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  1. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Typical spacing for 2x4's is 16" on center but don't forget to consider the extra ones to frame out your inside corners- just in case you want to panel the inside. Also you may need a couple of extras for any door/window framing (jacks, cripples, headers).
  3. I can relate to the small working space. One thing that came to mind for the size and the machines you mentioned- you will be limited on the size of materials you can cut on the table saw.
  4. I'm starting to get stuff now. I guess it's all working
  5. Maybe everyone just went to bed early last night. I have received emails on both responses here. I guess it's working.
  6. Thanks, Gene. I did get yours but nothing overnight- which is unusual.
  7. Anyone else not getting email notifications of activities?
  8. Joe Zeh has released CabWriter 4 for Sketchup. If you use Sketchup to design kitchen cabinets, this extension/addon is a great idea.
  9. Looks like a much better color match.
  10. Bowl blanks can be expensive. If you are out and about, keep an eye out for tree guys doing trimming. You can probably pick up some stuff for free. They might even custom cut some blanks in exchange for a 6 pack
  11. To create the hole, I would start with the round finisher and work down to the depth you want then use the square rougher to square off the bottom/sides of the hole. The diamond detailer can sometimes grab if pushed too deep and both edges engage in the wood.
  12. Thank, @Gunny, for the better pictures!
  13. They say a picture is worth a thousand words! I'm not very good at explaining stuff. This is what I had in mind as far as the glue-up/lathe orientation Turnings will have really neat patterns-
  14. It’s a good practice wood. Not really very hard so catches aren’t disastrous. On the next one, try a few longer pieces glued up and the oriented so it is a spindle turning
  15. Boy, that's looking nice!
  16. That is fabulous! I can see why she likes it.
  17. I notice they have a 5/8" post diameter. Don't do like a buddy of mine who ordered a tool rest that didn't fit the banjo!
  18. @Gunny Thank You! Those are some awesome handles. I've used some of celtic knot rolling pin blanks- that had glue-up gaps- for the same thing. @AndrewB Thanks! That's just a plain salt shaker. Salt and pepper grinders, with internal mechanisms, are a little more involved. Precise Forstner bits and measurements can be tricky. Especially diameters- lots of the mechanisms are made in Asia but the instructions often indicate imperial dimensions. That's really a nice looking chuck you got. Also, Thanks for the link to the Mike Peace video on chuck selection. @FlGatorwood Thank You! I think @Gerald nailed it with his explanation of the chatter. @Gerald Thanks! It's an easy way to use old thin rippings and left overs. Thanks, also, for the response to the question on tool chatter. @HandyDan Thank You! I was going to keep it as it was from the tree we had removed last year. I still have a couple of pieces so maybe I can hide one from Mimi.
  19. Working now! It might have been the camera angle but it looks like the tenon shoulder is not tight up against the chuck jaws. Sorry if I'm wrong.
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