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  1. Today I got all the walnut, cherry and maple boards into strips and ready to start up with gluing tomorrow or Monday. Also in the photo of the strips is one of the 2 folding tables that I picked up at Sam's Club. They are 6' long when folded, but it works out good to use as a run out table. It is a bit lower than the Saw Stop so I will be making some lifts to bring it up to be in line with the top of the table saw. They also hang nicely on the garage wall so not to mess up our standard 6' long banquet tables.
  2. Got all the Walnut, Cherry & Maple boards all cut down to usable length and ran them through the planer to uniform thickness. Tomorrow I will cut all the boards to into strips. I will have to go to Home Depot to get some new glue.
  3. Well, we still have a bunch of noise on our street as they are still building houses. Also the "Builder" of the community has his guys digging up the area behind my house for water retention and it will continue down for about 250 feet or so behind all of our homes on our street. They have been digging the dirt and filling dump trucks to haul it away. Also they do have some of that wonderful "Kentucky Granite" under the dirt so they had to bring in the big tractor with the 15' tall jack hammer to break the rock "KA-CHUNK-KA-CHUNK-KA-CHUNK" which scares the dogs to no end. But there is light at the end of the tunnel....um....retention.
  4. Now that I have gotten through with getting my stuff squared away in my garage, I went to the local wood mill to get some Walnut, Cherry and Maple boards. So I hope to get the boards all planed tomorrow and get them cut into strips to make cutting boards again.
  5. As we are coming to the end of September here in Bowling Green KY, the humidity is starting to decrease so that I can actually breath in the garage and do some work to get things done. It was still in the mid 80's, but not having the humidity is a real breath of fresh air. Table saw all tuned up. Put together a rolling metal cart from Harbor Freight for putting on my Ridgid planer and disk/belt sander and store some other stuff underneath. It was a whole lot cheaper than buying lumber/plywood/wheels from Home Depot. I do miss having a 3 car garage, but I will survive.
  6. Been awhile for me online. Keeping myself busy trying to get more stuff done in the shop. The up-side is that I have gotten a lot of stuff cleaned up, tuned up and starting to get things ready for a few projects. The down-side is that the shop/garage is 90 degrees with a lot of humidity. The heat doesn't bother me so much, but the the humidity is like trying to breath under water as I am a life long asthmatic. So I take things a bit slower. My wife Tami has been volunteering a few days per week at our church's pregnancy center. She finally got all the jumping through the hoops of the the local school district and got the go ahead to start substituting a couple days per week and getting paid for it. After all I do need to have her keep up with my trips to Home Depot and making some things for her. It is hard to believe that Tami and I have been here in Bowling Green, KY since October 9th 2018. Time sure does fly. I am looking forward to "Fall" so the humidity will be less hateful to my lungs.
  7. Still haven't got to actually do much in the shop as we have a lot of other things happening. Also the heat and humidity make things miserable especially with my asthma. I have done the pre-cutting of some knock down rocking chairs back when things were cooler. I have to run them all through the router table with the template for final size. But not much else other than house stuff. Here is a photo of one of the rockers.
  8. Allen Worsham here. Glad to see another TPW Kentuckian close to me. My wife Tami is a retired Special Educator for 30+ years working with children with moderate to severe Autism. I have been permanently disabled since 1996 due to a work injury while working for Coca Cola. After 3 back surgeries and whole lot of rehab, I ran my own business as a Residential Home Appraiser for 11 years until the home markets crashed in California. If you find your way to Bowling Green I would love to meet up with you in person somewhere to grab a bite or swing by my house to talk shop. I would love to have you stop by if you got the time. 951-258-6173 Cell
  9. Very late to the show as I have been busy with stuff since we moved from So. California back in October to Bowling Green KY. Nice to see a newby to TPW that lives nearby.
  10. I have been down and out for close to 2 months with my back problems. This has been the worst that I have had for more than 10 years. Still working on my stretching and using heat and cold packs along with a TENS UNIT with pads that run electric current to stimulate the lower back muscles. So not being able to do much around the house or garage.
  11. Not much happening here in Bowling Green, KY except for it raining all night and it should continue throughout the day. Been down for the most part for the past week as my lower back got tweaked. Going into the "Physical Therapist" this afternoon to start rehabilitation. I have not been doing much of anything except for being in the recliner alternating cold/heat packs and watching TV.
  12. Welcome to TPW! Like you, I recently moved from So. California to Bowling Green , KY on October 9th 2018 as my wife retired after 30+ years as a "Special Educator". Been here at TPW from the beginning. This is a great place to connect and get help and sometimes even vent. Welcome to a fellow newbie to Kentucky!
  13. That was the first step making that storage over the garage door. It was all lighter stuff such as all the Christmas stuff that Tami wanted to have easy access to. The rest is mostly empty tubes that can be used down the road.
  14. Yes, it was a nice warm day for a change. Temps actually in the low to mid 70's and it was glorious. The trees over the past couple of days have started bloom. But this morning it was 24 degrees and should not get higher than the low 50's.
  15. Today I finally finished the set up for my garage since moving from Corona, CA to Bowling Green, KY! Got everything in its place but will have to tweak some things. The clamps are hung on the wall along with 6 saw horses. The 2 large metal shelves I got to go through all of it. When we get a new shed 1or both of those shelves will go into the shed. I am waiting now for some dust collection fittings for the new Saw Stop from Rockler. Since I do not have a dedicated dust collector, I will use my Ridgid shop-vac. I knew I had to finally use those Rockler Gift Cards as they have been in my wallet for a long time.
  16. Tami and I have been a number of times to the Maloof house since we lived so close to it. The gardens and grounds are beautiful. Glad that you got to see the place.
  17. Following up after I got the new rolling tool box. In my previous post of my new rolling tool box, I was thinking about building a new primary work bench that would allow my new rolling tool box to be able to go underneath it. Well.......I went to Sam's Club and was walking around and I came down the aisle and saw this "Work Bench" with a wood top that was adjustable. So I checked the measurements and how high it would go and found that it would be perfect. So I bought it and took it home and put it all together. So now I have to buy a new vise for the new table.
  18. On a "Side Note" about the rolling tool box from Home Depot: When I went into our Home Depot one day a few weeks back, there were 8 of these rolling tool boxes just inside the main entrance door from the parking lot. I saw them and it got me starting to think (I know, thinking in Home Depot can get me into trouble). Since I pretty much go into Home Depot to look and/or buy something for the garage/house about 4-5 days a week, I kept seeing those rolling tool boxes. So then I took my wife with me into Home Depot (happy wife, happy life) she said you should get one of those to make your garage more efficient. So after a few more times to Home Depot I went and told the guy at the Pro-Desk that I wanted to buy one of them. He said no because all of those rolling tool boxes were purchased by one customer. So I said can you order one for me and he looked it up and got one set up to be shipped to the store. So when I got there last night to pick it up I asked who bought all those other rolling tool boxes. He said that it was bought by a "Dog Groomer" for his shop. I was perplexed for a few seconds....ok....more than a few seconds. Then the light bulb went on in my head and saw that it was a great idea for a Dog Groomer shop. They could roll the tool boxes around and they had all kinds of space for their various dog grooming tools as opposed to ratchets, sockets and screwdrivers.
  19. With the downsizing from my California 3 car garage to a 2 car garage, I decided to get a new rolling tool box from Home Depot. It has lots of storage and built in electrical outlets on the side. It also has 2 USB outlets so I can keep my cell phone charged. I am chewing on making fold down work table over the top of the tool box to get more useable table space. So the shop is still in progress.
  20. That is exciting for you and your shop. I look forward to seeing how it all comes out.
  21. The Saw Stop has a good mobile base set up. Once you put together the metal frame that the saw sets on, you attach the mobile base to the metal frame that lifts the saw. I used a folding table to do the assembly of the frame and mobile base on as it is not heavy. Then you have to put the saw itself onto the the stand. So I picked up the stand and mobile base and set it on the floor. Once it was on the floor I was able get the saw mated to the stand. The saw weighs 140 pounds so it was not fun doing it by myself. The mobile base that is attached to the saw base will lift the saw fine and the extension table is attached to the saw and rails. So when you push the foot pedal whatever is attached to the table saw will lift at the same time. Then you spin it around in circles with the swivel castors. Easy-Peasy.
  22. With all the stuff going on, I finally got my Brand New Saw Stop contractor saw all put together. I had it all in my garage for some time in boxes. I had to put it aside as I needed to get all of my tools and stuff out of the tubs and onto some new shelves and get my wife's stuff in order so she can put the car in the garage. So here are a few pics of the new table saw with the mobile base which works really good.
  23. I just got done putting the 2 big shelves together. They went together pretty easily.
  24. Much to contrary belief, I am still alive and working in the garage/shop since we moved from So. California back in October to Bowling Green, KY. We have had so much going on with getting our house in order as well as getting hooked up with a great church in town. https://livehopeful.com/ We have been getting involved in church life and they have just built and opened a new "Pregnancy Center" on site for expectant moms who are looking to choose life for their baby over abortion. My wife has been volunteering a couple of days per week and I have been busy picking up things for them and helping with some repairs. With all the cold weather in the garage, I was having trouble getting stuff done because it was so cold. With all the metal hardware in my spine the cold really messes me up. So after talking with Ron Dudelston on the phone, he suggested that I insulate the metal roll up 2-car garage door. So I went to Home Depot and picked up styrofoam panels and used construction adhesive and metal duct tape and installed 1.5" worth of foam. Insulating the door made it about 15-20 degrees warmer which made my life much easier. So I have been able to get started on building storage over the garage door. Got a bunch of 2x4's and long lag bolts to screw it all into the studs for storage of lighter weight stuff like Christmas stuff and other more lighter stuff so I can clear out the floor space in the garage for putting up some metal garage shelves so that I can start digging out my power tools and such. Today I should be able to get the 2 metal shelving units put together.......hopefully. Tomorrow Tami and I will be dropping off the Schnauzer at a "Doggy Day Care" in town overnight and head to Nashville for the day and then go to the "Switchfoot Concert". We got a hotel there for the night after the show. We have a couple of neighbors that will keep an eye on the house while we are gone. We are soooooooo looking forward to getting away.
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