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  1. Mark Lesch

    Hoosier wood source

    I am just outside St Louis Mo I get most of my local woods from an old boy in south east Mo $2.50 a board ft dryed most of the time I buy a trailer load at a time
  2. Mark Lesch

    How do you store your lumber?

    I keep mine in my shop. My real job I work in a grocery store so I have a lot of shelving from there it holds a ton it free and easy to change around.
  3. They are for high end yachts if you have to ask you can't aford it. Wayne Mahler said: I'll admit that I really enjoyed watching this and the craftsmanship was superb. Just wondering what practical use it has. Also wouldn't the the outside edges wear on the top when it closes. Once the outer ring comes up it finishes closing the minor gaps in the top. Not to mention what the price of this work of art would cost. Thanks for sharing. Wayne Mahler God bless and protect our troops that serve so we can be free.
  4. Mark Lesch

    Some of my work

    I hope to do work that nice one day.
  5. Mark Lesch

    Summer Time: Cooling Your Shop

    I am just east of St Louis Mo I have a 30x50 metal pole barn that stays fairly cool with a old atic fan from craigs list and two open doors but I have the walls and roof insulated to the hilt R18 in the roof R16 inthe walls that helps a lot.
  6. Mark Lesch

    What kind of Tree is this

    Take a leaf and a close up picture of the bark to a local tree nursery they will tell you 100% for sure.
  7. Mark Lesch

    Help Needed - Ideas for Collapsible Stand

    Randall my dad had a table sort of like that his folded up in to a suitcase on his the side legs folded in the middle aad had a support that was hinged in the top of the lid that folded down to keep the legs out strait when in the up position and then folded up aginst the top to close. the legs folded in the middle and wen closed went not quite half way across it closed with two bail latches on each end and had rubber feet screwed in the bottom. I think two feet were adjustable he used it for an old overhead projector. I do not know how to do a drawing and post it so i hope this helps.
  8. Mark Lesch

    three top table

    Wood Mag had a plan for them in one of there small shop plans. You might check there store for the plan.
  9. Mark Lesch

    New tool

    We just got back from Grizzly in Springfeild Mo, I picked up a 2Hp Dust collector and 7' rails for my table saw. When I went to the casher window as I was paying my 6 yr old ask for a hat but was told no so the lady who checked me out told me to give not only him a hat but also my 4 yr old and me hats I thought this was Great. If you are ever in Missouri on I44 stop in it is worth the trip,
  10. Mark Lesch

    Who's got what in their shop

    I have a 1940 12" craftsman band saw that still cuts great. It was a gift from my sister in laws mom. My brother in law told me it was the first thing of her husbands that she had let leave the house and he had been gone 10 years. Now it gets treated with kid gloves.
  11. Mark Lesch

    What's on the agenda for next year?

    John you might want to add a step stool for kids you can't find those darn things any place that arn't plastic. John Moody said: John,  The cutting boards have done real well for me in my area. Once you have the lathe, bottle stoppers and the seam rippers are a nice addition. Of course pens are a toss up. I will have a run on them and then not sell a pen for months. I think it is good to have them, but I wouldn't load my inventory too strong with them. You can always take orders and get them what they want.  I also do the cutting boards in three sizes. The large one is about 17" long xy 11 1/2" wide, the medium is about 12" to 14" long and 11 1/2" wide, the small is about 8" long and about 10" wide. It gives them some options and I sell about equal of all the sizes. I am in a college town and I have had some of the kids in the dorms or apartments to purchase the small one.  I also usually carry one or two of my tables if I have them just to show that I can do larger work. It has gotten me more orders for custom work.  Best of luck. It is fun, and sometimes it is slow.   John Hechel said: My plan is to join the craft show circuit this year. my product line to start with will be: end grain chopping boards wooden spatulas router carved bowls and trays small boxes desk and mantle clocks my hope will be to sell enough to buy some more tools such as lathe, belt/disk sander and spindle sander to start. Would you experienced craft fair vendors have any other ideas I could add to the product line? Â
  12. Mark Lesch

    What is your favorite lumber retailer

    In south St Louis there are a few real lumber supply houses my favorite is Schaller hard woods [i think thats how it is spelled] they have great sheet goods and any hard wood you could want and some sheet goods are cheaper than the box store. But my best deal for oak, walnut and cedar is the pevely fle market there is a consignment booth in there building that an old boy from the sticks sells 4s wood CHEAP like a 8"x1"x9' walnut bord for $5.00 this was as of last fall hopefully he will be back this year.
  13. Mark Lesch

    time for a cold one???

    You will most likely get orders for more. It looks great and is a cool gift.
  14. Mark Lesch

    What do you do with them?

    John I have about 8 or 10 boxes under my shelving unit now. I just can't bring my self to throw the out. When I travel with my tools I use tool bags I have one for plumbing ,electrical, carpentry so depending on what I am working on I just grab and go.
  15. Mark Lesch

    Child's step stool

    It look Great and I bet your version last many years longer. You might want to make a few more as I would bet they get more popular as they are showen off.

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