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  1. A bevel sled to cut 45 degree angles without having to tilt the table saw blade from 90 degrees.
  2. May be of interest to some: Â http://www.toolselect.com/
  3. I was in the shower, where I do my best thinking, and realized that what I had written did in fact not take this into consideration. Thanks for the correction, Paul. Sometimes I think I need a plexiglass belly button so I can see where I'm going. Lew Paul Whitmarsh said:
  4. install a gfi breaker in the panel box for a dedicated bathroom circuit
  5.  For the turners  http://www.woodturningonline.com/index.php  Lew
  6. Just received this link from a newsletter I get. Thought some of you might be interested- Â http://www.woodcarveronline.com/ Â Lew
  7. Judging from the picture of your wife, after the hardware removal surgery, this came in very handy.
  8. Cool- I'll have to try one of these mechanisms, Thanks for the idea! Justin Hughes said:
  9. Hope you don't mind but I slightly modified you diagram to illustrate the tenon/mortise idea- Lewis Kauffman said:
  10. That sounds like a good deal. Didn't realize the kit was specifically for the grinders. BTW, I like your design. Having the "top" separate at a transition point is visually appealing and will conceal any misalignment. Haven't used all of the different grinding mechanisms but some designs work better if there is a "tenon" cut on either the body or the head to improve the stability between the two. Justin Hughes said:
  11. Electricity Kill! Sometimes these wires have deteriorated (or no) insulation.  A very good friend, and neighbor, was a lineman for our municipality. He was also their electrical safety training officer. He was electrocuted on the job. If it can happen to someone with that knowledge and training, it can happen to anyone.  Lew  Â
  12. Not having used the chuck from Penn State, I can't speak to it's quality. I got mine from Craft Supplies USA Â http://www.woodturnerscatalog.com/store/catalog?Args=Â I think it's a TeknaTool brand. I usually buy forstner bits when I need them instead of a set, that way I only have the sizes I need and use. Definitely get the extension, however. Depending on the type of grinding mechanisms used, you may also need a long 1/4" twist bit. I use one that's about 10". As for the Jacobs drill chuck, they are extremely handy for lathe use. Depending on where you mount it- head or tail stock- you can use it for drilling, sanding or buffing. Looking forward to seeing your salt and pepper grinders! Â Lew Justin Hughes said:
  13. Well I am officially jealous! Â Nice Shop!!! Melanie Hartman said:
  14. Here is a link that has some instructions- Â http://www.woodcraft.com/Articles/Articles.aspx?articleid=619 Â Using a midi chuck and jacobs chuck makes things a lot easier, especially when drilling out the blank for the various internal diameters. For the length of your grinder, you may also need a forstner bit extension. Â Lew Â
  15. I think this would work well if you make certain the table of the saw is absolutely level. Ralph Allen Jones said:
  16. Wow! This is gorgeous!! Â I'm glad I didn't have to measure that long side. There would have sleepless nights until it was in place and actually fit!
  17. Melanie, Sounds like a nice set up. How about some pictures!! Melanie Hartman said:
  18. Having always been accused, and rightly so, of over engineering everything- I would layout a full sized mock up of the base/outline. Mark/cut test pieces to check. Then create a cutting jig in case I had to make another project later.
  19. Know what you mean about the change in plans
  20. How about some pictures to make us all jealous! Â Lew
  21. Thanks Ron. Â I did try to repair it but the split pulled fibers into the crack and I just would not "close" to make the crack invisible. Started over, lesson learned. Ron Altier said:
  22. John Moody said: John Moody John Moody Woodworks http://www.johnmoodywoodworks.com
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