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  1. @Gerald you need to get some more rest! You said you were looking for an excuse to watch some of those Wednesday’s... videos.
  2. Thanks, Gerald! I noticed the link- in the article- no longer works. Here's a link to one of the texturing wheels at Kingspore Woodworking- https://www.woodworkingshop.com/product/sz00027/
  3. I try to use Sketchup for designing my flat work; I know it's often faster to use paper and pencil. But, what I like about Sketchup is the ability to create a cutlist from the "Cutlist" extension. That way I can get a more accurate idea of the amount of materials necessary for the project, but the last couple of projects designs left me scratching my head as to why the cutlist didn't show what I thought the correct layout should be. A few of our oldest deck pieces had finally given up the ghost. Using their design, this is a leg I needed to create new tables that looked like the old ones- The dimensions of the leg were 2.5"w x 1.5"t x approx 14" L. The cutlist, however indicated I would need this to make one leg! Notice the blue "bounding box" Sketchup placed around the leg. The leg is diagonal. The blue box surrounds the entire "area". Cutlist interpret the material size as the entire blue bounding box. I knew I was doing something wrong so, knowing "Google is my friend", I went searching for the answer. What I discovered was that the "axis" of the part needed changed so that Sketchup and Cutlist both looked at the part and its' orientation. The Sketchup leg after changing the axis. Notice the blue bounding box is only selecting the actual piece. The cutlist diagram is also now correct. Much better! Sketchup provides a native tool for making these "adjustments". Rather than trying to describe the process, here is a video from Joe Zeh ( http://www.srww.com/ ) at Swamp Road Wood Works. Mr. Zeh is a great source for Sketchup information. I love Sketchup!
  4. lew

    BIG boulder

    On another note, a large coyote, carrying a box of dynamite, was observed running from the scene
  5. lew

    Sky watch

    That's a neat page, Thanks! If you are a space watcher, here's the page I like- https://www.heavens-above.com/main.aspx
  6. Well that should keep you in pen blanks for a couple of days!! Happy to know you're still with us.
  7. lew

    Happy Birthday Irish

    Happy B-Day!
  8. Thanks, Gene.
  9. Can't find the article that explains the "scientific" reason for this but apparently the liquid soap chemical makeup helps releases some of the wood stresses. It also speeds up the release of internal moisture. Together, these factors make the process attractive for turning. Ron Kent helped make this process popular https://www.ronkent.com/techniques.php.
  10. Thanks, Gerald! I, too, have been experimenting with this procedure. My ratio was 6:1 (water:soap) without the alcohol. Same 3 day soak. I did put the blanks into a bag of shavings after the soak for a couple of weeks. My experiences were the same as the article's author. Right now I have a piece of spalted maple in shavings. This chunk was cut from a piece of maple tree we had removed and it laid on the ground for many years. When I cut into it, I discovered the spalting and made it into a round bowl blank. Unfortunately, the part that touched the ground was so wet/heavy that I couldn't run it on my lathe- too off balance. I tried drying it in a shavings but thought I'd see if the soap/water would speed the process along. I'll wait a couple of weeks and see if there is any progress. I noticed that the soak really speeds up the drying process on roughed out bowls. What used to take months is reduced to weeks- at least with what I've experienced.
  11. John, thanks for reminding us of the real purpose of Memorial Day. If it doesn't rain, I might be able to paint the deck furniture.
  12. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!
  13. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
  14. @Woodbutcherbynight I'll say! Never even considered one of those! @HandyDan Thanks! I turned a bowling pin when I was in high school but it was solid maple. I have used glue blocks often and they have always held OK. For smaller work, I use a paper joint with them. @Ron Altier Acrylics sure can be messy! @Steve Krumanaker Thank You! @Gerald Thanks!
  15. Well that say the imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Once again another manufacturer is trying to pull us away from the best carbide tools on the market. Checking their tool specifications will reveal that their tools don't measure up to those from Easy Wood Tools. Don't be fooled, buy the best! contact @Jim from Easy Wood Tools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. lew

    Purple Haze2

    OMG!! That is Awesome!!!
  17. Well, relatives left today. No shop time for the past week between subbing and family obligations. Our Patriot Turners- @Ron Altier asked our members for clarification on what are the different measurements when reading the lathe specification. He received some great input. If this has ever caused you to scratch your head, check out his post- @Gerald offered some great information he picked up from a guest speaker at their turning club meeting. Mark Sillay was their guest and provided insight into several areas of turning. Check out Gerald's post and pick up some really great tips- @HandyDan continues to turn out his custom bullet pens. He recently perfected his copper plating process and now has three different pens colors. Dan explains more in his post. @HandyDan also gave us a heads up on some stolen woodturning tools. Please read his post and keep an eye out for anything suspicious- What’s Coming Up- Click on the above image for the link to more information and registration. For The Newbies- If you are considering trying to turn a bowl but don't have a chuck, yet, don't despair. Mike Peace demonstrates how you can do this Expand Your Horizons- M. Saban-Smith posted a video on using a scorching process along with other embellishments to create a gorgeous ash vase. With the ash borer around, it isn't too hard to find ash to turn. New Turning Items- Craft Supplies USA has new ring materials available. Click on the above image for the link to these new products. Everything Else- Carl Jacobson has a pretty cool bowling theme going. Safe turning
  18. It seems to be working for me, now, too. Not sure what the original problem was. Sorry for the false alarm.
  19. I guess they added in about $14 for the pot and trellis
  20. Thanks! Maybe it was because I loaded it from my PC
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