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  1. Allen Worsham

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! July 16, 2018

    I have been busy trying to get things wrapped up for our move to Bowling Green KY. as Tami and I will be flying back there on July 25th to meet up with our realtors for a few days to find a new home. I have done all of the repairs on the wood patio cover/balcony and am in the process of putting on some paint. I picked up a 5 gallon bucket of paint at Home Depot and some various painting supplies. I decided to try out one of the Wagoner electric paint sprayers to see if it would make things go faster than rolling it. I have used one before in the past with good results so I gave it a shot. Long story short, it was not a good thing. Not enough power and it kept clogging even with fresh paint. I sprayed for about 10 minutes and got terrible results. So I decide to take it back to Home Depot and I started to take it apart and then something went "POP" and it pooped out about a cup full of paint and went all over the place including on the air hose. Fortunately I did this all on a plastic tarp so no paint on the patio. I then spent an hour trying to clean off the paint from the hose and sprayer and put it all back in the box to see if Home Depot will refund my $$. I will be rolling the paint today.
  2. Allen Worsham

    the Pitfall of Retirement

    If it wasn't for my 7-day pill box or my cell phone or my wife I would never remember what day it is. "Hey Tami! Where's my cell phone and pill box? I need to know what day it is!"
  3. Allen Worsham

    Hanging Out With Harry Brink of TPW

    This morning my wife Tami and I got to get together with Harry Brink for breakfast at Chick-fil-a. Harry's sister lives just a few miles from us and she takes care of their 92 year old Mom. Harry came down from Montana to spend time with his Mom and give his sister a break. So here is proof of what Santa Claus looks like incognito.
  4. Today while my wife and I were having breakfast at our local Chick-Fil-A we got a text from our realtor that our counter offer was accepted by the buyer. So our realtor sent the docs electronically to my email and I signed them digitally on my computer and then forward it to my wife's email and she signed them digitally. So today we will enter a 30 day escrow. Hopefully everything goes through smoothly. I will be working on getting the last of the wood on my patio cover replaced and painted so we can get the home inspection done. Today I will be making a call to our realtors out in Bowling Green, KY to let them know where we are at. After I get the patio cover stuff done I will be flying out for a few days to start looking for our new home. Things are getting very real now.
  5. Here in Southern California yesterday a new heat record occurred!! On my patio yesterday afternoon the temperature gauge was 120 degrees. The AC has been running 24/7 with our typical setting at 79 degrees and it could not keep up. Being that we live in a 2 story the downstairs was nice and cool but upstairs was still showing 84 degrees. This morning when I got up the patio temperature gauge was at 83 degrees. On top of that, one of my smoke detectors started chirping and scared the dog. I had just replaced all the 9v batteries for all smoke detectors last week and the one chirping I had to unplug it and checked the date on it. It was from 2001 so it was more than overdue. I remembered that when I replaced about a year ago all of the smoke detectors in the house, but I ran out and left that one in the upstairs hallway as it was the easiest to get to it. Well, I forgot about it so off to Walmart to get a new one while our schnauzer was in bed with my wife shaking as he hates it when the smoke detectors chirp. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-record-heat-20180706-story.html
  6. Allen Worsham

    Looking Forward To Our Move To Kentucky

    Considering that I have lived in "Southern California" all of my life, my Southern Drawl" will be a bit different. But I eat at Chick-fil-a most mornings for breakfast and I have gotten my "My Pleasure" down pat.
  7. Allen Worsham

    Looking Forward To Our Move To Kentucky

    My understanding while visiting Kentucky is that I was told multiple times by a number of local Kentuckians that Kentucky is considered as a "Southern" state as opposed to being a "Midwest" state. On the up-side I have been a "Southerner" for almost 56 years living in Southern California.
  8. Allen Worsham

    Looking Forward To Our Move To Kentucky

    One of the many reasons to leave California is the tax rate. I have to say that California is a wonderful and beautiful state. I have camped from San Diego and all the way to Oregon, Washington and into Canada. I have been in the deserts and High Sierra mountains. I have driven the Pacific Coast line from Canada to the Mexican border. I have driven the Central Valley of California through the extensive agriculture that grows 60-80% of most crops that feed our nation. It is a wondrous and beautiful state that I love. But it has been destroyed by the politics. There is no way for Tami and I to live here in California anymore. The cost of living is not sustainable for us so we have to go elsewhere where the cost of living is considerably less and taxes are less. That is the reason that California is no longer an option for us to live in.
  9. Allen Worsham

    Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Movie

    This is a documentary that is being shown in the movie theaters. It has gotten some very good reviews. As for our move we are still going along. We have been on market for 2 weeks at the original listing price $589,000. We knew that this is a high price but that was intentional. The hopes were to get more specific traffic as there are limited homes on market where we are. But now are coming down to a more typical price of $560,000. When everything is done we should land between $540,000 and $560,000. I am working on doing repairs and maintenance on our wood patio cover/balcony as I have to replace all the top wood rails and the stair rails and repaint all of it. But we will be hitting temps this weekend at 110-115 degrees so I will pace myself.
  10. Allen Worsham

    Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Movie

    My wife and I saw "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Movie" today. It was such a great movie about his life and dedication to reach so many children through his TV show for many years. There was literally not a single dry eye in the theater. I did not see his TV show as a kid, but my kids did and I watched it with them. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/movies/movie-reviews/wont-you-be-my-neighbor-is-a-vital-doc-that-shares-mister-rogers-enduring-vision-627772/amp/
  11. Allen Worsham

    Looking Forward To Our Move To Kentucky

    We had 2 open houses last Saturday and Sunday. We also had a couple of other agents that called and wanted to bring their clients in to see the house during the week. We will have another open house on Sunday as on Saturday we will be moving our daughter and her stuff to her new apartment.
  12. This sure beats all the crap in California. I am so looking forward to a much different pace of life.
  13. Allen Worsham

    Today Is Our First Open House

    My wife Tami and I signed the docs on Thursday to get our house under contract. Today is the first "Open House"! Our Realtor is a very good friend that we have known for close to 35 years and our kids grew up together. So it has been a crazy and hectic time over the past few weeks getting the house ready and doing a couple of yard sales to get rid of as much as possible. We got the 16' Pod loaded with the non-essential stuff and it is in storage locally. When we get out to Kentucky and nail down a new or newer house we will have them ship it to us. So today my wife and I will have to be out of the house by 11:00am so we will be going out to see some old friends that we have not seen for a long time. Here is a link below to the photos that were shot by our Realtor's photographer guy and they are now on the MLS for people to see. The house was all staged using our furniture and personal items as well as a couple of pieces from our Realtor's stash (pillows, blankets, other pieces to match to our stuff and some fake flowers/plants). I hardly recognize my own home. http://tours.tourfactory.com/tours/tour.asp?t=2006035
  14. Yesterday we got our 16' pod picked up to go to storage for our upcoming move to Kentucky. The rest of the day we were getting things packed up and had some people come by and pick up some pieces of furniture as our daughter posted a number of things online to a local website for our local community garage sale site. We had a number of people come by to buy and pick up pieces of furniture and stuff. I will have a guy come by today or tomorrow to pick up my Grizzly drill press and my Delta scroll saw. I had a guy come by and get my rolling wood scrap cart and another lady came by and bought one of my other rolling work benches that I used for my scroll saw. So I could not complain. When I got done with everything I headed upstairs to shower after all the work. I pulled off my t-shirt and pants and had bruises all over from all the beating & banging from carrying, stacking and wheeling stuff around. I am getting too old for all this moving crap!
  15. Allen Worsham

    Our Pod Container Just Left.

    Wrapping up getting our 16' container filled and ready for pick up today. I was all jazzed with getting the last stuff in and then meeting up with a missionary friend who is on furlough for breakfast. Then I got the call from the driver that he was 20 minutes out. So things got frantic. I had to drive home and cut a plywood bulkhead so the last stuff would not slide around. I literally got the plywood cut and the driver was coming up the street. I had hoped to get all my clamps on my clamp rack in the Pod but it was too tall to get it through the door and it would have put it overweight (6,000 lb.) So I will have to get bigger U-haul for when we we drive back to Kentucky.

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