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  1. Sorry to hear about the Mrs being in the hospital. You better put aside this project and get the house straightened up before she gets back
  2. I see! That’s similar to a hollow spiral candle stick I made
  3. lew


    Wow! It’s good to hear there were no injuries. Gonna take some time to recover from this. Hope at least there was insurance
  4. lew


    Looks just like mine!!!
  5. WOW! Could you show us how you did that?
  6. @Gerald Thank You! I'm going to experiment with a laser pointer type of thickness gauge. Got a bunch of old electronic parts so maybe I can make something. @HandyDan Thanks! @Jim from Easy Wood Tools Thank You!
  7. Boy that does have some gorgeous grain! I really love my Easy Wood Tools face plate
  8. lew

    Walking Cane

    Sweet looking cane. I especially like your use of the lathe as a vice. Here’s a web site of a lady who does this for a living. I’ve followed her for a long time on another wood working site http://www.bigstickcanes.com/
  9. Gonna be beautiful in Mesquite!
  10. Latest issue of Woodturning Monthly arrived. Find it here- https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/woodturning-monthly/?utm_medium=email
  11. Quite a wide variety of things this week. Our Patriot Turners- @Ron Altier posted a question concerning his lathe's faceplate. He was having difficulty removing the faceplate after use. Our turners offered several suggestions and modifications. Head on over to Ron's post and see if you can add anything to what was discussed. @Gerald added a really great tip to the Woodturner's Forum tip section. He gave us a link to an article using the bandsaw for cutting bowl bland. Lots of good information- @John Morris Asked for information on the "Ring Master" tool for making bowls. Several of our members gave him their opinions. Please check in on this post and help John out with his inquiry- You know, our turners are the absolute best bunch of folks! @HandyDan posted his thanks to @John Morris for gifting him a buffing system. Dan is our pen making expert and this system really helped him improve the finish of his bullet pens. What’s Coming Up- More information and registration for this September event can be obtained at- https://gawoodturner.org/symposium/ For The Newbies- We want to thank @Gene Howe for passing along this reminder. Safety is really important, not just for beginners, either. Expand Your Horizons- I run hot and cold on what type of finish to put on a turning. Sometimes the function of the turning dictates the type of finish. Other times it is up to individual tastes. I really like the "feel" of the wood when you touch the turning while others prefer a more "finished" feel. If you like the high gloss finish, here's a video from M. Saban-Smith on the steps he uses to get a glass-like finish- New Turning Items- We found a couple of new items. From Woodturners Wonders, a small bit holder for use when sharpening. More on this holder is at- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/unique-tools/products/small-tool-bit-holder Second, it a new item from Ruth Niles. Ruth calls this one a "Tab Popper". This should be a hit with the ladies to protect their nails. Ruth has more information and images on her site- https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/product/niles-tab-popper/ Everything Else- The latest edition of Woodturning OnLine is available at- https://www.woodturningonline.com/index.php?edition=062019 . I know many of you do club demonstrations. There is a nice article about remote demonstrations in this issue. You can check it out at- https://www.morewoodturningmagazine.com/articles.php?articlesid=127&access=bb51e4e9a315 Rick Turns has the May edition of the YouTube woodturning videos. Please add a comment to Rick's posting. A lot of work goes into cataloging this data- I made a trip up to the Woodcraft store and now have been playing with my new Easy Wood Tools mini hollowing set ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ). I had a really dry, hard chunk of cherry. Used the straight hollower to make a bracelet. Shavings came off like it was green wood! Finished with mineral oil and beeswax. I had some maple, from a tree we had removed, setting behind the garden shed. When I cut into it, I discovered it had spalted. Couldn't let that go to waste although it is quite punky in places. Mounted a small chunk and went to work. I drilled a 1/2" hole down thru the center and then shaped the outside. I flooded the surface with CA to help stabilize the punky wood. Using the 0°, 45° and 90° tools to hollow out the center I made a wall thickness tool from an idea I stole from a Mike Peace video. He recommended spring steel wire but all I had was coat hanger wire. As you can see, I need more practice and a better thickness gauge. The bright light near the top is where I sanded thru the surface of the turning. It was extremely soft there. The lights near the bottom show thru REALLY thin walls! Side view from one angle, looks pretty symmetrical. Looking closely, you can see where I sanded thru at the neck. Turned 90° and now the asymmetrical neck can be seen on the right. The soft part sanded down quicker than the harder grain next to it. I just couldn't bring myself to pitching it. Made a jam chuck to finish the bottom- As fragile as the piece was, I needed to get it out of the chuck without banging on the sides. Air pressure to the rescue! When I make a wooden chuck (or glue block), I drill a small centering hole completely thru the wood. Turned out to be a good habit. And there you have it. Gonna play around, using the mini hollowing tools to create a small finial. Not sure about the finish, yet. Safe turning
  12. Here's a video you can relate to, John- Why would you use it? It does provide a way to create bowl type objects with little waste and from flat stock.
  13. lew


    Super looking projects! Love the turned bowl! Watch for our "Wednesday's WIsdom For Woodturners" and please jump in and give us your thoughts!!!
  14. Sorta reminds me of "Lance The Dude"
  15. Oil change and dog food, Gene, you romantic devil Congrats on the longevity. Mimi and I have #43 coming up in about a week. Thanks for the activity ideas!!!
  16. I wonder if the original filter was one of those electronic/electrostatic types. The neighbors had something like that (not sure of their exact dimensions). I don't see any problem with stacking two 2" filters. When changing them, you could probably rotate the filters by replacing the "first" (dirtiest) one with its' backer and putting the new one as the "backer". Of course that's my frugal upbringing showing. I just saw a TV commercial for a business that sends you filters on a regular basis- https://www.filtereasy.com/. You don't even need to go to the Borg!
  17. It’s OK we all do it from time to time
  18. I have mostly nailed/stapled the backs in place. Depending on the carcass material (solid or ply), determines if it is glued. Using the back for squaring purposes is something I do. In this case I use a couple of nails to hold in place until the carcass dries. As for finishing, I'm the world's worst finisher. I can't offer any suggestions on this.
  19. Most people think I'm still a Smart Butt
  20. Just being a smart butt- it's June 10th- never mind, you fixed it
  21. Wow that system really makes it shine!
  22. I already have a bunch of those! Don't need any more!!!
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