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  1. Using another shop made jig, the bottom, and end the tread is routed out so the angle iron is concealed, there is a curved plate that will go on the underside of the tread. And edge sander is used to sand out the saw marks on the wide side, and a belt sander to sand the narrow side. Me and the boss worked 8 hours on Friday and only got 6 treads put in, very time consuming work
  2. Both stringers were laid to proper run and rise before being bent, a lot easier laying them out when flat. Angle iron is then screwed to the stringers, using a jig I made in the shop, we then make a template of the tread, lay jig on the tread, and cut the treads to length using a band saw. We made the treads 2" longer than needed, giving us an inch to cut off each end
  3. No assembly done at shop, everything is cut and fitted at the job site, and yes Gerald, the right side of the stairs is self supporting
  4. Got the two stringers set yesterday, will start putting treads in today
  5. Forgot to say, I haven't even started working on the treads yet!
  6. Some one else is doing custom bent metal rail and ballusters on the stairs, this is the rail we would typically use, and bend it to the correct radius. Someone commented a few posts back, 2 curved stringers, each is 3"thick, 17 treads, each is 4" thick, and will finish out at 48" +or minus, I probably have close to 80 hours of labor into setting up the curved form,making all the peices, bending the stringers, cleaning the edges up, etc probably guessing 40 hours of install time, not to mention cost of materials, all this for the amazingly low price of,,,,,,,,,,,,,$29,000
  7. Cleaning up the edges of the stringer, it turning out very nice, got 3 layers of the other stringer bent yesterday, will be putting the other 3 layers on this afternoon.
  8. Got 3" of stringers glued up this weekend, 6 pieces each is peice is 1/2" thick, one of the stringers is done, except for cleaning up the top and bottom edges. We didnt run out of clamps either! Yes we are building a curved staircase
  9. Got some more stuff glued up this week, I now have 6 pieces of the project (maple, Baltic birch) ready to rock and roll. Each peice is about 24' long, and 1/2" thick, making one side of this project 3" thick. Using lots of clamps and glue, it will get clamped to this form. The other side of the project, is the same, except about 19' long. Will probably go through 3 gallons of glue on this project. Most people use (this thing, project) daily in one form or another, just not on this grand of a scale. Guesses??
  10. No curtains, but yes I am making bigger boards. Forgot to mention, everything is 1/2" thick. Just waiting to see who the genious is to figure this out. Final project won't be done for a month or so, will continue to post progress pictures.
  11. Baltic birch plywood spliced together, with solid maple all the way around it, 9 separate peices spliced together to make 1 board. I have to make 8 more of these, all the same, but different so the joints are all over lapped.
  12. 8 boards glued up to make 1 24' board, note how I spliced the joints.
  13. Place your orders, hot off the sewing machine!
  14. My wife works in health care and decided to sew me up a mask to wear, a masterpiece of engineering!
  15. Our supply is the same as it has been for years. What's the big deal??!!
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