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  1. Don't know anything about it, so I googled it. What I found interesting is that almost every link lead me to way too similar information. Almost like those "Ted" woodworking plans. Every site had almost a copy and paste look.


    Lots of folks around here are opting for rooftop solar panels. I see them more and more. Unfortunately I don't personally know anyone to ask if they are proving cost effective.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Larry Buskirk said:

    Check Ebay! you can probably find a good used reeves drive. I see parted out ones listed all the time.

    Thanks, Larry. Seems this is a common problem with this style of lathe. The pulleys were made of aluminum. Most owners have said their pulleys have cracked/broken. With mine, the motor shaft key slot has worn to where the two halves will no longer engage at the lowest speed, among other things.


    For the past year, I've been searching turning groups in hopes of finding replacements. The closest I've found was from Grizzly. Folks say it works but because of the different diameters (compared to Delta) the higher speeds don't work. 

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  3. My old Delta iron bed (1440) is on its' last leg. Turning a bowl is painstakingly slow. The motor is strong but alas the reeves drive will not keep tension on the belt even though I've replaced the springs and belt- drive pulleys are no longer available.


    I thought about getting a Oneway 2000 series but it would be difficult to plugin at the homeless shelter after my divorce. Pretty much the same applies to a Powermatic.


    So, on my budget, I'm looking at a Jet 719500. It's a little more powerful than the old Delta and has a few other minor differences that I can work around but it looks like it might work for me.  And, in November it goes on sale at a 15% discount with no shipping as there is a Jet dealer about a mile away.


    I guess I'm asking is there something about this lathe that should make me wary. At my age, I know it will be the last one I buy so I won't want any surprises down the road.


    Thanks for any input/suggestions and/or character assassinations 

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  4. 53 minutes ago, Jim from Easy Wood Tools said:

    @lew thanks for the post - great as always.  I really did not like Carl's carbon fiber bowl....  just because of the scare factor.  Seems like something could have easily gone wrong.  It's kind of cool looking, but not worth the risk.



    It did look like it could fly apart with all those deep looking cracks. I noticed he kept the tailstock up on the piece during most of the operations. Being that thick, I guess a lot of the cracks didn't go through the entire piece. Those EWT negative rake cutters made it look like it was made from soft butter!

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