, I've eaten off of things you wouldn't believe and I'm still here.
  3. To be perfectly honest the places I usually put screws doesen't require perfect countersinks.
  4. Try using a single flute bit. Not necessarily from Woodcraft but any good brand.
  5. Thanks Monkey Paws Ours is frozen at the moment too. We have a short growing season where I'm at. I'm at 1800 ft above sea level. We get about 4 months and few days. Rule of thumb is don't plant before Memorial Day and frost come in early September.
  6. Not really, nothing worth posting any way. You'll be first to know. Us old people are slow.
  7. Is there a way to delete ones own post during the time allotted to edit?
  8. I'll bet it fits just fine. That cardboard template should almost guarantee it
  9. A little side note or history about this project. Back in January of 2010 bucket list post/thread. In that thread I had listed this project. If you do follow this link you'll have to scroll to the top of the page to see the entire thread.
  10. Thanks you John and Gene for the information on the files. As special thanks to John for pointing out the "you are never going to get that line perfect," You are right but I have to try. And of course thanks to stick for posting the video. It looks like my next task is to order me some now files. On a side note @ 7:45 this morning another 5.0 earthquake. Seem like mother nature is relentless.
  11. When I make a post with both text and photos how do I move the photos to where I want them with in the text. In my post in the woodworking forum (Tools and techniques to make this drawer front) I would have like to have had the photos in between some of the text and the video link at the bottom. Rich
  12. I have a project I've been working for a while. Its been a bit of a challenge for me. The carcass is done and it's time for the drawers. I'm in a bit over my head. As the title says I need your input on tools and techniques to shape this drawer front. I have included some photos to help clarify what I'm trying to accomplish The first picture shows a practice piece of wood and the basic shape of the Block Front drawer. The Second picture I'm pointing to the area of most concern. This it where the flat area transitions to the curved part of the drawer front. I'm having much troub
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