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  1. I have received stern orders that "no shop time shall happen during the month of April". in order to accomplish this my wife and friends forcefully dragged me 2,000 miles away, are holding me captive at a house in western AZ, and are keeping me drugged with mass-quantities of fermented and distilled fruits and grains. I shall be back working in early May.
  2. we have a local friend (Bob Newton if you're a member of the ring master facebook group) who makes and sells ringmaster bowls at many of the same art shows we do. as a courtesy to him we decided to shelve ours until he no longer does them. I'm thinking this is the year to start building as more of our shows are getting farther from the ones we do together.
  3. 3/8" thick layers? I like the concept and this is giving me more inspiration to take my ringmaster off the shelf it's been on for the past 5 or 6 years.
  4. I'm sitting in AZ, looking at CA and wondering why it's so cold that I'm stuck in the house when we came down here to get some warmth. oh well the rest of the month is looking better, now we just wait to get the pool warm.
  5. I like to use a blend of 1/3rd each, boiled linseed oil, mineral spirits, and urethane. 3-6 coats worked well on an oak, walnut, and mahogany table for our camper.
  6. the west shoreline of your state. Lake Havasu City.
  7. I'm in the same boat as Larry. except for the power issues. the highlight is that Friends are coming over tomorrow afternoon to do the final planning for our trip out west. the warm sunshine is much anticipated.
  8. today was a "nap on the sofa" evening, I should've spent time in the shop but there's always tomorrow. for shop work, I'm still cleaning up last years "odd stock" off-cuts. and gluing them into usable pieces or assemblies. I also picked up a commission last week for a 21" x28" end grain Hickory chopping board using blue or sap-stained hickory. I also got a message from my drug dealer's (ok Pharmacist) teenage son, asking if he can come be my apprentice this summer to expand his skills. I cannot say no to someone who wants to learn. Like Larry, we should see a 40+ temperature differential from today to Sunday. That will help get us closer to almost above freezing and melt the ice covering our driveway.
  9. they really don't have much choice in that do they? LOL... surprisingly their fur is so good at insulating them that the snow doesn't really melt underneath them.
  10. prepping for an upcoming craft show halfway down to that Larry guy's, who claims he's two weeks from anywhere, place. Decided we're making some bar/cave/shed signs to add to the product mix. Decided to use Cherry because its inexpensive, carves easy (CNC), and finishes well. So off to the lumber yard tonight. Managed to sneak out of there with only spending $700. Brian must've been thinking: why we were being cheapskates this time. But we still received the excellent level of service we've always seen from the crew at Kettle Moraine Hardwoods. They have always helped us load the truck and point out special sales and deals for us. Tomorrow I'll be gluing this into panels. While that glue sets I'll continue cleaning up the not so little piles of off-cuts that accumulate over the busy months. These I glue into strips and build chaotic style end-grain chopping boards from. It's a horribly inefficient way to make boards, but it allows me to fully utilize as much of the tree as I can. Even our sawdust gets composted and spread back into lawns and flower beds. The rest of the weekend and into the week will be having "Edgar" as Trudie named our cnc. carve these signs while I spend time at the lathe making rolling pins and pizza cutter/ice-cream scoop handles.
  11. to me it sounds like harmonics and vibration from the motor torque. once it's "at speed" the blade runs true.
  12. went to engrave a lazy susan for an upcoming wedding only to have it slip from the 5 clamps and ruin that part. oh-well cut that side off and glue on new stock. it's now engraved and filled waiting for the epoxy to cure. before and after that challenge I glued up and cut out 14 other lazy susans as part of my "get rid of the short stock" campaign this month. next up is prepping, gluing, and clamping, all the 2" long scraps for making chaotic style end grain boards.
  13. Special rolling pin for a celebrity chef. or as I dubbed it "coolest rolling pin ever" combination of Alternating Acer Saccharum, with Pau Amarillo, Amaranth, Bubinga, Padauk, and Juglans Nigra between the layers.
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