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  1. @Jim from Easy Wood Tools Thank You! My wife has already gifted it!!!
  2. lew

    Laguna Midi lathe

    From everything I've read the new Revo 12/16, from Laguna, is an awesome machine. I seriously considered it in my quest for a new lathe. The only drawback- for me- was the distance between the centers. Even with a bed extension, it's too short for some of the things I do. What excited me about that particular lathe was the reported power at low speeds.
  3. lew

    Soliciting opinions

    Actually, Larry, the Jet is beefer than the Delta.
  4. lew

    Soliciting opinions

    Hahahahahaha Thanks! I think the Robust is out of the question but she might just go for the Jet!
  5. lew

    Soliciting opinions

    @Larry Buskirk @RustyFN @HandyDan Thanks, just not sure it’s worth putting that much time, money and effort into a lathe this old. I’m thinking after all the help everyone has provided and my responses- I’m just looking for an excuse to buy a new lathe.
  6. lew

    Soliciting opinions

    Patch, thanks for the idea. One of the characteristics of the Delta lathe I realized was lacking (as I got more experience) was the too high low end speed. It was too fast- approximately 450 rpm. Too high for most sanding. Pulleys probably won’t do much better.
  7. lew

    Soliciting opinions

    Thanks for the information, Gerald. Sounds like this may be a good choice for me.
  8. Looks like another fantastic box build, Steve!
  9. lew


    Describes me to a "T"
  10. There's a whole bunch out there but most of it has a learning curve. The old Windows Essentials had Movie Make included and will work if you have it already downloaded. If not, here something free from Microsoft that is similar- called Movie Maker 2019 (don't buy the pro version)- https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/movie-maker-10-tell-your-story/9mvfq4lmz6c9?activetab=pivot:overviewtab A little simpler version is Movie Maker 2012 and is available at- https://www.topwin-movie-maker.com/tutorials_how_to_download_windows_movie_maker_2012.html If these don't do what you have in mind, let me know and I'll find you some others.
  11. I know he is standing proud and saluting every veteran arriving there
  12. lew

    Soliciting opinions

    Thanks Steve, I’ll check that out
  13. I get the flu shot from the VA and never have a reaction from it. This was some new pneumonia shot and the cold was probably just coincidental as I have been visiting my Mom in a nursing home.
  14. lew

    Soliciting opinions

    Thanks Larry! I do cruise Craig’s List daily. No luck so far. It’s a Delta Iron Bed model 46-715. I bought it around 2003.
  15. @Woodbutcherbynight Thank You! Can't wait to see how you like the Easy Wood Tools! @FlGatorwood Thanks! The cold is slowly getting better. Funny thing, it started 3 days after I received the "recommended", over 65, pneumonia shot! @HandyDan Thank You! I'm really pleased with the way it works!
  16. Don't know anything about it, so I googled it. What I found interesting is that almost every link lead me to way too similar information. Almost like those "Ted" woodworking plans. Every site had almost a copy and paste look. Lots of folks around here are opting for rooftop solar panels. I see them more and more. Unfortunately I don't personally know anyone to ask if they are proving cost effective.
  17. lew

    Soliciting opinions

    Yeah, I have a long extension cord that'll reach that far. You are right about the spindle diameter. I'm gonna have to go with the spindle adapter (Easy Wood Tools makes a pretty beefy one). I have too much invested in accessories to start over with them.
  18. lew

    Soliciting opinions

    Thanks, Larry. Seems this is a common problem with this style of lathe. The pulleys were made of aluminum. Most owners have said their pulleys have cracked/broken. With mine, the motor shaft key slot has worn to where the two halves will no longer engage at the lowest speed, among other things. For the past year, I've been searching turning groups in hopes of finding replacements. The closest I've found was from Grizzly. Folks say it works but because of the different diameters (compared to Delta) the higher speeds don't work.
  19. My old Delta iron bed (1440) is on its' last leg. Turning a bowl is painstakingly slow. The motor is strong but alas the reeves drive will not keep tension on the belt even though I've replaced the springs and belt- drive pulleys are no longer available. I thought about getting a Oneway 2000 series but it would be difficult to plugin at the homeless shelter after my divorce. Pretty much the same applies to a Powermatic. So, on my budget, I'm looking at a Jet 719500. It's a little more powerful than the old Delta and has a few other minor differences that I can work around but it looks like it might work for me. And, in November it goes on sale at a 15% discount with no shipping as there is a Jet dealer about a mile away. I guess I'm asking is there something about this lathe that should make me wary. At my age, I know it will be the last one I buy so I won't want any surprises down the road. Thanks for any input/suggestions and/or character assassinations
  20. Hope you were wearing that mask when you stold purchased that little beauty
  21. From one vet to another- Thank You Brother for your service. Would love to see some pictures of your shop and some of your projects!
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