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  1. I don’t have one but recently saw information on using your own saw and adding the track kit. I think Makita and Dewalt both have the entire setup.
  2. lew

    Part 9- Finishing Up

    Thanks, Pat. It is quite consistent as for thickness. I had to learn to have a nice steady force to avoid ripples. I have a couple of thin pushers!
  3. lew


    Just saw this https://www.proxxon.com/us/micromot/38660.php
  4. lew

    Packing Tape

    Guess this all goes to show why I don't do scroll sawing
  5. I remember when you started this. It certainly came out nice.
  6. Welcome to the second decade of century 2000! Our Patriot Turners- Well the winners of our Adopt A Family were announced and the winner of the Easy Wood Tools was @Cliff. Cliff, being the generous guy he is, offered the tools to a veteran member. The proud recipient is now @Pauley. Thanks, Cliff! Thanks, Easy Wood Tools for your continued generous support of our family here! @Jim from Easy Wood Tools @jttheclockman post a request for information on a detail sander that would work for turnings. He received lots of input and ideas. Please check out his post and see if you can give him any additional advice- @HandyDan gave us a heads-up on a sale on Rikon lathes. The post developed into lots of good information that could be used for any lathe purchase. Check it out at- @Woodbutcherbynight asked us about some lathe items he had. Several of our members chimed in with ideas and information. Head on over to his post and see what he has- We have a new turner member in our midst! @joejimmun posted a request for help locating a part for a lathe. It didn't take long for our guys to locate it for him. Give Joe a welcome and see what lathe he is repairing- We have had a couple of revived threads! It's always fun to take a ride in Mr. Peabody's WABAC machine. @Kevin Beitz commented on a pine cone pen which triggered some input from our ranks- We also had some additional comments on a thread about all of the Easy Wood Tools clones. When you compare them to the copycats, you realize just what a great bargain they are. They really work great, too! What’s Coming Up- Well this sucks! Click on the above image to visit the More Woodturning Magazine. For The Newbies- Alright, it's the middle of winter- so let's talk Bar-B-Q!! Tim Yoder has a video up where he demonstrates turning some cookout utensils from project kits. Looks like these would make great gifts- Expand Your Horizons- Although mostly spindle turning, Pepper (and salt) grinders require lots of precise measurements. Special jigs can be helpful as well. In this video, Mike Peace demonstrates making one using the mechanism from Chefware Kits. https://chefwarekits.com/Pepper-&-Salt-Mechanisms-c37148080 New Turning Items- If you have been thinking about one of those CBN wheels to replace the abrasive wheel on your slow speed grinder, Here a video to help you decide on the best option- Everything Else- This past summer, i was ordered to get rid of some of the wood I had hidden behind the garden shed. It was maple from a tree that needed to be removed several years earlier. It had been stored on the ground and not protected from the elements. After cutting the circle blank, I tried to round it on my old lathe. Because some of the wood was soft and other places hard, it was so out of balance that it wasn't safe to turn on the old Delta. Even tried to drill out portions to re-balance it but that didn't work. I soaked it in dishwashing liquid/water for a few days and placed it in a bag of shavings, then completely forgot about it. That was in May. I pulled it out of the shavings this week and remounted it on the new lathe using a face plate. It had dried completely but the soft vs. hard wood still created an unbalanced situation. The new variable speed lathe worked great to find a speed that was safe with very little vibration. The bowl originally was to be deeper but, my futile balancing attempts interfered with the shaping. Any way, the outside is shaped but needs sanding before rechucking to hollow out the inside- Safe turning
  7. Picked this up off of my Twitter feed-
  8. Click on the image for the sales flyer!
  9. I see the February 2020 issue of Fine Woodworking has a pretty detailed article on building your own.
  10. What a wonderful Christmas gift for you and the family! She sounds like "tough stock"! Thanks for the nod on the post, too.
  11. Knowing you, Steven, it might last till supper
  12. Hi Greg and Welcome!! I'm not much of a carver but I've been told that Basswood is a great medium for carving!
  13. lew

    Woodturning Photos

    Thanks for the additional information, @Gerald. I really appreciate the help!
  14. I see what you mean about stress. Really nice of the techs to help you out
  15. Everyone here knows my project pictures suck. A couple of weeks back, in the Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners post, we added an entry from Mike Peace about his shop made light booth (https://youtu.be/waJ00FWTzHk). Also, @Gerald has a great 2 part blog on photography- https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/blogs/entry/24-lets-talk-photography/ . Using both of these resources, this is my interpretation. For me, one of the most important requirement was the thing had to be able to be broken down and easily stored. There just isn't any space left to put stuff. And just as important, because I'm cheap, it had to be inexpensive. Mike Peace's video mentioned the Dollar Store as a source for materials- Great Tip!! So, foam board and strapping tape in hand (shop light was already here)- I made the bottom and back double layers- white and black- and hinged them to be reversible- One extra piece of foam board to shield the light- A piece of white and a piece of black heavy construction paper taped together as a backdrop- A test setup- Mike Peace mentioned a cheap reflective element to help illuminate shadows. Of course, I'll need a better display stand. Broken down and folded. Should fit nicely into a large trash bag to protect it from dust. Some test pictures from my phone; no tripod All together- less than $10. My kind of project!!
  16. @Gerald Thank You! I may have to investigate a vacuum system. It sure would make reverse chucking a lot easier! @HandyDan Thanks! @Woodbutcherbynight Thank You! I, too, am enjoying the peace and quiet.
  17. Their cutters use- **Mini/Mid/Detailers & All Hollowers Except Mid*: ~Small Wrench 1/16" ~Screw 4-40 x 5/16" **Full/Pro/Rougher/Finisher: ~Screw 8-32 x 3/8" ~Large Wrench 3/32" **Exception (Mid Hollower): ~Small Wrench 1/16" ~Screw 4-40 x 1/4" Flat head machine screws with hex (allen) wrench
  18. Do the comparison. Remember Easy Wood Tools is the innovator in this technology- $129.99 Features a 24.50" overall length with 16" maple handle. Stainless steel bar is 1/2" square and 8.5" long. The maximum reach over the tool bar is 4". Comes equipped with standard cutter Ci0 (round), and a hex key. Optional carbide cutter sold separately is the Ci0-NR (negative rake). The full size tools have an 8" tool length (beyond handle) with a 15-3/4" handle, for a total length of 23-3/4". The full-size tools have an 8" tool length (beyond handle) with a 15-3/4" handle, for a total length of 23-3/4". Not much difference in the price but a world of difference in the carbide cutters! Check out the Easy Wood Tools website Or give @Jim from Easy Wood Tools a call. He can provide you with the technical specs.
  19. lew

    clock boxes stained 004

    Thanks so much for the how-to!
  20. I'd buy the Easy Wood Finisher.
  21. It's a convenient way to get honey out of the jar- before they put it in squeeze bottles.
  22. lew

    Rikon Sale

    Thanks for the heads up, Dan!
  23. lew


    Found this demonstration of some sanding products. Unfortunately the power sanding is all air driven- All my sanding is usually done either with a reversible 1/2" corded drill or my shop made inertia sander. When sanding my rolling pins, I use my standard random orbital sander.
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