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  1. Kenny Tarmack

    Spray gun

    Should have mentioned I will be using gun to spray lacquer, varnish etc, and not paint, if that makes a difference. Have a big air compressor at the shop I work at and will be doing my spraying there
  2. Kenny Tarmack

    Spray gun

    Ideas for a decent priced spray system? I'm a woodworker and not a finisher kind of guy. Looking for a sprayer for doing the various home improvement jobs, and projects for friends and family. Not needing a $20,000 Spray gun, but want something better than a $2 gun. Rattle cans give less than desired quality, and I don't have the patience to brush the stuff on. I do have an air compressor, thoughts??
  3. Kenny Tarmack

    Stairway Remodel

    What size ballusters are you using, and how wide is the bottom of the rail?? Remodel jobs I've seen the bottom of the rail at 2" with a 1 3/4" balluster in the dado/plough that leaves a 1/8" on each side, not enough meat. Also how deep is the dado in the bottom of the rail, typically the store bought rail is about 1/8" deep, we always make our stuff 3/8" deep, and use 1/2" thick fillet.
  4. Kenny Tarmack

    Sighting a Rifle Scope

    I'm guessing you paid about $150 for this setup? I bought a air rifle a few years back for about the same price, and it also came with a scope. The scope is more than likely junk and won't stay targeted, mine didn't. I put a better quality scope on it, and it stayed sighted in. I may be wrong on my thought. Next time you shoot, if you have to resight it, replace the scope. Just my 2cents opinion
  5. Kenny Tarmack

    Barn Doors

    Red truck or blue truck, chevy,ford,or dodge.everyone has their taste. I made 2 barn doors that enclose the utility room, the Mrs also wanted themI liked it so much that I made another to replace the swinging doors that enclose the basement bathroomI liked that one so much I made another, that is hinged and replaced an oak door that goes into my shopI liked all of that, so I made a small cabinet that hangs over the utility sink in the basement, and put micro barn doors on that. Like them or not?? I do, and I'm the one who has to look at them
  6. Got my stuff back from the painter, rustic hickory with a clear coat, looks fantastic, no dust nibs in anything, putting it all back together, most of it is put back together, granite top for the bar is ordered. new door,Jambs and trim for the basement bathroom tv stand I made to fit the curved wall, with some of grandpa's fishing reels, all the cables for the tv will be hidden at some point in time the bar tender side of the barthe drinkers side of the bar, with out the on order bar topthe best wife in the world helping to clean up the construction dustand the cabinet over the utility sink,
  7. After building the frame for the starting step, and having ground down the birch plywood to between 1/4 to 3/8" I took it to the radial arm saw and cut a series of kerfs in it so I could bend it around the smaller radius on each end. Lowering the table on the radial arm saw allows me to make the kerfs. Fine line to walk here, cut the kerfs to deep, it will crack and kink, this is going to be painted, so any kinks will really show up after it's painted, don't cut them deep enough, it won't bend properly and still crack, lots of kerfing, bending, rekerfing until you find that happy medium. Had to use 2 pieces of plywood for this, with a joint in the middle, some Bondo to fill in the joint, sand it, more Bondo and it was good. Overkill bondoing the joint, since there will be a carpet runner down the middle of the stairs, should the home owner decide not to go with a runner, we've got our butt covered.didn't think to take pics when this was all clamped up, but here is the end resultafter the starting step riser was done, I laid it on the tread blank I had already glued up, traced the face of the riser, and using a scribes, scribed the tread an inch and a half larger, to accommodate the overhang of the tread over the riserkind of like this.I shaped the nosing, and each end of the tread in the shop, all other cuts were done on the job site, again I didn't think to take pictures of the tread blank and its progress in the shop, sorry. Probably another 6 hours bending this starting step, sanding down the tread blank, ridiousing the nosing, using a 1/2" radius bit in a hand held router, and sanding the flat spot on the tread that the router bit can't catch, the tread is about 1 1/8" thick
  8. Kenny Tarmack


    Or try this one, I've done it
  9. Kenny Tarmack

    Double Open Bowed Stairs (Part 2)

    Forgot to mention, about 8 hours worth of time in the shop doing the work on the risers
  10. here is the plans I worked off of, deleted a bunch of measurements for clarity purposes. I then drew the lower portion of the stairs onto a peice of plywood, with a few more radius's. The face of each stringer is a 96" radius, so I laid out a 108" radius a 120"radius on the left and right side, as well as a straight line in the center. As shown by the red lines on the auto cad drawing, they are 10" apart, I then had the measurements from the red line to the face of the bowed riser in front of it at the various radius's I drew and the center line, tapped some nails into the plywood at the marks and bent a 1/4"strip of wood on the nails and drew that arc. That's what the green marks are. I now have a full size pattern of the lower section of the stairs, I can now use this pattern for gluing up the treads, joint, rip the boards lay on the pattern until the tread covers the pattern of the tread on the plywood, repeat the process for each tread. next I cut the plywood pattern into the 4 riser pieces, went to the edge sander and sanded the down to the line, I did cut closer to the line than the picture shows. Then screwed another peice of plywood to the sanded peice and using the router made a duplicate peice, I now have 2 peices exactly the same.cut some blocks to the correct height, and made the riser forms for the 4 risers. .then to the big power matic belt sander where I sanded birch plywood down until it would easily bend to then forms, some went down to 5/8" and some down to 3/8". Spread construction adhesive on the form, and clamped the birch plywood to it.and here is how they turn out.till next time, how do you think I bent the riser material to this one?? Thanks to Stick and Lew for the help with the picture posting
  11. Kenny Tarmack

    How Do I?

    That is nice Lew, should have mentioned im doing this from android phone, that's where my pictures are at and im not computer savvy enough to know how to get pics from phone to computer. My PWW site looks nothing like yours, thanks for the help
  12. Kenny Tarmack

    How Do I?

    How do I post a picture, write something about that picture, post another picture, write about that picture, etc,etc. I know how to post pics but can't figure out how to do what I want to
  13. Pictures of the stairs we put in today so you know how they look, hard maple treads (Will be stained red to mimic cherry, don't ask me, that's what the homeowner wanted) poplar stringers (to be painted, and birch risers also to be painted) the bottom curved portion is laminated 1/4" Baltic birch plywood also to be painted. Will be posting more pics of the build and how it was done when time permits. Thought I would start with these pictures first so it may make more sense when I get to the first part of the building process
  14. Kenny Tarmack

    Birthday Greetings to...

    Thanks for the thoughts guys and gals, working on another fancier type of stairs, pics to follow up on the general woodworking page, stay tuned ......
  15. Kenny Tarmack

    George Smithwick Video (Coopering a Bucket)

    I usually don't watch internet videos for more than a few minutes, but this one is well worth the watch!! Thanks for posting cliff

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