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  1. After our move to Kentucky, we have pretty much got all the new furniture and appliances as well as 90% of the knick-knacks and photos up on the walls and both "Guest Rooms" are all set up for visitors. I have been working on getting the boxes in the garage in order. So in our standard 2-Car Garage I have all of my tools and garage stuff on the one side and all the other "Non-Garage Stuff" on the other side with an aisle down the middle for access to enter and exit to to the house. We have done a good deal of weeding things out on the Non-Garage Stuff, but we still have a ways to go. We will be having our daughter flying out from California for Christmas and our son will be coming down from Indianapolis. We have a number of things for our kids to look though as there are a lot of their momentous and crafts that they made so we don't want them to make the choice for them. We have a pile of stuff to donate to local charities and other organizations. So once we get done with Christmas we will wrap up the garage so I can start working on setting up a shop in January. Today we will be having some good friends of ours from California stopping by for a night or 2. They had been on a cross country trip visiting their family in Florida and took a cruise with them. Then they have been seeing relatives in Georgia before heading our way. It will be good to see them and show them around.
  2. Allen Worsham

    Mars Landing

    Well......There goes the neighborhood.
  3. Allen Worsham

    Update on Allen Worsham in Kentucky

    Where we live is about 5-6 miles from the main drag. There are 2 primary streets which are Campbell Road and the other is Scottsville Road. These 2 streets contain the main mall which indoors with all the major national restaurants as well as some smaller independent restaurants. We also got the major national retail stores. We have one center that has Wal-Mart, Target and Lowe's. There is another center that has Kohl's, Michaels and across the the parking lot is Home Depot. All of this is within a mile or so. As for "Southern Cooking", we tend to stay away from the oil fried stuff as it does not sit well with Tami and I. We have driven around the area some. We went to Franklin Kentucky which is about a 20 minute drive. We got to walk around the historic town square and went into a few shops and picked up some decor items in some consignment shops.
  4. Allen Worsham

    Update on Allen Worsham in Kentucky

    Well, Tami and I have been here in Bowling Green Kentucky now for about a month and a half now. We have been working getting everything in order with furniture and kitchen items to make things functional. We (meaning my wife) is working on getting the walls all decorated with family photos as well as various country style-ish stuff and furniture. So right now things are looking good. After all it is all about "Happy Wife=Happy Life". This new chapter in our lives is moving along nicely. There have been a few bumps in the road, but nothing major. After all we plan and God laughs. Our home is in a large subdivision called "Greystone". It was started in 1995 and we are now in the 3rd and final phase. Almost all of the houses are single story with 2 car garages. Some have opted to build out the attic area into an additional "Bonus Room" or additional "Bedroom". So we live in an area where there will be about 30-40 more homes and then it will be full. We have been the only people living on our street that will have about 20 houses on it. The name of our street is "Alpine Pine Street". They must of been drinking Kentucky Whisky when they were naming this street. But it does make an good conversation starter with others who look at as like we are from outer space or California. The best thing about where our house is located is that we have a .41 acre lot which backs up to a family that is on a 5 acre parcel outside of our neighborhood so nothing else will be built behind us. The sunsets from our back porch are beautiful! So what to do with all kinds of family photos from the various generations of both sides of our families. Well, it has taken awhile to weed through the photos and scan a bunch of them at Sam's Club and get a whole bunch of photo frames and picture hanging hardware. So now that we have the major stuff done, it looks very nice and my wife is happy (remember....Happy Wife=Happy Life). We have also got our 2 guest rooms all squared away with the large room that has a queen bed and the smaller room has a full size. We have some friends from California that will be coming by on either Sunday or Monday depending on the weather as they are coming from Georgia and there has been some heavy weather. Tami's Family on the left and my family is on the right. This is the oak case that I made years ago that contains my Great Grandfather's tools. The 4 photos on the side are of my Dad's parents and grandparents. The photo below the case is of my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother This is our house. This was the first snow. This is the large "Guest Room". The quilt on the wall was made by my Grandmother and I made the "Quilt Hanger". This is the small "Guest Room". The rug is a south-west design and I made the quilt hanger. This is the view from my back porch and the house that is on a 5 acre parcel.
  5. Allen Worsham

    This is Us NBC Series

    I agree with you John! It is a good representation of how many things can happen in a family. We do not get the major TV Networks where we are at, but we can find it online.
  6. Allen Worsham

    Prayer Request Box

    Lew, The church wanted them with flat tops but I encouraged them to let me make them on a slant. The reason for that is that once I started with the prototype that I made out of poplar, it became very clear that they were about "Bee-Hind" height for someone hanging out in the back of the service to set on and maybe doze off and crash or set their Starbuck's cup on it ruining the finish. So they agreed that it was a much better choice than being flat. I went a bit farther by making them a bit taller than the typical "Bee-Hind" level just for safety sakes.
  7. Allen Worsham

    Prayer Request Box

    Very nice job on that box! A number of years ago I made 2 offering boxes for the back of the church for donations and for prayer cards of requests. They have held up well. I also made a wall box similar to yours for the church office for the different ministry leaders to drop off payments for events or attendance cards and such. The tall boxes have 2 compartments with the top one with a lock for the donations and the bottom section for supplies of cards and other items.
  8. Woodworking is on hold for some time due to our move from Corona, CA to Bowling Green, KY. We have been here about a month now and things are going well. Lots of new furniture and and other items of necessity as we left most of our furniture back in So. California via multiple garage sales and giving away to our new Jr. High Pastor and his wife in Corona, CA a bunch of furniture that they could start out with. Going from a 2,600 sq. ft. 4 bedroom 2 story house that we lived in for 17 years and now living in a 1,600 sq. ft. 4 bedroom single story house is a big challenge. But things are moving along as we get all of our ducks in a row (well....we are trying keep them ducks in line but there seems to be a lot of feathers in the air right now). The only "Wood Working" done so far was to get a few 2"x6' from Home Depot to put on top of the kitchen cabinets so Tami could put up some of her cookie jars up so you could see the jars over the molding/trim. One of the struggles coming from a large house to a smaller one is that we have had all kinds of wall space to put up photos and other things on the walls. Now we have to be very selective as we have far less art/photo space. The first thing that I put up was my Great Grandfather's tools in a case that I had made many years ago out of reclaimed wood that came out of an old Presbyterian church from Los Angeles. We have to be more selective artistic-wise with the lack of wall space.
  9. Tami and I spent some time today taking in the changing colors of the leaves. Breath Taking!!
  10. Allen Worsham

    Storage Clipboard

    Back in the day when I worked for Coca-Cola as a delivery driver, we had metal clip-boards similar to this that were about 5/8"-7/8" thick. You could clip all of your invoices (3 pages- 1 for the customer, 1 for the driver and 1 for supervisors) in the order of the stops to keep things in order. After you finished the delivery and got it signed off by the customer you un-clipped it and moved to the back storage compartment. Those metal clip-boards were also good for dealing with dogs that came running at you as well.
  11. Today I got all the stuff in the garage in order as we will be getting our POD container delivered tomorrow with all of the stuff I packed up a few months ago. I will sure be glad when we get it all unloaded and my wife can start decorating our home and putting pictures and such on the walls. The dog is pretty scruffy and is in need of getting a hair cut. Still trying to find a groomer near by.
  12. Tami and I headed down to get our Kentucky Driver's License today. In California it is usually an all day affair as you have to make an appointment and then stand in long lines with the unwashed huddled masses who are grouchy and then you get to see the person to get your stuff all done. Here in Bowling Green KY we walked in and there were 3 people who were helping the crowd. So we walked in and the lady called us over and she got both mine and Tami's new licenses done. Total cost for both of us was $42. Total time for both of us from when we walked in until we left was 20 minutes and we had some great conversation with the lady that helped us. Gotta love living in Kentucky.
  13. Allen Worsham

    Planing plastic

    I would not use a planer for that purpose, but I would use a drum sander for that purpose. I had been asked by the operator of my local Chick-fil-a run some plastic-type cutting boards to get them cleaned up from all the cutting. NOTE: these were not used for cutting chicken but for other items. They were about 3/4 to 7/8" thick and ran them through the Jet 16/32 drum sander. Once I got them all sanded and gave them back to the operator he was very happy. I did this twice for him before they got too thin.
  14. We have been busy working on getting stuff done in our new home in Bowling Green KY. We still do not have our refrigerator or washer & dryer, but those should be delivered by the end of the week. Been putting together various pieces of furniture and working on the master bedroom wire rack closet organizer. Still no cable for TV and Internet as the cable company has not gotten it wired yet. Good thing we have unlimited data on our Verizon phones and there is wi-fi in various restaurants. We also have no street lights on our street as it will take another month or so for the city to catch up. So we are tired but are getting things squared away as much as possible.
  15. Allen Worsham

    Arrived in Bowling Green KY and have New House!!

    Yesterday we got all of our utilities all squared away. Electric, Water, Trash, and Spectrum Internet & Cable. Got a call today from the Spectrum guy. Being "New Construction" the guy had to go to our house and verify that the cable has been activated. Well, since our house is the only completed house and the only one to have a home owner living there the cable lines will not be attached to the house for a couple of weeks. Good thing we have Verizon with unlimited data so we can use the internet on our phones. Our builder, who is a really nice guy, threw in a $1,000 to go towards a new refrigerator from Lowe's where he has a discount on all the appliances that go into the house. So with $1,000 with the refrigerator on sale, we had to pay him $60 for the refrigerator. We also ordered our new washer and dryer out of our pockets. They were on sale as well and we got a 3 year warranty to boot. So it will take Lowe's until next week to get them delivered. So tomorrow we will head to the laundromat to wash our clothes.

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