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  1. Thanks, SQ! Mimi liked the pepper grinder design so much that we carried the idea over to some salt cellars. Lew SQ said:
  2. Just received this- Â http://www.woodworkersjournal.com/Ezine/Public/QA.aspx
  3. You might check here- Â http://hardwareaisle.thisoldhouse.com/2009/04/another-nail-pullerthe-best-yet.html
  4. I've had good luck with these folks for sanding supplies- Â http://www.supergrit.com/
  5. Arlin, Both Firefox and Google Chrome have built in spell checkers Arlin Eastman said:
  6. Good thought, Thanks. Lew Arlin Eastman said:
  7. I thought about going to the Big Box store and getting a damaged hollow core interior door and cutting it down for the top. Not sure how to fasten the bearing to the thin outer skin without somehow adding an internal screw block. Arlin Eastman said:
  8. Bread and dipping oil trays for Christmas presents. I'm stumped on how to hold/redrill a plastic "standoff".
  9. OK, I'm officially jealous! Â Lew
  10. Arlin, My shop is so  small that some projects make it difficult to reach all sides without walking around the jointer, saw and anything else in use. I made this rotating table out of a couple of pieces of plywood and  the biggest Lazy Susan bearing I could find. It works pretty good although I am considering replacing the rotating plywood top with a torsion box top to have a flatter work surface. To keep the top from rotating when performing different operations, I use a wooden dowel pushed thru predrilled holes in the top and base. I can lock the top at 90 degree rotation intervals.   Lew
  11. Duh, if I had read the title, I could have avoided asking a stupid question. Story of my life!! Â Lew
  12. Cool! I know solder will bond to brass. What was the material of the original pulley guard. The solder looks as if it really bonded to it, also. Lew
  13. That looks "summer evening comfortable"! Thanks for posting. Lew
  14. Thanks for the kind words, John! Â Lew
  15. You might check the set of the teeth, too. For years we used a one man cross cut saw to create an access hole for scuba diving under the ice. I found the set on the teeth was narrow enough that by the time we had the third side of the triangular hole cut the first side had started to re-freeze. Reset the teeth and that eliminated the problem. Lew
  16. Maybe it's just me but I think some of the older machinery is built better. Comparing prices, you get a heavier built lathe, and no need to spend more money on an extension bed. While it may not be reversible- which is a VERY nice option- the mechanical variable speed control is probably more robust that the electronic speed control- although not as precise. Also, there is tool storage shelves built into to the base- which always comes in handy. I'd go look at it and take the cash along- just in case. Just my 2 ¢ Lew Â
  17. Replacement handles for rolling pins in the Culinary class at the local Vocational High School. Â Lew
  18. A Bridgewood (similar to Grizzly) 10" with storage all around. Have to use every available piece of available space in this tiny shop. Lew
  19. Chaarles, The blog starts here:Â http://www.thepatriotwoodworker.com/profiles/blogs/rolling-pins-part-1-the-jigs. The pins are about 20" long when finished. I start with a 22" blank. Thanks for asking. Lew Charles Nicholls said:
  20. Beautiful Stopper! Here is the web site that has another style of metal stoppers. http://www.torne-lignum.com/ The site owner, Ruth Niles, is a turner. Her products and service are excellent. Have you tried any of this product http://www.finewoodworking.com/item/39607/awfs-tool-news-new-finish-combines-the-best-of-oil-and-water-based-products ? I really like it. Dries super fast and you can really build up a nice finish.  Lew
  21. http://printfu.org/read/turncrafterpro-lathe-user-s-manual-0fca.html?f=1qeYpurpn6Wih-SUpOGuma2nh8Dk6NPX2sbW5s7gxNjkjUfwEZax1dzN1ZK-4dnYnOCFudDk2tXUh6vlo6CuiOnhh6fisJaloofa59zi4dbFvcrY1Jig56KWqpTPkK_Zr6KWppHe2ejYn5-h4OXrlOXS09ri6sbozc7e1pfR49Ok2c7O4dfX7Ze5s765wMPF4s7Tnp3mydqKoO0  After looking at this link, it might be that Part# 6 (lever may not be  staying tight against Part# 8. The Lock Lever (6) must be firmly tightened against the Tail Axis (8) to keep it tight. As for the wobbling, it looks like the Tail Axis has a keyed slot. Maybe the key is missing or worn. Just my 2¢  Lew
  22. I wonder if you slightly tapered the inside end of the bushing that rests against the the drive center. It might give it more surface contact and therefore more friction.
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