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  1. That looks Nice! Underneath would be a nice place to add some lathe tool shelves.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/user/GeneralFinishes
  3. I pulled it from a Facebook post. I think this is the source- https://www.facebook.com/watch/generalfinishes/253120979433099/
  4. If you have a Facebook account, Woodcraft of Pittsburgh is having a free virtual demonstration on finishing. It is today- June 13, 2020.
  5. You should not be able to move the headstock once it is locked down.
  6. Can you move the headstock by hand with the lathe powered OFF? Does the headstock vibrate without a blank mounted?
  7. Just playing "devil's advocate" here, but if you are tearing out the bench, try those legs that came with the Harbor Freight lathe. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the stability. When I got my Delta, I didn't use their legs because I didn't have any room for a freestanding machine. I mounted the new Delta in place of my original Woodbridge (which didn't come with legs). Using the legs, for the Harbor Freight, will offer storage space under the lathe and provide a frame to assist in mounting additional weight if needed. Another thing, if you have the equipment, posting a video of some of the action may help us diagnose what is happening.
  8. COOL! When I went to Vocational School this was one of the projects we had to build. Hand tools only! Those compound angles on the legs drove me nuts!
  9. That can happen with green wood blanks. Even though they are centered mechanically, the moisture/density can be really skewed to one part of the wood. It can be a bit of a balancing act to get the mechanical and weight distribution working together. Although this may not be the same shape blank as you were using, the technique for balancing works regardless-
  10. Bring the head stock and tail stock together so that the drive spur and live center points are almost touching. With perfect alignment the 2 points will touch dead on. If they are not aligned, you can see which way they need to go. Checkthis video for some more pointers on Harbor Freight lathes-
  11. Outboard turning might come in hand down the road for for making bowls that are too big to fit the swing of the lathe.
  12. You may have done this, can't tell from the picture. I would tie the bench top into the wall studs. It doesn't take much of an off balance turning blank to set up a vibration. The Delta lathe setting on top of that drawer set- which was filled with tools and hardware- would bounce around with some green wood bowl blanks.
  13. lew

    End grain thin

    That's gonna be beautiful when the finish hits hit. Fingers crossed for no cracks!
  14. WOW! This is the best response to Wednesday's... we've had in a very long time! Thanks everyone!!! @AndrewB Thanks for continuing to keep us in the lop with the new lathe! I'm going to reference all this content next week. @John Morris Thank you for the kind comments! @Gunny Thanks! And thank you for sharing the information about Charles. I meant to include it but it slipped my mind (as so much does these days). @Gerald Thank You! Thanks, also, for the link to the Nova drive spur. I'll add that to next week's post. @FlGatorwood Thanks! Thanks for the kind words on the bowl, too. @HandyDan Thank You! I put some mineral oil and beeswax on it today. Pictures later. @Cal Thanks! Glad you like the bowl. My wife has already decided to whom SHE is gifting it! @Jim from Easy Wood Tools Thank You! And, thanks for the information sheet on the cutter rake information. I'll add it to next week's post. @Charles Nicholls Hey Charles, thanks for checking in! So glad to hear you are feeling better. One of my childhood friends is currently hospitalized with sepsis and severe complications. That stuff is nothing to mess with. Thanks again, everyone, for all of the great participation!!!
  15. Even with all of the gremlins, it's coming along nicely.
  16. Sounds like the one that came with my old Delta 1440 lathe. Bent sheetmetal. I never used it. My shop is so small, that I have to use every square inch of floor space. When I got my first lathe (Woodbridge) I mounted on the top of a cabinet. Later the Delta was mounted at the same place. I raised the top of the cabinet to a comfortable height- my back gives me problems if I stand stooped over for any length of time. To get the height I needed, I raised the cabinet on the bottom and then added to the top.
  17. That's sort of how I did mine. Only bolted on end to the leg then propped the other leg vertical then lifted the lathe bed onto the propped leg and bolted it. I'd definitely remove the head and tail stocks before lifting to reduce the weight.
  18. I ended up going to U-Haul and renting an appliance cart. My new lathe came mostly assembled. Had to remove the headstock, tail stock and tool rest. The lathe bed was pretty easy to move. Slid it carefully down the basement steps. Next the cast legs. Assembled the legs to the bed. Then the head stock. That was the worst. Really heavy and no one to help. I set up a multilevel surfaces and using some straps I lifted it in stages until I had it on the ways.
  19. The latest edition of Woodturning Monthly just arrived! Check it out at- https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/woodturning-monthly/?utm_medium=email
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