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  1. Partially. I cut the rough shape on the bandsaw and then finished it by hand.Side view. It's kind of Neanderthal but it was my first try. SQ said:
  2. I have to confess, I tried to make this on the lathe- it ended up being a spoon! This was made on the bandsaw and the "bowl" carved out with a gouge. Charles Nicholls said:
  3. Great idea, Larry. I did a similar thing to my Bridgewood bandsaw but used an old toothbrush and made a modified bracket. It has really helped keep the tire clean. Lew
  4. There were a lot of locust trees (mostly black locust) in our area but many have been killed by a blight. The wood was given to me by a former student, who is now teaches in my place. He owns an 1800's era house that once was an inn/boarding house. The very large locust died and was in danger of falling on the home- so it was cut down. I made a few items from some of the wood and gave them to him; Â but still have a few partially turned bowl blanks left that I need to turn. Honey locust has a beautiful golden color but is very hard and kind of brittle.This is my first ladle. It was made from that tree. Lew SQ said:
  5. Usually, if a machine can be wired for dual voltages, there are illustrations in the owners manual. You need to also be aware that some machines have magnetic starters. Some of these starters will only work on 110 OR 220v. Even though the motor may be easily re-wired from one voltage to another, the starter may need to be replaced.
  6. Gorgeous bowls and platter! Â You reminded me that I have some honey locust blanks drying in the basement. Â Lew
  7. For those who don't subscribe to their newsletter, here's the link-  http://www.woodturningonline.com/index.php  Neat idea on how to sign your work.  Lew
  8. http://www.roseantiquetools.com/id192.html
  9. I added a blog to the salt cellar. It is listed on the right side of the home page, almost at the bottom. Or you can see it here-Â http://www.thepatriotwoodworker.com/profiles/blogs/salt-cellars. Lew SQ said: Â It it can't be fixed with glue and sawdust - it's not worth fixing.
  10. Years ago, I helped a friend develop a "cold casting" business. We worked primarily in cold cast Porcelain. We had a 2 step process that assured no trapped bubbles remained in the castings. The first step was to put the wet casting in a vacuum chamber for about 1 minute. Then transfer the castings to a pressure chamber- similar to yours- ours had a plexiglass window. The combination of the two processes completely eliminated any bubbles in our castings. LewÂ
  11. put a wet cloth over the ding and then apply heat from you wife's electric iron- just don't let her catch you. The steam will cause the compressed wood fibers to swell and lift the dent.
  12. Thanks, SQ! Mimi liked the pepper grinder design so much that we carried the idea over to some salt cellars. Lew SQ said:
  13. Just received this- Â http://www.woodworkersjournal.com/Ezine/Public/QA.aspx
  14. You might check here- Â http://hardwareaisle.thisoldhouse.com/2009/04/another-nail-pullerthe-best-yet.html
  15. I've had good luck with these folks for sanding supplies- Â http://www.supergrit.com/
  16. Arlin, Both Firefox and Google Chrome have built in spell checkers Arlin Eastman said:
  17. Good thought, Thanks. Lew Arlin Eastman said:
  18. I thought about going to the Big Box store and getting a damaged hollow core interior door and cutting it down for the top. Not sure how to fasten the bearing to the thin outer skin without somehow adding an internal screw block. Arlin Eastman said:
  19. Bread and dipping oil trays for Christmas presents. I'm stumped on how to hold/redrill a plastic "standoff".
  20. OK, I'm officially jealous! Â Lew
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