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  1. Great idea! Maybe we could get @John Morris to put this in the Veterans Corner and Causes Forum.
  2. lew

    Hunting Fleas

    A buddy gave me one of those folding boxwood rules. Wasn't a Stanley but it is still really neat.
  3. Those are sweet! It is amazing how just changing the stripe orientation can alter the end results!
  4. If you just uninstalled the program and didn't delete your account, the pictures may be retrievable. If you want to try and get them back, let me know
  5. If you have a desktop PC, you probably don't have a camera. If you have a laptop, then the camera is typically at the top of the display window located in the plastic bezel. Here's a link to instructions on how to delete and get rid of your dropbox account- https://www.wikihow.com/Cancel-a-Dropbox-Account. If you think you may want to keep it and learn to use it, here's a link showing how to use it- https://www.wikihow.com/Start-Using-Dropbox If you need help, let me know
  6. Here’s a line to the instructions https://help.dropbox.com/installs-integrations/desktop/uninstall-dropbox
  7. Drop Box is a program/storage location. Stuff on your computer is synced to a cloud location. It’s not a virus or harmful. To get rid of it go to your control panel app. Look for Programs and Features. Double click on programs and features. Scroll down to Drop Box, highlight it then click on Uninstall at the top of list window
  8. Remember- Our Patriot Turners- @Gerald is trying out some new coloring techniques. His turning/coloring really creates some interesting designs in the wood! Please head on over to Geralds post and let him know how much you like this piece- Gerald also showed us a round hollow form that his coloring really made the grain of the wood stand out! Gerald explains what he did in his post @HandyDan gave us a really nice set of pictures on how he made his baby rattles- Check out his post to see what all went into making these beauties! @Gene Howe gave us a heads up on a video that should be mandatory viewing for every person who operates a lathe. Thanks Gene. What’s Coming Up- If you are near Provo, Utah, Craft Supplies USA is offering several turning workshops- Click on the above image for the link to more information and registration. Also- Again, clicking on the above image will connect you to more information and registration to this event. For The Newbies- When you start to turn bowls, you generally have two options for obtaining wood. Buy the mostly dried blank or find a freshly cut tree. In either case, unless you turn the bowl from start to finish in one sitting, drying the wood between turnings may be necessary. Rick Turns found a cool and inexpensive way to slow the drying process and reduce the chance of checking and cracking- Expand Your Horizons- Everyone knows I'm a "jig junky". Here's a video showing a shop made jig to use for turning Twisted Boxes. New Turning Items- Last week we displayed a basket weave illusion bowl from @Billy B. If you were interested in trying your hand at this awesome technique, Chef Ware Kits has what you need to get started- Find more on the lits and prices at- https://chefwarekits.com/Basket-Weave-Kits-c9880431 The folks at Woodturners Wonders have a new device to hold your dust collection hose. It is flexible and adjustable! Find out more about it at- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/lathe-track/products/trac-vac-flexible-dust-collector Everything Else- Donations- I copied and pasted this from @John Morris. It would be great if each of us turners could help out! "We usually have a fundraiser raffle during the summer to help pay for our community, but my health took a dive this summer, and I never had the time nor the mind to organize our annual summer fundraiser, so we are falling short of our budgetary obligations. We will be very tight. If you are able to donate to our community, a dollar on up, it all helps." If you'd like to donate to our community, please see this page at https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/clients/donations/ I finally put the finish on the little walnut "spaceship"- Turned completely with Easy Wood Tools mini hollowers and their micro detailer ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ) Safe turning
  9. lew

    Free Pattern

    Click on the image for the link to the site and file
  10. lew

    Baby Rattles

    Fantastic, Dan! Thanks for the pictures, too!
  11. lew

    Oak hollow form

    Gorgeous @Gerald ! Those rays really stand out!
  12. Thanks, @Jim from Easy Wood Tools for Easy Wood Tool's continued support!
  13. Still getting Mom settled in. Sealed some elm from the tree we had removed. Really need to get to the lathe
  14. Love the shape on this one. Neat coloring effect, too!
  15. lew

    Free Bowl Blanks

    Did get a couple of crotch pieces as well as some large enough for some salad bowls. Everything sealed with TiteBond II. The tree guys have done work for us before and I will make something for them out of the tree. The last time I made him an extra long maple chili spoon. He said he still uses it. He cut a really nice slab. I'll have to find a local kiln to dry it. I've always wanted to make a rocking chair. The slab will become the seat. The power wires were a little farther away than they appeared.
  16. lew


    Glad you're safe, Lissa!
  17. Chinese Elm in the back yard had to come down. It was dying and fairly large pieces were coming off during storms. These are the small pieces! The tree was well over 60 feet tall! The tree guys said they will help me cut up some blanks from the base. If you're here tomorrow morning you can have all you can carry!
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