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  1. It's been a busy week for me but no turning. Computer upgrades and a 1960's tube type stereo problem. Can you believe a 6GW8 vacuum tube is $49.95 + shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Our Patriot Turners-

    @HandyDan posted a pictorial journey of a super cane he made. He explained how he made this beauty and gave us some really great tips!



    Please check out Dan's post and see how he did this-



    @Ron Altier used his new Easy Wood Tools faceplate to turn a sweet little pine box.



    He explained how he felt about the new faceplate in his post-


    Ron also posted a picture of the new faceplate. Everyone who has used the Easy Wood Tools faceplates agreed with his assessment.



    @Gerald showed us a "twisted" box he turned. At first I thought it might have been made on a Legacy lathe but Gerald explained how he did it-





    @Jim from Easy Wood Tools shared a video with us from the "Dread Knot Workshop". This really demonstrates what can be done with the new Easy Wood Tools mini hollowers!




    What’s Coming Up-

    The American Association of Woodturners
    33rd Annual International Symposium
    Raleigh, North Carolina
    July 11-14, 2019


    Registration can be done at- https://www.woodturner.org/page/2019RaleighRegistration



    For The Newbies-

    @Gerald shared a link to a video series on Beginning Woodturning. The videos are from Fine Woodworking and the author is Mike Mahoney. 

    You can find the link in Gerald's post-



    We all know lathe chucks are expensive. Every once in a while we might stumble into a good deal but unfortunately the chuck threads and the headstock spindle may not match. Mike Peace put up a video explaining how spindle adapters/inserts may just allow you to take advantage of that good deal-



    Expand Your Horizons-

    Some time during the past couple of weeks, one of our turners posted a recommendation for a turning text. I believe it was @Steve Krumanaker. Steve wasn't sure if he did it but he knew the book I was trying to reference. 



    Click on the above image for a link to Amazon to see more about this book.


    New Turning Items-

    The folks a Woodturners Wonders have a new respirator available. I'm not sure how this would work with a face shield-




    Check out the specifications at- 




    Everything Else-

    In case you missed the separate post on this




    Tim Yoder has a two part video on turning "Drink Covers". Tim's videos are always a treat to watch. Check out his use of his Easy Wood Tools!!!  Part 2 is linked from Tim's YouTube page.



    Safe turning

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  2. I guess you could replace the hinges with screw type. You'd probably want to fill any previous holes that weren't covered by the new hinges or were at the same location as where the screws would be. Similar colored epoxy or CA with sawdust might work for the filler.


    Epoxy might even hold these hinges. I recently saw a commercial for some new variations from J-B Weld. If there new products hold as well as there original stuff, that might work, too.

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