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  1. Allen Worsham

    a Day At Disney

    Ok. Back in the late 1970's and early 1980's Disneyland would give a lot of free passes to many churches, charities and other facilities in urban areas with lower socioeconomic populations. There were really good things with these nights for families, but many of the passes would end up in the hands of the various rival gangs which would cause a lot of tension. So you had the different gangs who would "eyeball" each other which caused a number of altercations. One of the nights I was there a guy from one gang pinched the rear end of another gang's girlfriend right in front of the Sleeping Beauty's Castle on Main Street which resulted in him pulling out a knife and killed the other guy. On top of that Disney had some different bands of different backgrounds that would alternate sets on the same stage. So you would have rival gangs eyeballing each other and more than a few fisticuffs would happen. Disneyland Security at that time were limited to handle these types of altercations. So Anaheim Police Department had to bring in a whole bunch of security to keep the peace. There was also a prostitution business out of the local Disney hotel. The "Proprietor" had a place in the park that he would sit and when a "Person of Interest" would be directed his way and was given a ticket for the Monorail to go to the Disneyland Hotel. Talk about getting an "E-Ticket" ride.
  2. Allen Worsham

    a Day At Disney

    As a So Cal Kid growing up about 15-20 minutes from Disneyland I can relate. I worked 2 years at Disneyland in Custodial as a sweeper walking around with a pan and broom in the different areas of the park. I had a lot of fun there as the people I worked with were the people I hung with. Tami and I just got together a month or so ago with a couple that I worked with and was in their wedding back in 1983. The stories I could tell you about Disneyland would make your heads spin.
  3. Just wanted to toss out an update on things since our first buyer backed out. We have a new buyer and it should be solid. The buyer is a lady who is an investor has sold an investment property and needs a place to put the money into for tax purposes. So she will not be moving into the house at this time but will keep it empty and spruce it up and use it as a rental. So yesterday we got all the docs signed and we will close by the end of the month. We just have to wait for the money transfer We have been working back and forth with our Realtors in Bowling Green and with the builder of the new construction home that we signed docs on when we were back in Bowling Green, KY a few weeks back. Now that we got our house under contract with a specific closing date, the builder will have our new house completed on September 10th. My wife is happy to have a bit of say for some of the paint colors which makes her happy. So we will be getting things cleared out of our California house to get ready to hit the road. Hopefully nothing else gets messed up. When we do head out of California, we will be making a a couple of stops along the way. We will make a stop in Yuma AZ to visit with Tami's Mom's best friend Carol and a few of her other friends. Then we will head to Texas to visit some old friends that we did youth ministry with for a number of years. Then we will make the long run from Texas to Kentucky. So there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully that light doesn't have a train behind it.
  4. Allen Worsham

    California Still Burning!

    Our church here in Corona, CA is Olive Branch Community Church. We have been there for 17 years. The fires are still burning as they have come over Cleveland National Forest. Lots of people had to evacuate. Our house is in no danger as we are a few miles away and have about a thousand homes between us and the fires. The downside for me is that I am an asthmatic and my lungs are all messed up and wheezing.
  5. Allen Worsham

    California Still Burning!

    Where we live in Corona, CA 92881 we are in no danger of the fires in the local mountains. But we have been dealing with all the fall out (literally) with all the smoke and ash. In all my years I have not seen as bad of a fire season as this one. I woke up to a lot of ash all over EVERYTHING including not only the outside but the inside of my truck as well as the dog looking like he has dandruff as he goes in and out of his doggy door to do his business. Here are a couple of cell phone pics from this morning as I left to head out for breakfast. Also a link to the Cal-Fire Map of the state with all of the active fires are going on. Because of so many fires in the northern part of California, here in southern California they have very few firefighters to deal with it. Due to lack of resources they just have to let things burn in the mountain areas and try to protect the homes that they can. http://www.fire.ca.gov/general/firemaps
  6. Allen Worsham

    Allen Worsham It's Your Day

    Thanks for the "Birthday Wishes" as it is greatly appreciated. 56 today but my body tells me something else. Like the old saying goes: "It's not the years, it's the mileage" And I am a 1 owner high mileage vehicle.
  7. Allen Worsham

    Flip Top Cart Build

    No I did not. As with all things that start in the shop, not all make it past the planning stage. I have/had a plan for making a flip top stand for my Rigid Planer and belt/disk sander. But when I sold my Jet Mini Lathe with extension I used that lathe table to put my planer, disk/belt sander and mortiser. It had a lot of storage underneath with a couple of drawers. I sold that a month or so back when we had a garage sale to guy who was very happy.
  8. Allen Worsham

    Found a New Construction Home In Bowling Green Ky!

    As for snow, don't worry about me. Being a Southern California Kid I always wear socks with my flip flops when I push a snowblower. ;-)
  9. Allen Worsham

    Found a New Construction Home In Bowling Green Ky!

    No train tracks or airport in the neighborhood.
  10. I am sitting on the tarmac at Nashville International Airport waiting to take off to California. We spent 4 days with our realtors in Bowling Green going through a number of houses. We signed docs yesterday for a new construction home. We will be working with our realtors in Kentucky and our realtor here in California as we have to get our home sold. So hopefully we can get things all to work together. We will be sending our "Earnest Money" tomorrow once we get to our bank and overnight it back to our realtors in Bowling Green. The house is 1600 sq.ft. and has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths on .41 acres with enough room to build a shop.
  11. I am so looking forward to our move to Kentucky.
  12. No woodworking for me as Tami and I are in Bowling Green, KY looking for a new home. We left Southern California on Wednesday morning to Nashville, TN and drove up to Bowling Green, KY which is an hour north of Nashville. We will head home on Sunday morning. Got some good prospects in Bowling Green as we are looking towards new construction homes. The downside is that when we got to our hotel in Bowling Green our Realtor in California called us to let us know the buyer of our house backed out. So Sunday will start a new round of Open Houses in California. The reason they backed out was because they did not read the disclosures in the contract. In California you are required to disclose if there was a death in the house. We had Tami's Mom in our home for hospice care for a month as she had terminal pancreatic cancer and passed away the end of July 2017. It is questionable if it was due to the disclosure or if she wanted to back out. Regardless it threw a wrench in the works. Hopefully we can get it sold quickly.
  13. Allen Worsham

    TPW Gathering, Aug. 25. Time To Put Details Together

    We will see. First things first, we have to set up the house. I will be leaving my table saw as we will have an estate sale to get rid of everything left. I will be getting a new table saw once we get things squared away. Depending on the size of our place I would look to set up a 2 car garage/shop. The only saw that I will be taking is my 12" Dewalt SCMS on a rolling stand.
  14. Allen Worsham

    TPW Gathering, Aug. 25. Time To Put Details Together

    There are a lot of "New Construction Homes" that are already completed and ready for move in. We hope we can work it out as we will be getting cash out from our current home and can move in quickly. We really do not want to rent if at all possible.
  15. Allen Worsham

    TPW Gathering, Aug. 25. Time To Put Details Together

    We will see about making it out to the big shin dig. Our escrow on our house here in Corona, CA is slated to close on August 10th. We will be flying back to Bowling Green KY on Wednesday July 24th to hook up with our Realtors and will fly back to California on Sunday July 29th. We hope to be able to finagle getting a new construction home quickly as we will be paying cash and maybe get things squared away to make it to the gathering. We will see how things go.

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