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  1. @Woodbutcherbynight Thanks! @Gerald Thank You! I like your idea of not adding anything else to the turning- less is more. @HandyDan Thanks! @Jim from Easy Wood Tools Thank You! @Steve Krumanaker Thanks! Glad to see you back in the shop. Those YouTube videos were really great.
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    Just a heads up from the AAW- https://www.woodturner.org/Woodturner/2020-Symposium---Louisville/COVID-19.aspx?_zs=ceDib&_zl=1UL12
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    Not sure if this could be something he could do. It is from Alumilite https://www.instagram.com/p/B9SaSHPjp_d/
  4. Woodworker's Journal has posted the latest Woodturning Monthly newsletter- https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/woodturning-monthly/?utm_medium=email
  5. https://www.scamdoc.com/view/102065 https://www.scamdoc.com/whois?id=102065
  6. Well I was half way thru this week's Wednesday's... and everything just disappeared Hope my computer doesn't have the Corona Beer Virus. Our Patriot Turners- @Gerald showed us a beautiful embellished plate he is making. In his post, Gerald explains the process and techniques he used- @Larry Schweitzer posted a picture of a shop made tailstock he made from scratch! His work is awesome! In his post, he describes in more detail just why and how this new piece came into existence- @Ron Altier posted a new ornament he completed. Ron explains how this piece came about- @Steve Krumanaker showed us how he used plastic pill bottles to make threaded boxes, a couple of weeks ago. Well, Steve has produced a two part video on the process and techniques he used. Steve is not only an accomplished turner but a great instructor and video producer! If you watch these directly from YouTube, please leave comments for Steve and acknowledge his hard work. What’s Coming Up- The folks from Easy Wood Tools wanted us to know that they will be represented at the Woodworking Shows in Columbus, OH. Also, the Gulf Coast Woodturners are having their 2020 retreat Click on the above images for links to the websites and registration. For The Newbies- A couple of videos. First, Mike Peace gives us some pointers on setting the correct height for the lathe tool rest- And, Lyle Jamieson gives us some pointers on finding the correct axis for remounting a rough turned bowl blank- Also, a PDF on Woodturning Fundamentals posted by The Apple Valley Woodturners- http://www.applevalleywoodturners.org/AAW Fundamentals/AAW-Fundamentals.pdf Expand Your Horizons- @Gene Howe provided this video. Not sure I would have the patience for the glue up. Lots of thought went into making this! If you are thinking about a woodturning class, this may be of interest- Click on the image for the link. New Turning Items- Nicely designed sanding pads with mandrels Check them out at- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/specials Everything Else- Rick Turns posted his February list of YouTube turning videos- Work continued on the hollow vessel failure from last week. I figures a way to remount the piece using the spigot jaws in the hollowing access hole. Then turned away the old recess and formed a tenon. Worked on the outside a bit to refine the slightly off axis piece- Filled the gaps around the knot with thick black StarBond CA. Sanded- Reversed the piece using the spigot jaws again and removed the teneo- To remove the nub, a little nylon strapping tape for safety- And decorate the bottom- Still undecided about a lid, a finial or just the hole??? Safe turning
  7. Nice! I really like asymmetrical top and bottom.
  8. I always sand the end grain AT LEAST one grit finer than the rest of the project
  9. I think I'd use a combination of both methods. Hand grind/cut the teeth than use the blade mounted method for finish. If you have a bench grinder, maybe you could make something similar to a bandsaw circle cutting jig and use it to finish off the blade rather than putting it in the tablesaw.
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    Party down

    Happy B-Day, Artie!
  11. Beautiful, Gerald! I'd be interested in hearing more about the spiral on the plate rim.
  12. Two absolutely gorgeous weekend days. Not a cloud in the sky! Still a little too early to do any type of yard work, here, but did walk down to check out the garden. The garlic, I planted in the fall, is poking it's head up thru the protective mulch and so is are the chives. Even my rosemary plant survived the winter. Played a little with a hollow vessel. It had broken free of the chuck when the wood around the recess split. Figured how to recreate a mounting and continued hollowing it. If successful, it will be the largest hollow vessel I've turned.
  13. https://www.thebigshow.com/vod_html5/videos/20190102/high.mp4
  14. Could be a lot of people are staying away because of the hype of the Corona Beer Virus
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    Alumilite https://www.alumilite.com/ Available at Hobby Lobby
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    Film finishes are food safe once dried. I wonder if a casting resin would make a really long lasting finish. Not sure how you could apply it, however.
  17. "Frugal" wins out everytime!
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