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  1. Things may be Warped and twisted but it's time for another birthday . Happy 74th Richard. Careful blowing out all those candles:)

  2. Warped & Twisted

    Can you trust reconditioned equipment?

    I wish one of my Dewalt tools would break down so I could find out how they do on customer service.
  3. Warped & Twisted

    Hey! I could make those (Beer Tote)

    Kegs are for them young'uns
  4. Warped & Twisted

    Hey! I could make those (Beer Tote)

  5. Warped & Twisted

    If you like squirrels......

    This is a very good reason to not attract squirrels to your property. This was taken by a home inspector. Note the rafter and the wire.
  6. Warped & Twisted

    Festool Recon / Refurb

    Most of these "refurbished" tools come from there generous 30 day no questions asked return policy. They are like brand new product.
  7. Warped & Twisted

    Internet Security

    I use Bit Defender and Malwarebytes paid . The paid version catches stuff as it come in, or out, they call it (real time). The free version only finds it during a scan after it get in. Never had Malwarebytes delete any thing that I didn't tell it to. I have had Malwarebytes for more years that I can remember. I think it is an excellent program. Bit Defenders I've only been using for a year. I haven't had any trouble with it and seem to work well.
  8. Warped & Twisted

    If you like squirrels......

    Squirrels are very destructive devils. I have many here where I live. I have to dispose of 30-50 of them every a year. Been doing this for 40 years and they just keep coming back. One of the worst things they do is get in your attic and chew on wiring. Houses have been burnt down because of this. They are pack rats also . A numbers of years ago I was doing some work up in my attic. I found tons of junk they had hidden up there. They like to pull insulation out of you attic and run off into the woods with it. I presume they put in their nest. They like to chew on cardboard boxes and even on my stock of link belts. I've found a hole chewed through my front door after coming home from a two week vacation. I hope you paid attention because there is a test. Do you think I like Squirrels. A yes or no will suffice.
  9. Warped & Twisted

    Cradle Progress Report

    BTW very nice work Ron!
  10. Warped & Twisted

    Cradle Progress Report

    This is what Charles Niels says about food safe finishes + another surprise (at least to me) about Arm R Sean and salad bowl finish. https://youtu.be/g2rTy3W-QEY I'm not agreeing or disagreeing I'm just presenting the video.
  11. Warped & Twisted

    Planer Review

    One thing I found that could be confusing to some newbies . He said this about the DeWalt 735.. "It is very powerful and is capable of handling any wood that you can feed it whether it is walnut".... Like many of the bench top planers the motor is a 15 AMP motor that plugs in to an 20 AMP circuit. I know the Mikita is 15 AMPS also. Some may think the DeWalt more powerful that the rest which it is not.
  12. Warped & Twisted

    Was CC Cleaner mentioned the other day

    I've been using Malwarebytes and CCleaner for years and years along with my anti virus software. Never had a problem. Mylwarebytes paid version, caught the CCleaner Trojan when I download the particular version that had the Trojan. I wouldn't go without the paid version Malwarebytes. The main and important difference is the paid version catches "stuff" in real time and stops ''stuff'' coming into your computer. The free version finds it when you do a scan and it is already on your computer. I will continue to use both.
  13. Warped & Twisted

    I found some Diston hand saws

    Thanks to all who responded to my question. Talked to the seller who insists that everything in Alaska cost more. And he is right to a certain extent. In my view not to the extent of 150.00 so he still has them.
  14. Warped & Twisted

    I found some Diston hand saws

    I found these Disston hand saws on my local Craig Lists. Are these the older good one? https://anchorage.craigslist.org/tls/d/vintage-quality-disston-sons/6281005888.html
  15. If you like Government guild lines........... https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2009/09/bassinet-and-cradle-safety-guidelines/index.htm

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