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The Patriot Woodworkers with Operation Ward 57 Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays - 2019 project is live, please click on link to view our very special annual project.


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    Part 1- The Drum

    When making my rolling pins, I use the thickness planer to bring the thin strips down to 1/8” thick. Unfortunately, if the grain in the wood is not uniform- or there are knots- the strips shatter. This wastes a lot of wood and doesn’t do the planer any good either. It seemed to me a thickness sander would be perfect for this process. Well, Craig’s List wasn’t producing any results and I couldn’t afford a new one. Time to take action! Starting with what seemed to me to be the most critical/difficult part; I began researching construction methods and gathering parts for the drum. The choices were narrowed down to three. One- buy the kit, two- solid wood cylinder or 3- PVC/wood combination. #1 was quickly eliminated- I’m cheap! #2- maybe, but then I found a hunk of 3” PVC in my stash of plumbing left overs. #3 it is- I’m cheap! Next, the pillow block bearings- had to buy these- $20 each. The 5/8” shaft was from the scrap bin at the local Vocational School. Glued up some oak scraps and began turning the end cap, pulley end and center supports. (EndBlock) The process is the same for the end block, pulley block and center supports. The center supports were sliced from a single turning. Turn a blank to a slightly larger diameter than the PVC. Turn a tenon on one end to permit the use of a chuck. (Turned round w/ tenon) Remount the blank with the tenon in a chuck. (Remount) Drill the blank to fit the center axle. (drill for shaft) Remove the drill bit/Jacobs chuck and remount the live center. Advance the live center into the axle hole. Check to make sure the blank spins true. The first end cap turned out to be slightly misaligned. I didn’t see it until testing the drum and motor combination. Fortunately, it wasn’t too difficult to disassemble the drum and make a new end cap. Place a piece of cut off PVC over the Live Center. This will be used to test for the correct diameter as the blank is turned. (Remount Live Center) Turn the blank to the inside diameter of the PVC, testing for a snug fit. I left about 1 ½ “ long shoulder- turned to the PVC’s outside diameter- on the End Cap piece. (test for fit) The center supports are snug fit piece that was sliced in half. The pulley end is turned in the same fashion as the end cap. The only real difference is that the “shoulder” is longer to accommodate the integral pulley. In addition, the tenon, used by the chuck, is left in place to allow a spring pin to capture the axle. (all pieces 1 and 2 and pulley) The PVC is cut to length and the wooden pieces fitted into place. Mark the locations of the center supports and the end pieces. These will have screws to capture the PVC to the wood, later. (PVC installed) Drill and countersink the PVC for screws. I wasn’t sure how these would affect the balance so I evenly spaced the screw lengthwise and at 90 degrees around the circumference. Also, not being a plumber, I did not realize that 3” PVC is not solid (at least what I had). Mine was a foam core type. It seems to be working OK, however. Just had to be careful not to press hard on the countersink! (PVC screws) Once the PVC is secured and everything is positioned, drill a hole in the pulley end tenon to accept a spring pin. This hole is drilled completely through the axle and tenon. I wanted to be certain that if something broke the spring pin could be driven back out. (Spring pin) So far, I had to buy the pillow block bearings and the spring pin.
  2. Glad to have another turner in our ranks! You have some really cool setups! I haven't turned spruce, but have made pens out of "old growth" pine. I use old TiteBond glue to seal the ends of turning blanks. Works a little better, for me, to prevent cracking. Looking forward to seeing more of the stuff you turn!
  3. Our friends at Woodturners wonders are offering some daily "Black Friday Deals". Here's today's offering. Check their site daily for new deals- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/lamps Here's their main site- https://woodturnerswonders.com/
  4. Another turner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch for our Wednesday’s Wisdom For Woodturners. We are always looking for projects, ideas and suggestions. Please jump in and tell us what you think! Lew
  5. I think I have a blog about it somewhere. I’ll post it.
  6. http://www.jeremybroun.co.uk/ebooks/HTML5/routable/files/assets/common/downloads/publication.pdf
  7. @Woodbutcherbynight Thanks! What did you make for supper? @Gerald Thank You! I'm going to try and remember to follow each post from them. @FlGatorwood Thanks! @HandyDan Thank You! I was hoping they would show a little more of the actual process but she has to earn a living just like the rest of us. @Jim from Easy Wood Tools Thanks! looking forward to seeing the tree in all its glory.
  8. https://nickferry.com/2015/02/spoon-making-router-jig-ep43-kitchen-utensil-challenge-2015/
  9. Now that's really interesting, Thanks!
  10. Hope the BP stays under control and the cath fixes the problem.
  11. Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is only a week away! I'll be subbing tomorrow so I guess the kids will be getting wound up! You may have noticed the new green banner at the top of the Patriot web pages. Our annual Adopt A Wounded Warrior Family Christmas Drive has started. Each year, we open our hearts and our wallets to make sure a deserving family has a memorable Christmas. Our goal, this year, is $1500 but we are only half way there with just 30 days left to make this their best Christmas ever. To encourage you to donate, our very generous sponsors have provided some awesome prizes. The more you donate, the better your chances of picking up a really fantastic item! Complete details are here- Our Patriot Turners- With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, our turners are cranking out the ornaments! @Ron Altier displayed some of his gorgeous creations for us. Check out the members comments in his post- @HandyDan has been in production mode with his ornaments. Actually I think he must have one of those Star Trek duplicators! Dan tells us how he created this batch of beauties! Dan also posted a great tutorial on how he created the burned lines on his lighthouses. Check out the neat devices he uses to hold the wire! @Woodbutcherbynight posted a super idea for using metal letter/number stamps. His idea is a real "finger saver"! In his post, he explains how he made this neat holder- What’s Coming Up- With winter coming on, not a lot of major shows/symposiums. I thought it might be nice to turn our attention to some of the regional groups/clubs. Click on the above image for the link to this club and some of its' activities. For The Newbies- Turning blank drying can be a crap shoot. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Three YouTube turners have collaborated to try and see if some of the drying factors can be related to climate/location. Sam Angelo, Mike Peace and Larry Randolf are experimenting and posting their results. First Sam introduces us to the idea- Then Mike Peace adds his input- Expand Your Horizons- We are still seeing lots of hybrid acrylic/wood turnings being produced. Recently, our very generous sponsor- Easy Wood Tools ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ) posted a video of a "Dragon Egg" being turned using their new negative rake cutter- New Turning Items- Here's an item that might be the perfect Christmas gift- Click on the image for the link to this product. Everything Else- Cindy Drozda has a new instructional DVD about her "Finial Star". Ms. Drozda, without a doubt, makes some of the most graceful finials anywhere. Safe turning
  12. I use this one- PIXresizer https://bluefive.pairsite.com/
  13. $65 off of the new price isn't too much unless it's almost brand new. Makita warranty might be something to look at especially for their batteries.
  14. gonna be hard to beat Mikita. I still have one of those old 9v long battery type drills. Drill works great- not so much for the original batteries. When my old chrome Craftsman "skill" saw bit the dust, I replaced it with a Mikita. Great saw!
  15. You're welcome. I don't even remember doing it
  16. Sweet! Really nice design and build.
  17. @FrederickH Thank You! One thing I'm amazed at is how quite it is!
  18. Definitely, Awesome! It really looks great there.
  19. Wonder if that would work for the airplane I used to work on?!
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