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  1. Well, here’s hoping that the 3rd time is the charm with my wife and I moving from Corona, CA to Bowling Green, Ky. We had 2 previous buyers that backed out at the last minute, which really messed up our plans. But now we have a new buyer with all cash and a very short escrow. It is a husband and wife with a young daughter. Today we had the Home Inspection done which should go fine. Considering that we had 2 previous Home Inspections without anything major to fix from the previous buyers. So now we stand with a full cash offer that has been verified by our agent with a 10 day escrow with 3 additional days to get everything moved out. So that means that we have to be out and on the road to Kentucky by October 4th. So now we have to get things all wrapped up here in California as well as get things squared away with our new construction home in Bowling Green, KY. Our Realtor in Bowling Green, KY is all over it as the house has been completed and is just waiting for all the paper work to get signed and have the proceeds of the sale of our California home to pay for the Kentucky home. So here’s hoping and praying that nothing else screwy comes up.
  2. Allen Worsham

    Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Band Saw For Sale

    Yes, there are many people heading out of California for greener and less expensive pastures. We hope to get out very soon.
  3. With us still working on getting our house here in So. Calif. to get sold, we are still doing "Open Houses" with our Realtor and her team. We decided that we needed to get away from all the hub-bub so we dropped off our Miniature Schnauzer with a local "Dog Spa" here in town and headed down to San Diego, CA for some R&R while our Realtor held down the fort. We walked around the historical "Old Town" that has many historical building and museums as well as lots of historical dancing and music as San Diego was the crossroads for the Spaniards, Mexicans, Native Americans and English settlers. Then we headed down San Diego Harbor to walk around the Sea Port Village with lots of great restaurants. After dinner we walked a short distance to go by the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier and watch the sunset.
  4. Allen Worsham

    One of the things I will miss in California

    Remorse, no. Being a California Kid all my life there are things that you take for granted. Like the beautiful beaches and the deserts and the mountains and many other things unique to California. Knowing that once we finally leave California there are many good things that we will miss. But the government of California and the policies of the government that have caused so many problems so that it no longer a viable state to live and survive in especially when you are retired and on a fixed income. I have been from the Mexico Border to Canada and have seen great and wonderful places and people. I look forward to exploring some new territory that God created.
  5. One of the things that I will miss when we move to Kentucky is Laguna Beach, CA. My wife and I love to walk around downtown by the Main Beach and go to my wife's favorite art galleries. Being a teacher she loves the Dr. Seuss Gallery as it always makes her smile because Dr. Seuss is a mainstay in her classroom. The other is the Wyland Gallery. Robert Wyland is a world renowned artist that deals with ocean life. He lives above the art gallery where he does much of his painting. The view of Laguna Beach is from the gallery patio where we watched the pelicans and seagulls fly over the water. Many times we get to watch dolphins play. http://www.wyland.com
  6. Allen Worsham

    Another month or so before we move to Kentucky

    The life of selling a house. We had Open Houses on Saturday and Sunday and the head honcho of our Realtor did them. He had some good leads and had one on Sunday that was very promising that he was going to follow up with. Our house will sell one way or another. I contacted our Realtor out in Kentucky and sent her a text with the head honcho's cell number. It is much easier for the Realtors to talk directly to each other rather than going through me playing telephone tag. So our concern is that we may have to give up on the new construction home that we put earnest money down. It is slated to be ready to close September 12th so we are trying to work with the builder. Worst case scenario would be that the builder would want to put it back on market and then we would have to just wait for our house here in California to close and then we would get set up with a short term rental in Kentucky. So we will see what happens. One way or another we will get out of California.
  7. Allen Worsham

    2018 TPW Gathering

    Looks like it was a surly bunch of hooligans! :-) I hope to make it to the next gathering when it comes up.
  8. Well, yesterday the buyer of our house here in California was supposed to sign off for the loan to buy our house. This was the last hurdle before starting the closing process. The buyer backed out the last minute. So now we have to find another buyer. We will be having open houses on both Saturday and Sunday and try to get a new buyer. Needless to say Tami and I are not happy and this may effect the new construction home in Bowling Green KY as it was supposed to close on September 12th. So we will see what happens.
  9. Allen Worsham

    I just got logged in.

    Just saw your post. Welcome to TPW! I saw that you live in Murfreesboro, TN. My wife and I were kicking around in your neck of the woods the last week of December and first week of January as we were looking at different areas for us to move to when my wife retired. We really enjoyed driving around there. We had narrowed down our our search south from Louisville, KY and down to Franklin, TN. We settled on moving to Bowling Green KY and have a new construction home that will be closing in a week or so. I am looking forward to getting there soon so I can. Glad to have you aboard!
  10. So are you selling off your tools to move to Kentucky like Tami and I are? After the purge of power tools, what are you going to use to make saw dust with?
  11. Considering that the Delta DC has left the building along with the owner's manual, I have to say that the Delta DC is........wait for it...........a Delta DC. It sucks in a good way and the felt bags that I replaced the original thin factory bags that leaked the fine particles shortly after I purchased the Delta DC made a world of difference to keep the fine saw dust in the bags and not in the air. The one thing that I did not sell to the guy was my "Long Ranger" remote to turn on the DC. I had wired the DC and my Jet saw from 110v to 220v which made my electrical panel happy. I loved that I could hang the remote on a post and just push the button to turn it off and on instead of going across the garage into the corner to turn it on.
  12. John, Our new construction home in Kentucky is slated to close escrow on September 10th. Our home here in Corona, CA is slated to close escrow on September 10th as well. Our buyer is an investor and has to deal with capital gains from a property she sold and has to invest the money into a new property to avoid capital gains tax. So we would like to hit the road the first week in September as we have to make a couple of stops on our way to Kentucky as long as everything is squared away with our buyer.
  13. Today is both a sad and glad day for me. As my wife and are working quickly for our move to Bowling Green, Kentucky from Corona, California, today I sold my Jet Contractor Saw with 52"extension with full extension drawers and my Delta 1.5hp Dust Collector. The photo below shows the empty space where the saw and dust collector lived. I bought my Jet saw about 1998 and it got a great amount of use over these 20 years. I bought my Delta dust collector about 2005 and used it for 13 years. As we are limited with U-Haul space I had to sell them as we can't take them with us. I posted it online with a price of $100 for the saw and $100 for the dust collector. Yes, those are very low prices, but I have very little time before we head to Kentucky. My wife posted them on the Facebook Marketplace for selling items. It only took 1 minute once I hit the "Send" button to get a response from a guy who was the first one to message me. He lived a few miles away and builds cabinets out of his garage. It took him all of 10 minutes for him to pull up in front of my house with a trailer. He was a really nice guy and I was happy that he was happy about getting a killer deal. But he was very skeptical wondering if there was a big catch to this deal. Once I told him our limited time frame and then fired up both the saw and the dust collector, he reached into his pocket and gave me two "Benjamin's". I am sure that he was looking in his mirrors to see if this was a set up and maybe the Cops would be after him. This was a big weight off of my mind as we still have a lot to do before leaving California. Our house is almost empty of furniture and the dog keeps walking around trying to figure out what is going on. He is very mopey and has to be near Tami and I as he is afraid that he may be gone too. So this is one less thing that I have to worry about as we get everything packed up.
  14. Allen Worsham

    a Day At Disney

    Ok. Back in the late 1970's and early 1980's Disneyland would give a lot of free passes to many churches, charities and other facilities in urban areas with lower socioeconomic populations. There were really good things with these nights for families, but many of the passes would end up in the hands of the various rival gangs which would cause a lot of tension. So you had the different gangs who would "eyeball" each other which caused a number of altercations. One of the nights I was there a guy from one gang pinched the rear end of another gang's girlfriend right in front of the Sleeping Beauty's Castle on Main Street which resulted in him pulling out a knife and killed the other guy. On top of that Disney had some different bands of different backgrounds that would alternate sets on the same stage. So you would have rival gangs eyeballing each other and more than a few fisticuffs would happen. Disneyland Security at that time were limited to handle these types of altercations. So Anaheim Police Department had to bring in a whole bunch of security to keep the peace. There was also a prostitution business out of the local Disney hotel. The "Proprietor" had a place in the park that he would sit and when a "Person of Interest" would be directed his way and was given a ticket for the Monorail to go to the Disneyland Hotel. Talk about getting an "E-Ticket" ride.
  15. Allen Worsham

    a Day At Disney

    As a So Cal Kid growing up about 15-20 minutes from Disneyland I can relate. I worked 2 years at Disneyland in Custodial as a sweeper walking around with a pan and broom in the different areas of the park. I had a lot of fun there as the people I worked with were the people I hung with. Tami and I just got together a month or so ago with a couple that I worked with and was in their wedding back in 1983. The stories I could tell you about Disneyland would make your heads spin.

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