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The Patriot Woodworkers with Operation Ward 57 Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays - 2019 project is live, please click on link to view our very special annual project.


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  1. Another beauty, Steve! Sending prayers for a safe and painless procedure.
  2. Those are beauties, Ron! That's a pretty neat finishing product.
  3. It ain't easy to freehand turn round balls! Those are fantastic!
  4. lew

    Walnut Chair Front

  5. I have the 735 and have always used the OEM knives. I've heard of guys sharpening them but never tried that. Mostly I plane oak, walnut and cherry but have done hard maple for my rolling pins. Every now and then I'll get some tear out on wild grain but attributed that to the grain more than the sharpness of the knives. When I bought the planer, from Woodcraft, they cautioned me not to be really aggressive with the cuts. I usually do between 1/3 to 1/2 turn of the adjustment wheel- depending on the wood species and the width of the boards.
  6. Are those bent laminations?
  7. WOW! I'd be interested in seeing how you did the circles in the last picture of the segmented turning.
  8. I like the way you construct your doors!
  9. I have a basic Bridgewood, which is similar to a Grizzly. Nothing fancy but it works well for me. Sharpening cones are available for the chisels- just be sure to get the correct angle for the chisels you have. Bits can be sharpened with a file. The maximum width of stock I can use on mine is a little over 5.5”.
  10. That is awesome! Thanks for showing the glue-up that really helps me understand how you designed these!
  11. Hi and Welcome! Watch for our Wednesday’s Wisdom For Woodturners. We are always looking for projects, ideas and suggestions. Please jump in and tell us what you think!
  12. When I redid our bathroom, Mimi wanted smaller versions of these. The thing I did differently was to make the edges extend to cover the bottom and top. Then 45 degreed the corners that way there wasn’t any end grain showing
  13. Those are really nice! I know she will be happy with them.
  14. @Woodbutcherbynight Thanks! I still can't get over how quiet it runs. I can actually hear the radio while turning! @John Morris Thank You! @Gerald Thanks! I love all the new features- slow sanding speeds are something new to me! @HandyDan Thank You! Oh, Yeah! I didn't realize how much better turning could be! @FlGatorwood Thanks! Two days cooking, 1/2 hour eating
  15. Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving, tomorrow. Please don't forget that we are in the midst of our Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family project. We still need about $500 to meet our goal. While we are giving thanks for what we have, let us not forget about those who sacrificed so much to provide us with that opportunity. Our Patriot Turners- We have had an outstand running thread this past week from @MountainGaurdian. He is setting up his lathe and turning some really neat projects! There have tons of comments, questions and answers. Naturally, this item caught my eye- Please checkout his turnings and jump into the conversation! Ed, also asked us if we had any suggestions on what he could do with these little items- no smart aleck comments please . They are burls from his pine tree. Check his post and maybe you can offer some suggestions. @HandyDan posted a slick tip in our Woodturning Tips section. Pretty cool idea! What’s Coming Up- Last week we posted a turning club from the state of Washington. Heading south to Oregon- Click on the image for the link to this club. Our friends from Spiracraft have a list of all of the woodworking shows they will be attending in 2020. Here's the link for more information- https://spiracraft.com/the-woodworking-shows/ For The Newbies- Mike peace has a nice video explaining the use of faceplates when turning. Check out his shop made jig for assuring the faceplate is centered over the turning blank- Expand Your Horizons- Well, it's been a week of sea urchin turnings. Using these shells was quite popular some time back. Looks like was goes around, comes around. First, Cindy Drozda shared her two part video for creating an urchin ornament. Ms. Drozda has lots of great tips on preparing the urchin skeleton, as well as making her famous finials. Part 2 is linked from Ms. Drozda's YouTube channel. Not to be outdone, our ol' buddy Tim Yoder also posted his sea urchin ornament. Check out his use of those fabulous Easy Wood Tools! New Turning Items- Ruth Niles' newsletter came this week and I noticed she has added a couple of new items to her inventory. She now has 2 sizes of espresso coffee tampers - 53mm for home coffee makers and 57mm for commercial machines. https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/product/coffee-tamper/ She also has a meat tenderizer that can double as a cookie press! https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/product/meat-tenderizer/ The folks at Woodturners Wonders are running specials thru the month of November. Check out some of their products at- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/specials Everything Else- The new lathe is up and running! I've started making Christmas presents from a walnut log. Not sure how old this piece is but it is bone dry. Turned and sanded the outside of each bowl using the faceplate. Now it's reversing the pieces and hollowing them. One of the pieces will have a maple lid with a knob. That one will go to my shop teacher. Some of the bowls have burned accent stripes and textured designs. For Mr. Ostrasky- I was watching Bradley McAllister on monday and he was complimenting the folks at Easy Wood Tools by quickly dispelling the myth that carbide tools can't produce long wooden shavings. It reminded me of something I read on another turning forum about how you can't get smooth surfaces from carbide cutters. This is the surface of the walnut using the Easy Wood R2 negative rake cutter ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools )- No ripples!! Safe turning
  16. Read the directions?!!?!!!??!??!!!???!!! Why that's blasphemy
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