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  1. I think you’ll need to use a vacuum chamber. Check out procedures for stabilizing wood. That process pulls the stabilizing fluids pretty deep into the wood. Lots of videos on YouTube.
  2. Looks pretty neat! It would save the cost of extra full extension drawer slides.
  3. The desk and the memories will last a lifetime. Good on you, John!
  4. lew

    small lecterns

    Fantastic work, Ron!
  5. lew

    Eggs all over

    ...or a butterfly on a branch...
  6. @Woodbutcherbynight Thanks! @Gerald Thank you for the additional information on the face shield! @HandyDan Thanks! I don't know if I could ever turn one by "eye" and get it to have the correct proportions.
  7. The heatwave has finally broken here in south central PA. I guess the grass will start growing again. Our Patriot Turners- @RustyFN turned another beautiful bowl from a glued up blank of several different species. Rusty got lots of great comments about his work and answered questions about his procedure. @gerald has gone organic on us! I think he may have had a flashback to the 60's with these cute mushrooms! He explains his coloring process in this post- And, Gerald, received quite an honor for his turned eggs. He showed us his egg turnings a couple of weeks ago and entered them in his club's challenge and this one came in first. Congrats Gerald! What’s Coming Up- If you are in the Leesburg, VA area, the Makersmiths are having an Introduction to Woodturning. Click on the above image for the link to more information. For The Newbies- Here's a cute little turning project from Tim Yoder. Mostly spindle turning with some woodworking and pyrography thrown in. Expand Your Horizons- @Gerald posted a link to a great tutorial on hollow turning. You can check out his post and find the link here- New Turning Items- Although not a new product, I recently watched Bradley McCalister do a turning. He wore a face shield that incorporated goggles. The design looked like it allows the use of prescription lens and possibly a low profile dust mask. I have not tried this mask. Available from Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/Jackson-Safety-Shield-Protection-Goggle/dp/B000RMF5PQ/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_328_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=E27R12J12DSZZYVT041H If you are looking for a new lathe light, the folks at Woodturners Wonders have a sale on a nice light at a great price- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/outlet-products/products/quasar-magnetic-lamp-factory-second Everything Else- Last week I posted a link to a spreadsheet for helping to get ratio and proportions of a finial. Well, the results of the calculations do make a nicer shaped finial. You have seen this picture before. The finial wasn't very graceful- Using the spreadsheet to determine the lengths and diameters, I turned another one. The shape is a Cindy Drozda design- I like this one a lot better. Side by side- The thing I discovered was that the spreadsheet's starting point is the height of the finial. This can be problematic because all of the other dimensions hinge on that number. If you already have the vessel turned, as I did, and you want a long finial- the base of the finial may end up being larger that the vessel's opening rim. I went back and modified the spreadsheet to calculate the the maximum height of the finial based on the rim diameter. Entering the rim diameter in "cell B17" will calculate the max value of H which then can be entered into "cell B1". The spreadsheet is still located at- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dZTi9FvkfC9OBwN2VnOnV2MGJVWpKw11/view?usp=sharing Safe turning
  8. You just keep getting better and better! I Love It!!!!
  9. lew

    Another new bowl

    Wow, Rusty, that's fantastic! It must have been a challenging glue-up!
  10. Check "Wednesday's Wisdom" post from 2 weeks ago, under "Expand your horizons"- https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/topic/25759-wednesdays-wisdom-for-woodturners-july-10-2019/
  11. Sounds like you have it pretty well covered. I'd check the locks on the rip fence and make sure you have all of the accessories (blade wrench, miter gauge).
  12. lew


    Sweet! I really like that little green and red one!!
  13. lew

    Eggs all over

    Congrats on the first place win! You deserve it!!
  14. I kinda like the contrast
  15. I'd say that's just what she is doing and for free!
  16. Thanks, Gerald!
  17. Gorgeous work! Really like the turned legs!
  18. Pretty much doing the same thing- but not at your girlfriend's house-
  19. WOW!! That could have gone the other way! So glad you decided to seek medical advice and you are recovering
  20. Another thought because you mentioned limited space would be to keep it short enough to allow it to fold down and not hit the floor
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