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  1. Fantastic turning! Great advice from @Gerald, too!
  2. lew

    Age Test

    It helped you learn to do 3 things at once with only 2 feet!
  3. @HandyDan Thank You! @John Morris Thanks! @Gerald and @Steve Krumanaker Thank You! Seems at least the 3 of us share the same opinion on thick walled bowls. My wife watches a lot of Food Channel and the Cooking Channel programming. I noticed many of the celebrities (mostly ladies) have the thicker wooden bowls as part of their serving dishes. Mostly the rustic and old world chefs. Gerald, cheated when I made my log holder. I used a couple of log perimeter slabs from bowl blank preparation, screwed to a couple of boards.
  4. He should be pleased with this!
  5. Wow! May is almost in the books! Our Patriot Turners- @Ron Altier isn't waiting for December to turn ornaments! Here is his latest beauty- Ron really creates some stunning pieces from Spectraply. @Gerald started a post on a shop made texturing tool. These are really useful for embellishing the bottom of vessels and lids of turned boxes. Gerald's post contains a link to the "how-to" tutorial. This post also has some super information on photography lighting. Gerald also posted a topic on drying/stabilizing green wood- The post generated a great discussion and some questions. From Gerald's post, I pulled the website URL he referenced. There is a wealth of information contained at the "Magnolia Woodturners" site. Check out their "How To Do It"page- https://mwt.clubexpress.com/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=96005&module_id=341063 What’s Coming Up- Nick Agar will be the featured turner at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. Click on the above image for the link to more information and registration. For The Newbies- Well you have decided on turning from green wood. It is a blast to watch those ribbons of wood peel away! Of course, now you realize there is one more "Turning" tool you need to add to your arsenal- a chainsaw! Mike Peace has a short little video for making a cradle to safely hold those logs and keep that chainsaw blade out of the dirt- Expand Your Horizons- Lyle Jamieson show us how created a natural edge hollow form. Notice the hollowing system he uses along with the laser indicator. Everything Else- Just for the enjoyment, something from Tim Yoder- Safe turning
  6. That article led to a good article on the Tor Browser and using it with a VPN.- https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/tor-browser-work-relate-using-vpn/
  7. The Doctor in on duty!!
  8. Sweet! Funny how animals adapt to their situations so much better than humans.
  9. Looks really great! Did you have custom tops made or were they stock items?
  10. If it is like a "pimple" bulge, maybe just grind it off.
  11. That was the part I was curious about. Looks like the light comes from one direction
  12. Just saw one of these in use on the show that used to be called "Rough Cut". Looked pretty neat. Thanks for the positive review
  13. I have been considering one of these light boxes from Amazon. Folds up and has built in LEDs. Most of my stuff is pretty small.
  14. @Gerald you need to get some more rest! You said you were looking for an excuse to watch some of those Wednesday’s... videos.
  15. Thanks, Gerald! I noticed the link- in the article- no longer works. Here's a link to one of the texturing wheels at Kingspore Woodworking- https://www.woodworkingshop.com/product/sz00027/
  16. I try to use Sketchup for designing my flat work; I know it's often faster to use paper and pencil. But, what I like about Sketchup is the ability to create a cutlist from the "Cutlist" extension. That way I can get a more accurate idea of the amount of materials necessary for the project, but the last couple of projects designs left me scratching my head as to why the cutlist didn't show what I thought the correct layout should be. A few of our oldest deck pieces had finally given up the ghost. Using their design, this is a leg I needed to create new tables that looked like the old ones- The dimensions of the leg were 2.5"w x 1.5"t x approx 14" L. The cutlist, however indicated I would need this to make one leg! Notice the blue "bounding box" Sketchup placed around the leg. The leg is diagonal. The blue box surrounds the entire "area". Cutlist interpret the material size as the entire blue bounding box. I knew I was doing something wrong so, knowing "Google is my friend", I went searching for the answer. What I discovered was that the "axis" of the part needed changed so that Sketchup and Cutlist both looked at the part and its' orientation. The Sketchup leg after changing the axis. Notice the blue bounding box is only selecting the actual piece. The cutlist diagram is also now correct. Much better! Sketchup provides a native tool for making these "adjustments". Rather than trying to describe the process, here is a video from Joe Zeh ( http://www.srww.com/ ) at Swamp Road Wood Works. Mr. Zeh is a great source for Sketchup information. I love Sketchup!
  17. lew

    BIG boulder

    On another note, a large coyote, carrying a box of dynamite, was observed running from the scene
  18. lew

    Sky watch

    That's a neat page, Thanks! If you are a space watcher, here's the page I like- https://www.heavens-above.com/main.aspx
  19. Well that should keep you in pen blanks for a couple of days!! Happy to know you're still with us.
  20. lew

    Happy Birthday Irish

    Happy B-Day!
  21. Thanks, Gene.
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