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  1. If you had our dog, that would be closer to the speed of light
  2. Awesome! Those Texans sure know a great thing when they see it!
  3. That section is coming together nicely!
  4. Enjoy! My Mom has Tricare for life (My Dad was retired government). She hasn't paid a medical bill in years. Tricare has covered everything- even Medicare deductible.
  5. Gonna try to get to the lathe for some hollowing practice.
  6. Now my email notifications are not showing up. Gmail address.
  7. lew

    Eggs all over

    Those are really nice! I like the little display stands, too.
  8. Cool! Don’t be like me and forget to rotate them with new ones and use the old ones.
  9. @Gerald Thank You! Now if I can just get time to do some turning! @Woodbutcherbynight Thanks! @HandyDan Thank You!
  10. That's what is so great about your ornaments, Ron! Thanks for sharing it with us.
  11. Happy Birthday America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Patriot Turners- We continue to have a great discussion on @Gerald's post on what we need to know to get started turning. If you haven't been following along, please head on over to that post and see what is happening! @Artie has asked a question about turning needs that closely related to Gerald's post. Artie's question generated lots of comments and discussion. Please check out the post and see if you can help out- @Danl found a video, by Richard Raffan, explaining how catches occur. The video concentrates on the skew chisel and the gouge. What’s Coming Up- http://www.turnonchicago.com/ For The Newbies- A follow up to @Danl's post on catches, these video should help the beginner- or any turner- get more comfortable using the skew chisel- This is a seven part series by Ian Robo Robertson. All of the parts can be found at- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeV9fORSV0QAc-25uxshDPw Mike Peace developed a nice little video illustrating a jig to size tenons. These little jigs really speed up the tenon prep- Expand Your Horizons- Tired of turning spindles and bowls? Check out this neat item from Tim Yoder! New Turning Items- @Steve Krumanaker uses pyrography to embellish the bottom of his bowls. Robert Sorby has partnered with Peter Child in releasing this new pyrography machine. This pyrography system supports two lightweight pens. The pens heat up from cold in two seconds. Pen tips can be purchased or homemade. Making homemade tips is easy using nickel chromium wire. The unit is available from Amazon. Everything Else- I really need to get back to the lathe. So many interruptions and people calling wanting things done. Off and on I have been playing with an idea to help me improve the wall thickness consistency of my hollow turnings. I've made a few "wire" type thickness gauges and they work for part of the turning sides. But inside, around the neck, it is difficult to get a measurement. Of course there must be a simple, easy to use device but... Don't laugh! I'm not a metal worker. My metal-working tools consist of a hacksaw and a file. The "device" is a fully adjustable laser indicator. The laser is one of those "pet lasers" that uses 3 batteries. I calculated that a 5v USB charges could be used to power the laser if I added a silicon diode (1N4000 series) in series with one of the USB power leads, The diode drops just enough voltage to safely power the laser. Mounted the laser on a sliding holder. Articulated the measuring end to get around corners. In action Made mostly of aluminum and brass except for the articulated arm which is steel key stock. Sliding parts fixed with thumb screws. I should have bypassed the on-off switch but I can loosen the clamp, holding the laser, and slide it down under the clamp. Safe turning
  12. Don't know if this has anything to do with it but the other day I updated my Avast antivirus. When I did, Avast blocked access to post.spmailtechn.com which is the email notification service from The Patriot Woodworker. Avast said- I had to whitelist that domain and now everything works. Lew
  13. Really like the way you shaped the legs/feet of this one.
  14. Thanks!
  15. Actually I was looking for plans for a vertical router sled to help out sreilly24590 and recognized the picture. I spend too much time at this danged computer as it is. Don't need to regularly check in to a bunch of additional sites.
  16. But do you recognize the person? At least he's alive and well as of 8:56am today!
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