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  1. On the surface, one might say that it is a medical exam table. However there are three giveaways that point to another use for the "table." The first giveaway are the large spindles on each corner of the table indicating that something heavy is probably placed on the table. The second giveaway is that one end of the table could be lifted up and is wider than the rest of the table. This implies that the table may actually be a bed without a mattress on it. The part that can tilt up is where the torso, arms and head can be partially raised. The third giveaway are the horizontal boards, near the floor, on each side of the table. Given the height of these boards from the floor and the approximate distance from the boards to the table top, my guess is that the boards were used for kneeling. Thus my deduction is that this is a viewing table for someone who died, where people can kneel down on each side of the platform to pray while viewing the body. Phil Rasmussen The Mountain Woodworker Hendersonville, NC www.mountainwoodworker.com
  2. This is a 1 minute grocery ad but that is not what is important in my mind. On my first leave in 1964 I came home to this as well. Enjoy and if a drop or two of tears fall, smile and give thanks for your serviceman/woman.
  3. Lew, How nice of your lovely wife to want you to make one of these. Â For some of us, If it were not for dear spouses, we may not be so highly challenged. Â LOL Any way, about your sanding situation, you can go it by hand or as Spence mentioned the drum sander on a drill press. Â You can also use a Dremmel or like item to can. Â Sometimes one of the electric carving machines with the flex cable can give you more control over sanding and allow fairly easy work on curves and roundovers. My favorite approach is using those 1x3 sanding pads you can get at the big box stores. The easiest approach though is to hand it off to a child of yours, or better yet get your wife involved so that she can better understand the time and effort put into her projects. Phil Phil Rasmussen, US Army-retired The Mountain Woodworker Hendersonville, NC www.mountainwoodworker.com
  4. What a great truck for your grandson. I would suggest mentioning to his parents to keep the truck when he is through playing with it. I have some "toys" that my father made and played with as a boy. I've replicated one of them for my neices and nephews. Keepsakes are great!
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