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  1. Good morning & Happy Birthday Wayne. Wishing you the very best today on your day.

    May it be filled with blessings, good things and maybe even a new tool or two!:D

    Stop in and say hi and let us know what's happening your way when you have the chance.


    ...just one of the guys at the Patriot Woodworker...


  2. Looks good. I have cut this a few times as gifts and always loved this pattern.
  3. Running an EX-21 I don't have to worry about lube. Before that on my older saws I used WD-40 and did the clean and lube and clean again. Worked for me. With the Excalibur it has sealed bearings. Hope this answers your questions.
  4. Fred I usually run into the corner, then back up enough to turn my blade. Back into the previous cut and continue. I know there are quite a few ways to do this, but this is my "prefered" way. Blade size depends on the wood I am cutting. The softer the wood the larger blades I use. Ex. Pine #5UR hard woods. #3UR. I have been known to go to a #1UR to accomplish the task at hand. Different angles, different woods = different blades and approaches. There is more then one way to skin a cat
  5. Nice work, love the pattern.
  6. Nice work as always Fred. I'll agree with spalted maple. The last photo Mesquite ?
  7. Really cute family. Are these from Paul Meisel ? I have done the train, car and a few others. Looks good, like the colors too .
  8. That's really neat.
  9. Kevin The book I was referring to is: Scroll Saw Workbook by John Nelson, Fox Chapel Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-56523-207-5 Hope this helps.
  10. Kevin First off welcome to the wonderful world of scrolling. There is a YouTube channel, Qwinette Woodworkers with a great video or 2 of scrolling. As for blogs and stuff. Look up Steve Good, he runs a blog and offers free patterns from very easy to somewhat difdicult. I have been scrolling fir quite a few years. Not an expert but normally do very challenging patterns and design a lot of my own. There is some information to get you started on. Next is some advice for a beginner. First of all have fun. You are going to make tons of mistakes learning. We all did and still do. I have a box of designer firewood in my shop. Second be patient, don't be in a hurry you'll get so frustrated and that's not good. As for books. When I get home I can look some up for you. Some are very basic and I don't want to give you the wrong title to start on. Thanks Wayne
  11. Wayne

    Word Art

    Nice work Harry. Clean and smooth. As for the nail board I have been using them for a while. Never thought about staples though and like that idea a lot. Might have to try them. Thanks for the tip.
  12. JOhn What a great family outing. I can feel the excitment in the photos and almost hear the thunder. I love the great outdoors and animals and there ws no shortage of either. Thanks for sharing a great set of memories.
  13. Looks like a fun project. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Nice page JOhn. Great looking fmily photo too.
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