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A-1 Jim

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  1. A-1 Jim

    Sneak peek at the weave cutting board

    Just found this cutting board ,I really like the wood combination . That's a pretty amazing clamping jig. You do very nice work Mike
  2. A-1 Jim

    Landscape Lanterns

    These look great Mike a super addition to your yard ,
  3. Thomas Moser Has been one of my favorites too. I'm much to far away to check it out but perhaps one day I'll be able to see his work in person. Thanks John
  4. A-1 Jim

    Another 3D stair step cutting board

    Beautiful work Mike, a wonderful looking board.
  5. A-1 Jim

    Congratulations Rob Durfos!

    Congrats Rob it couldn't happen to a better guy.
  6. A-1 Jim

    Help Needed - Ideas for Collapsible Stand

    My thoughts would to be to have the sides fold inward by hinging the sides.the bottom would be condensed to less than 1/4 it's full size.
  7. A-1 Jim

    my shop

    Great looking shop Bob and some of your super looking wood too.
  8. A-1 Jim

    My other Hobby..

    Looks like lots of fun if you don't have to do it for a living. I use Chief architect it works pretty well too.
  9. A-1 Jim

    Bags or apron??

    Hey John I don't like wearing either one
  10. A-1 Jim

    What kind of Tree is this

    This can be helpful  http://jrscience.wcp.muohio.edu/edge-farm/Woods/odnr-property_walk_Jan_20_2009/TOC.html
  11. A-1 Jim

    A new tape measure, what do ya think?

    great Idea if it's accurate
  12. A-1 Jim

    A New Name For Our Site!

    A great choice John
  13. A-1 Jim

    Thank you Members for your Purchases

    I'll keep that in mind John we need to support good folks like you and TAW
  14. A-1 Jim

    For John Moody

    Looks like that will do the job very well.
  15. A-1 Jim

    clean it, adjust it

    It can be one of those things that the more you do the worse it get's.
  16. A-1 Jim

    rehab vanity project

    I guess If this is going to be used by someone that doesn't understand how much effort has gone into it's refinishing it and is not likely to care for it as well as an adult. I would cover the top with a woodgrain laminate and spray paint the rest of it a dark color. If you think it will be treasured as a wonderful gift from her uncle and she will want it for the rest of her life ,then I would go the refinishing and reveneering route . The last idea is if you want the experiencing doing a piece like this and you enjoy what your doing then take that approach and re do it the way you can gain the experience you would like to gain .
  17. That looks great Larry interesting design
  18. A-1 Jim

    PIP White oak small table

    This is looking great John very well done.
  19. A-1 Jim

    Arts and Crafts Coffee Table

    Very nice work Ralph  Love that arts and crafts , Great wood figure too. Great job.
  20. A-1 Jim

    Completed tabsaw blade guard.

    Super work Mike very cool design and well built.
  21. A-1 Jim

    Got a nice log set today

    Wow Bob you always have such cool wood ,Beautiful figure
  22. A-1 Jim

    1920s Crescent Universal Wood-Worker No. 108

    Wow thats some project can't wait to see how this goes.
  23. A-1 Jim

    Amazing woodworking

    I found this on line . functional art   http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/design-hand-made-wooden-vespa/ http://www.carpintariacarlosalberto.com/vespa_daniela.htm Â
  24. A-1 Jim

    Shane Whitlock's Website

    I was blown away too John machine art for sure.

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