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  1. lew

    Eggs all over

    Congrats on the first place win! You deserve it!!
  2. I kinda like the contrast
  3. I'd say that's just what she is doing and for free!
  4. Thanks, Gerald!
  5. Gorgeous work! Really like the turned legs!
  6. Pretty much doing the same thing- but not at your girlfriend's house-
  7. WOW!! That could have gone the other way! So glad you decided to seek medical advice and you are recovering
  8. Another thought because you mentioned limited space would be to keep it short enough to allow it to fold down and not hit the floor
  9. Free is always good! I like that speaker mounting idea. Will you use a fabric to cover them or maybe some metal screening?
  10. @Woodbutcherbynight @Gerald Thank You! @HandyDan Thanks! @John Morris Thank You!
  11. Just my 2¢ but I think it is probably pretty dull and maybe the "tooth set" is worn down.
  12. @Gerald Like the idea of no drilling thru the clamp metal ends. Love how your clamp storage is over the work area. Very handy!
  13. Lovin' It!
  14. Looks like your gaining on it! Kitchen looks really nice, too.
  15. Whew, it's been hot and humid! Finally finished up the electronics repair on the old stereo. Maybe now I can get back to turning! Our Patriot Turners- @RustyFN showed us a beautiful bowl he made from maple, cedar and bloodwood. The colors are fantastic together- Rusty received loads of great comments on this one. Read more about this turning in Rusty's post- A couple of weeks ago, @Gerald posted a link to a video on basic woodturning and what we need to know. That post continues to generate comments a questions. If you haven't been following along, here's the complete post- @Ron Altier Created another one of his masterful ornaments! Ron explains how he did the colors/finish in his post- What’s Coming Up- @Jim from Easy Wood Tools reminded us of the Las Vegas AWFS Fair coming up this weekend. If you are in that area, you'll want to stop around the Easy Wood Tools both and meet Carl Jacobson! For The Newbies and Expand Your Horizons- This week I'm combining these two topics. A turner/teacher I've been following, Bradley McCalister, has a Monday morning, live Facebook program. Bradley demonstrates tools, techniques and answers questions on a variety of turning subjects. His presentations last about an hour and are well done. If you have a Facebook account, you can tune in at https://www.facebook.com/spiracraft . Bradley realizes not everyone "does" Facebook. He is also posting the recorded programs on YouTube. Those videos will show up around Thursday of the same week. You can see them at- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3H1VnNmaoJClpHYd3pLgw/featured. New Turning Items- We mentioned this item once before but didn't really have anything other than a picture to help describe it. Thanks to a link from a post from the AAW Symposium, here's a very short video showing the light in action. The lights are available from- https://woodturningtoolstore.com/ Woodturners Wonders is having a nice sale on quite a few things. Whole bunch of stuff under $15!! https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/products-under-15 Everything Else- We posted this earlier but in case you missed it, the latest volume of Woodturning Monthly is available- https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/woodturning-monthly/?utm_medium=email . Lots of projects and techniques. A couple of weeks ago, we linked a video by Tim Yoder, where he made a ring. As a follow-up, Tim has posted a two part video on making a bracelet. The metal parts are available as kits, which Tim mentions. Part 2 is linked from Tim's YouTube channel. My turnings always seem neanderthal and clunky. Every once in a while, I'll get something to come out a little better but that is rare. Lately, while practicing hollow vessels, it has become apparent that graceful lines and proportions may not be my forte. I went searching for some ideas to supplement my lack of natural talent and came across two article. The first was from Cindy Drozda. She discussed her finial turnings and what she felt looked "right". It is obvious she is a born artist. The second article expanded on Ms. Drozda's turnings by using mathematics to explain why her turnings are so pleasing. I am not sure who penned this article but for sure it wasn't me. Math is not my strong suit. http://web.hypersurf.com/~charlie2/Turning/DrozdaOnionFinial/DrozdaOnionFinialProport1.html Anyway, the author discusses, in detail, the various ratio and proportion rules that our brains can interpret as "pleasing". In an artist's mind, this all must happen by instinct. Not me! I know, I'm getting carried away here. From the link, above, I was able to create an Excel spreadsheet to instantly calculate the critical dimensions for turning a finial. The image in the spreadsheet was copied from the article. By entering the overall height of the finished finial in the blue cell, the critical dimensions are calculated and listed. I have not tried applying this to a piece of wood, yet. After it was all done, I wondered, is this more like building a model. Shouldn't art be spontaneous? I'm pretty sure Michelangelo didn't use spreadsheets. Be that as it may, the spreadsheet is available at- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dZTi9FvkfC9OBwN2VnOnV2MGJVWpKw11/view?usp=sharing if anyone is interested. Safe turning
  16. Cool! I did the same thing only used discarded HDPE cutting board material from a friends restaurant. Glue doesn't stick to the plastic.
  17. I've just about given up on mine. In the winter it keeps perfect time and chimes correctly. In the summer, the chimes are off by 15 minutes exactly and it only chimes about half as often as it should. I just wind it and let it do its' thing.
  18. I was thinking more of a method to hold it and use a jigsaw. I don't think the tablesaw would be a good idea. But maybe if you had a tile saw, hmmm, I wonder if that would work?
  19. If you go to the tips subforum and click on "Follow" at the upper rite, I think you can set it to send you a notification.
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