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  1. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    TPW Gathering, Aug. 25. Time To Put Details Together

    Ron (and others who may need to call). I think my number you have is our landline. It might be easier to call me on my cell. nine three seven 407 seven 475
  2. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    TPW Gathering, Aug. 25. Time To Put Details Together

    I have those in stock!
  3. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    TPW Gathering, Aug. 25. Time To Put Details Together

    I'll get the practice boards, clear pine be best? Maybe 6" wide or so
  4. OK, with the gathering date about a month off it's close enough to start setting things up. We had about 6 folks that thought they could be here, but let's start the count over to keep me from jumping back and forth between threads. I'm not asking for a firm commitment, just if it's likely you'll be here; the head count will allow me to plan for food and drinks. So here's what I'm thinking: Gathering will be at my place (17676 Wapakoneta Fisher Rd, Wapakoneta OH 45895) on Aug. 25th. Time will be starting around 10:00ish (or whenever you get here, and wrap up at 5:00 so I can start dinner for my wife. I'll provide lunch and drinks, current thinking is I'll get some fried chicken and a couple of side dishes. I'll also have soft drinks and water available. Some of you offered to bring something, what if I leave the snacks up to those attending? No agenda, mostly a meet/greet and jawbone, though Stephen offered to do some magic with a Stanley 45 which I think would be interesting. John thinks there will be some hand out stuff from Laguna (maybe t shirts, hats, etc.) and maybe Woodcraft, and Handy Dan won a Woodriver plane he's offered up as a door prize raffle. I'd like to see as many as possible attend, but know I'm a little far for some folks..those who aren't here physically I'm sure will be here in spirit. So a reply about you plan on coming , and any other input is what I'm looking for.
  5. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    Interesting Sanding Technique

    Good luck on that one!
  6. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    Question About Woodsmith 'Tip'

    So I just got an email for Woodsmith with a tip on disposing of old screws. The tip implied throwing old utility knife blades, screws, nails and so on into the trash is dangerous, so they borrowed a medical industry idea and used an old Parmesan cheese container for disposal of this stuff, labeled "Sharps". Now, for the record I never dispose of anything with nails in it, or let this stuff loose except into the trash; just never considered it being a hazard in there. Well, maybe I realized it was a hazard, but the industry was wise to such things and took precautions. So anyway, what's your opinion, is this tip worth using or is it making a problem that doesn't exist?
  7. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    Web Site Changes (Button Color Too Light)

    I think I did, but really see no need to do so; I have enough problems when I leave things alone...let alone trying to make changes.
  8. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    Web Site Changes (Button Color Too Light)

    I didn't do anything to change my colors.
  9. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    Interesting Sanding Technique

    He (Neil) was trying to put together a PBS show (according to some posts over at Lumberjocks). Wonder if that ever took off.
  10. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    Web Site Changes (Button Color Too Light)

    I access the forum on 2 different Macs, and the "Submit Topic" button is exactly as Ron displayed above, though I'm not having a problem seeing it. Never thought about it looking different in Windows.
  11. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    Rust On My Table Saw---Again

    If the magnetic cover is impermeable to moisture, nothing gets between it and the cast iron...at least that's what iIthink. I've also used a small piece of plywood, and it worked just as well. It's probably a little more porous to humidity, but not so much to be a problem. But I've read suggestions where folks have used a blanket, and I had the same question about that. Seems like the fabric would absorb moisture and then cause the cast iron to rust, but I've never tried it. What about putting a dehumdifier in there and letting it run, at least during the most humid periods.
  12. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    Rust On My Table Saw---Again

    While I had my tools stored (in the garage) waiting for their new home to be built, I bought a roll of that flexible magnetic sign material and cut strips of it to cover all the cast iron surfaces. I had picked that tip up on a forum somewhere, it really works good at preventing rust, though it best used for longer down times. It's kind of a pain to remove and store. Otherwise I just use Johnson's Paste Wax.
  13. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    Jig for Cutting Strips

    Y'all may not remember this, but Buck Nall (Ol buck) put a thread on the old Wood forum with a yarn about a new coon hound puppy and his also new ROS. It was several paragraphs long, and I was rolling on the floor by the time I finished it. Anyway, a coon hound publication had caught wind of the story and wanted to publish it, and my (maybe faulty) recollection was that because Buck had put it on the Wood forum, they now owned the rights to it. As I recall Buck did get it published, but I think he was wrangling with Wood over whether he could do so. The episode soured my taste for Wood at the time. It was only here that I found out Buck had finally got it published, maybe if he catches this he can straighten my story out.
  14. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    Happy Birthday David

    Best to you on your day, Dave!
  15. Good stuff. That "curing in the cold" thing is the biggest drawback I see with them, although a lot of folks really grump about the grain raising (not me, no big deal).

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