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  1. Have you considered slatwall for your shop walls instead of just plywood? my thinking is it might offer flexible organization options for you
  2. for me this weekend is processing about 250 4"x4"x 7/16" thick coasters. I'm glad we have our cnc to carve a 3" recess for the cork in each one. I'll also be doing a second trial run on converting a 6 gallon trash can full of chunks into charcoal. The first one took two fires to cook so for this one I'll be adding some shrouding around the pail to hold in the heat. current set-up is a 30 gallon steel can that I put a 4" section of pipe in the middle pack sawdust and shavings around After I pull the pipe I create an airway at the bottom connecting to the hole and light that airway. the sawdus
  3. we have a small craft show at a hotel an hour away. We aren't expecting much so tonight was spent loading up about half of our inventory. After the show tomorrow it's bring back the inventory and set it back up in our house for a customer visit Sunday afternoon. Shop wise I have 25 pizza peels in the works to shape and taper. that will keep us busy until the end of next week.
  4. Aluminum Miter bars from Rockler
  5. that is why the top is designed as it is. I can still access it easily to adjust the stock but it gives me a stop to remind me not to get my hands close to the blade.
  6. There is a hard stop screwed into the miter bar groove in the off-cut table, you just see it on the right side of the picture. This keeps the blade from coming through the cover guard. but I'll take your advice and color the guard.
  7. Finally made a crosscut sled. Why did i wait so long? This thing is a game changer for squaring off big pieces like this chaotic end grain board.
  8. on the east coast (Plymouth) we had a heavy coat of "Thick rain" most was melted before work let out. To me this is worse because i track mud into the house when it gets so warm. after looking I guess you're just as close to the pond as I am.
  9. still making more chaotic end grain cutting boards from all the scraps we have accumulated, smoking a 8lb pork but roast on the weber and sitting down @ 3:30 to watch some football. Sunday will be back putzing around the shop
  10. have to start somewhere. this w=one was good enough that the next is one for the shelf
  11. 4 months is about the proper amount of time for the stock to acclimate. Tell Her now that you've rough cut it the experts on this site say it needs to for 12.5 weeks to make sure the stock is stable
  12. We sell ours at art and fine craft fairs around the state. We're building our customer base and product line to provide additional income once we retire. I've turned so many in the last decade that I could almost do it blind-folded. If I push myself I could turn one in about 6 minutes.
  13. I have 72 in containers, 12 more walnut blanks on the bench. and will probably be gluing up stock for another couple dozen multi-wood pins just to build inventory for this years show season. hopefully we'll be able to have at least a few.
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