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  1. Well that say the imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Once again another manufacturer is trying to pull us away from the best carbide tools on the market. Checking their tool specifications will reveal that their tools don't measure up to those from Easy Wood Tools. Don't be fooled, buy the best! contact @Jim from Easy Wood Tools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. lew

    Purple Haze2

    OMG!! That is Awesome!!!
  3. Well, relatives left today. No shop time for the past week between subbing and family obligations. Our Patriot Turners- @Ron Altier asked our members for clarification on what are the different measurements when reading the lathe specification. He received some great input. If this has ever caused you to scratch your head, check out his post- @Gerald offered some great information he picked up from a guest speaker at their turning club meeting. Mark Sillay was their guest and provided insight into several areas of turning. Check out Gerald's post and pick up some really great tips- @HandyDan continues to turn out his custom bullet pens. He recently perfected his copper plating process and now has three different pens colors. Dan explains more in his post. @HandyDan also gave us a heads up on some stolen woodturning tools. Please read his post and keep an eye out for anything suspicious- What’s Coming Up- Click on the above image for the link to more information and registration. For The Newbies- If you are considering trying to turn a bowl but don't have a chuck, yet, don't despair. Mike Peace demonstrates how you can do this Expand Your Horizons- M. Saban-Smith posted a video on using a scorching process along with other embellishments to create a gorgeous ash vase. With the ash borer around, it isn't too hard to find ash to turn. New Turning Items- Craft Supplies USA has new ring materials available. Click on the above image for the link to these new products. Everything Else- Carl Jacobson has a pretty cool bowling theme going. Safe turning
  4. It seems to be working for me, now, too. Not sure what the original problem was. Sorry for the false alarm.
  5. I guess they added in about $14 for the pot and trellis
  6. Thanks! Maybe it was because I loaded it from my PC
  7. Maybe I did something wrong. Tried to include a PDF file in a post but when I checked the post, after saving, the inserted PDF tried to upload from my computer rather than the Patriot site. I used the typical method of attaching files to a post- as done with images. Here's the file-SketchUp-Keyboard-Shortcuts-WIN.pdf
  8. Free chart of Sketchup keyboard shortcuts. Windows operating system- Mac is available. From Matt Donley's Master Sketchup- https://mastersketchup.com/ https://mastersketchup.com/resources/?utm_source=MasterSketchUp+Newsletter&utm_campaign=c46e4b0561-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_05_22_12_41&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e77c932ed7-c46e4b0561-101603433&mc_cid=c46e4b0561&mc_eid=669fe8a582#downloads
  9. Thanks! Been a member there for quite a while.
  10. Lookin' Good! I like the nap idea.
  11. Thanks, Dan. I saw this, too and have posted it on several social media outlets.
  12. Really nice pens, Dan!
  13. still entertaining relatives
  14. It's a molded asphalt/material with a hardened finish. Less expensive than metal but probably doesn't have the life expectancy of metal, either. Apply with corrugated roofing nails. Been on my shed for at least 10 years and holding up well.
  15. When you build a shed, it's never big enough. I'd build it 10' x 12'- max without a permit and only 2 extra sheets of sheathing. 24" wall stud spacing will work fine. Set it on a crush stone base with 4 x 4 treated runners. T1-11 exterior sheathing and corrugated asphalt roof panels. Just my 2¢
  16. WOW missed that, too! Thanks all for your service and sacrifice.
  17. What stuck with me most was the almost ghostly appearance of the faces on the statues
  18. That's the one I was referring to, Gene. It was a wet cloudy day when we were there and the weather really accentuated the mood of the monument.
  19. lew

    Club Meeting

    Than You, Gerald! I'll be sure and include these tips in next weeks "Wednesday's..."
  20. If you ever get to Washington, DC, be sure to see the Korean War memorial. It is unforgettable.
  21. Rarely, we only knew part of it after he passed away. Once while watching an old TV series presented by Walter Cronkite, he pointed out himself in some newsreel battle footage. He was very proud of his service to our country but never flaunted it- other than the G.I. haircut he always had . We had his name listed at the World War II memorial in Washington D.C. but he passed away a few months before the monument was opened to the public.
  22. We watched every episode and the bought the tape ste for my Dad. He fought at the Battle of the Bulge and was one of the first soldiers to get across the Ludendorff Bridge during its' capture at the Battle of Remagen.
  23. It was an HBO special series. It was later released on tape and I believe DVD. The local library may have it for viewing.
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