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  1. Allen Worsham

    Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Band Saw For Sale

    This bandsaw was sold on May 19th 2018.
  2. Allen Worsham

    When People In California Find Out We Are Moving To Kentucky.

    We have heard about the Hepatitis A shot for Kentucky. We will be checking with our family doctor about it before we head out.
  3. Actual conversation: "My wife and I are moving to Kentucky." "Why would you leave? The weather is great and you got all the beaches and mountains and desert. You got Disneyland and Hollywood and you can wear flip-flops and short pants every day." "True. But we can sell our California home and by a new house in Kentucky and pay cash with zero debt. We will have much lower costs for taxes, gasoline, insurance and car registration. Our medical costs are way less than California. We will not have terrible traffic or deal with terrible smog." Then the Californians answer back:
  4. My wife and I have been getting ready for the first of 2 Garage Sales that we will have before we escape California. So I have been clearing out all of the non-essential stuff that we can sell for our daughter Elizabeth with proceeds going to her for her move to a new place for when we move. The The hard thing for me was going through all of my wood stash as I will be leaving it to others who may or may not be worthy of it. So I have one section that all the generic wood like all the typical Home Depot stuff for general use. All of that stuff I have set out for free. But my real lumber (Oak, Poplar, Maple, Mahogany and Purple Heart large boards) I have separate to sell them and get a bit of money. I have them on the other side of gate so I can keep track of the good lumber. You know how us wood hoarders are. ;-)
  5. Allen Worsham

    WW Magazines

    I have received a couple of woodworking magazines over the past 10 years but rarely had much to really get my productive juices flowing. I think the one that I have enjoyed most is "Arts & Crafts Homes" as I have always been drawn to that style and there are many A&C style homes in Southern California. Since we are clearing out our stuff and getting ready to move to Kentucky I filled up a big tub with all my old magazines and dropped them off to the local library. I kept a few of the magazines, but the rest are now in the library.
  6. Allen Worsham

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! May 14, 2018

    John, I sent you a text on your phone with photos and measurements. They are yours if you want them.
  7. Allen Worsham

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! May 14, 2018

    The majority of my stock is 3/4 to 1". I do have a piece of red oak from when I built my fireplace mantle which is close to 2" thick but it is narrow about 6" wide. I will take a look when I get home but I don't think I have anything.
  8. Allen Worsham

    Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! May 14, 2018

    Working on getting ready for the first of 2 yard sales. I was pulling down all of our camping and fishing stuff that we will get rid of as we are no longer physically able to tent camp as we now have to crawl over to a tree or picnic table to pull ourselves up. That is why God made hotels. I went through the tackle boxes and saved only 1 item which was a whistle that my Dad always carried when we were camping and fishing. He would blow it when my sister and I were wandering to call us back to him when it was time to go. That brought back a lot of memories.
  9. Packing, packing and more packing for Tami and I. As we are working on getting our house ready to put on the market in June we have been getting everything off the walls and packing & wrapping things in bubble wrap. The funny thing dealing with packing is that I had gone to Home Depot to pick up some cardboard boxes. They were 2$ each for the large boxes which wasn't too bad as they were cheaper than U-Haul. I also bought a large roll of bubble wrap which cost about $20. Well, Tami said that she ran out and that we should go to her school in the "Occupational Therapy" room as there was a big roll of bubble wrap that was donated by someone about 4 years ago and it was never used. Now I thought that it would be a roll about the size I got from Home Depot, but I was wrong....very wrong. I went into the class and there was this HUGE roll of bubble wrap that was 4'-5' in diameter and 3'wide. I thought I could put it into the back seat of my 4 door Ford F150 but it would not fit through the door. So I have a lockable hard cover for my truck bed and I put it in there and the cover would not close all the way due to the size of the bubble wrap so I had to get a strap and tie it down to the bumper. Next Saturday May19th we will do our first of 2 Garage Sales to get rid of stuff but also to support our daughter Elizabeth as she will be moving out. So I got a fair amount of work ahead of me this coming week to get all the things out that we need to sell. I have a bunch of good lumber and all the mobile bases and platforms for moving around that I will not be taking with us. So we will see how things work out.
  10. Allen Worsham

    George Nakashima Bench (For Sale) Incredible

    I have touched and sat in a Sam Malloof rocking chair that he had personally made. I have also sat in a hand made John Morris rocking chair in his home. I can relate to John's personal emotions about it.
  11. My wife has now passed the 2.5 week mark after having her left knee replaced. Yesterday was her last "In-Home Physical Therapy" and she will start doing her Physical Therapy at an outpatient facility near us. The good thing is that the Physical Therapist goes to our church and she did Tami's Physical Therapy when she had her right hip replaced in 2016. So Tami is getting around better but it will take her a bit longer to get her balance up to par since she has Cerebral Palsy. She still uses the walker when we go out of the house but inside the house she is not. Yesterday I started taking all the family photos off the walls and getting them downstairs into the dining room so we can start packing for our move to Kentucky in June. It is starting to get real as we walk through the house with blank walls. I am having to ride shot gun over my daughter as she was supposed to have moved a bunch of her stuff a month ago as she is stressing about her having to move out. So I will have to get in there tomorrow and start taking out things. Today my wife and I will be running some errands and boxing up some things. I will also have to get some yard work done this weekend as our temperatures have warmed up and will be in the 90's.
  12. I have a 3 car garage and the 2 car side door broke a spring. So I called a garage door repair guy to install the new springs. So since my wife's car was parked on the 2 car side I had to move things around to open the single car side so that the guy could get in. So I moved my table saw and then got the single car door unlocked (note: that door has not been opened for about 3 years so there was a lot saw dust build up and spider webs). So once I got the door open I had to move my scrap wood cart. What I did not expect was finding out that I am a recovering scrap wood hoarder and was unprepared to deal with the weight of the wood cart. So once I got the single garage door open I almost got a hernia trying to move it out onto the driveway. So the garage door guy got the new springs installed and headed out to his next job. So I swept up all the sawdust and went to roll the scrap cart back into the garage and out of the 6 wheels on the cart I had 3 of them all fail due to the weight. So I figured that it was time to get rid of most of the scrap. I ended up filling up the back of my pick-up more than half full and took it to the dump. I did save some of the old scraps and exotics and was able to get the scrap cart back in the garage using a 2 wheel hand truck. It was sad as I had to toss the scrap wood at the dump, but it had to be done. On the way home I swung by Home Depot and picked up 6 new swivel wheels of better quality.
  13. Yup! That's my shop as well with all the machines and work benches on wheels. That keeps my wife's car clean (except for the saw dust but it blows off once she starts driving). My wife had her left knee joint replaced and is recovering. We go back to the doctor on Tuesday for follow-up to get her looked at by the surgeon for her 2-week check up. She is doing good but still has some swelling but she is getting around with the walker. Being that she has cerebral palsy it will take her longer to get back to normal. Last night the roll up garage door broke a spring so I have the garage door guy coming out today to replace it. He is supposed to call me when he is heading my way but that is still a time-frame window between 9am-12pm PST. Today is mine and Tami's 34th wedding anniversary. We have been very blessed over these past 34 years as God has provided every step of the way. We celebrated by going to Disneyland on Thursday for the last time as our passes expired yesterday. So today is a very good day indeed regardless of the broken garage door spring.
  14. Allen Worsham

    Battle Of The Big Boxes

    I am very fortunate in that where I live I have a Home Depot 1 mile from my house and a Lowe's about 2.5 miles from my house. I also have 2 Harbor Freight stores with one at 6 miles and the other 10 miles. There are no Menard's Stores in California.
  15. Allen Worsham

    Ikea, Meet Mr. Robot

    Being that my wife and I have not just 1 IKEA store but 2 IKEA stores within 30 miles from our home here in Corona, CA, I have to say that it takes me longer than 8 minutes and 55 seconds to just open up the box and get all the pieces out. I also have to say that my wife and I have bought many things from IKEA for her classroom as well as book cases, kitchen items, housewares for our home and we always pick up a package of these special cookies that they have and munch on them as we drive home.

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