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  1. From Wikipedia- Painted in 1875, this work illustrates Caillebotte's continued interest in perspective and everyday life. In the scene, the observer stands above three workers on hands and knees, scraping a wooden floor in a bourgeois apartment€ now believed to be Caillebotte's own studio at 77, rue de Miromesnil in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. A window on the back wall admits natural light. The workers are all shown with nude torsos and tilted heads, suggesting a conversation. This is one of the first paintings to feature the urban working class. There is a motif of curls in the image, from the wood shavings on the floor, to the pattern of ironwork in the window grill to the arched backs and arms of the workers. The repetition in the image, with the three workers engaged in different aspects of the same activity but having similar poses, is similar to works by Caillebotte's contemporary, Edgar Degas. From this work, you would not think he was considered an "Impressionist"
  2. Interesting observation, John. Society (or someone) must have come up with some interesting ideas of the abilities different of people. When I was a kid, my favorite pastime was building plastic models. Not just for the cool looking plane or ship but also because the instructions were informative about the object you were building. Woodworking plans, on the other hand, were as you pointed out- general guidelines. Today, plastic models instructions are completely "picturized". Little if any written instructions. The woodworking plans are written as volumes of information.
  3. Wow, John! That is a super classy wall box. Anyone would be proud to have that in their house!
  4. Those are beauties, Don! May I ask how you attach the curved handle to the staff? Tenon, dowels, metal pins??
  5. lew

    Steel wool

    I use it on oil based poly but not water based. Also, I tend to shy away from it on very open grains- red oak or wormy wood. The tiny fragments are really hard to remove from the recesses.
  6. Sounds like a tremendous shop! I envy all that room!!
  7. Hey, Jerry, Welcome! Love to see some of your projects! Lew
  8. Sweet little project, John.
  9. Hey, Richard, former Airdale here. Looking forward to seeing some of your projects.
  10. Here's a link that may provide some help- http://www.ehow.com/how_6301706_remove-black-stains-oak.html
  11. Super having you here, Lee! I really liked the pix of the little cars and your walking cane series. I've made a few knives- love to see yours.
  12. I have heard of folks using a bleaching agent- Sodium percarbonate. I think it is hydrogen peroxide based. I have never used it. I imagine that the stain has penetrated the wood pretty far because of the open pores of red oak. Sorry I'm not more help.
  13. Glad you're here, Mike! Love to see some of your projects.
  14. I know there are a lot of Scroll Sawers here and maybe you all have seen these. It was new to me- Website: http://www.bigfootproducts.ca/Click-N-Lock.html Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4-ko4DBsYI&feature=player_embedded#t=70
  15. Looking Great, John! I think building the cabinet is the "easy" part. Getting them to hang square and plumb in the home can be a real challenge!!
  16. Here's the comparisons- http://www.wood-database.com/lumber-identification/hardwoods/sapele/ http://www.wood-database.com/?s=african+mahogany I've made some rolling pins from Sapele. The grain can have an iridescent look to it. The wood can get dinged pretty easily- not as crush resistant as other hardwoods.
  17. Absolute perfection!! Lew Kauffman- Wood Turners Forum Host Time Traveler and Purveyor of the Universe's Finest Custom Rolling Pins!
  18. lew

    Hi to all

    Hi, Mahendra, and welcome to the site! I am looking forward to seeing some of your projects!
  19. Sweet! I like the way you did the "gang" operations. Also like that little combo square. I have a little 4" Starrett square- they are so handy.
  20. Great looking piece, John! I know it's not "hardwood" but natural pine sure is beautiful.
  21. That's a beauty! Wish I had one like it. Lew Kauffman- Wood Turners Forum Host Time Traveler and Purveyor of the Universe's Finest Custom Rolling Pins!
  22. Great looking projects in the works- the cabinet and the young helper!!
  23. I like it the way it is now. Question- does the "wing nut" lock the blade at the desired angle?
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