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  1. with only a little over 4 hours of sleep last night (Insomnia sucks) I decided this was a day to stay away from power tools. tomorrow morning we'll be setting up a small display at a local farmers market. then it's hightailing it to the Elks lodge for a bowling tournament ending the day by going to dinner with the team and our wives.
  2. the sawdust will wear away the edge of the plywood it happens faster than we would think
  3. I second Dave's advice.
  4. do you have enough space to add a device similar to a planing stop?
  5. I just got a saw stop also. but was just the hat
  6. I've been lurking off on and these are carved with an Axiom CNC (makes this type of stuff a dream). these will be finished with a 1/3 blend of BLO, Varnish, and Mineral spirits
  7. I need that lathe and grinder set-up
  8. in the middle of some bowling ball racks for our local lodge. one done and ready for finish only 5 more to go.
  9. Happy Birthday John!

  10. I do have an exhaust blower I saved off our old water heater just for this purpose. hopefully by mid summer I'll have a downdraft spray booth set up and be using it.
  11. The only issue we have with lacquer is the fumes. thus I'm left to spraying it outside on dry warm days.
  12. I switched to using lacquer on my B stoppers. about 10 coats then sand and steel wool them finishing with a coat or two of paste wax.
  13. they are sly on the while you're at it trap I fell for it once and now I've been married for 27 years
  14. John Hechel


    I use it allot. never had an issue yet with it for ice cream scoops, pizza cutters, bottle openers so far
  15. John Hechel


    I have used it a few time (tool tote made in high school. still used around the shop) lazy-susans, cribbage boards and such. to me it works fine and I'd use it again if I had some.
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