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  1. http://toolsinaction.com/category/power-tool-comparisons/ https://www.protoolreviews.com/category/trades/carpentry/ https://www.woodworkweb.com/woodworking-topics/woodworking-tool-reviews.html some reviews but not year to year
  2. Glad you found it helpful
  3. That’s absolutely amazing! The flowing lines and intricate details are surely a testament of your talents!
  4. Fantastic piece! Love your shop!!!
  5. In my tiny shop, wall space has disappeared. I've started making swing down storage from between the ceiling joist.
  6. lew

    Slow Food

    My grandpa had a Hudson. I was in 7th grade when we got indoor plumbing.
  7. WOW! The miracles of modern medicine. So wonderful to hear that she is recovering nicely and will be able to reagin all her faculties! Maybe next year you should plan a different anniversary present! My biological Dad died from kidney failure (1952). Today, dialysis and organ transplants would have allowed him to have lived a full, complete life.
  8. @Woodbutcherbynight Thank You! @HandyDan Thanks! @FlGatorwood Thank You! I was surprised how much the grain popped when I added the mineral oil. @Cal Thanks! I think it will probably be close to the end of October. It will take me at least that long to rearrange the shop! @RustyFN Thank You! I turned some Honey Locust years ago but it didn't seem to have much grain pattern. I think this must be Black Locust.
  9. Or just add the pix and then hit the enter key. It should also do what Larry described.
  10. lew

    Finial Practice

    At rows 16, 17, 18 you can enter a rim diameter and it will calculate the "recommended height". Then enter the height in cell B1 to calculate the remaining dimensions. Sometimes I turn a vessel and make a place on the lid without thinking about the finial until later.
  11. lew


    Agree! Look at all the free stuff he has given us!
  12. Yes, Gene. If you go to the forums- Then open the forum from which you wish to receive notifications- Then at the upper rite of the screen select follow and click the first radio button to receive notifications and one of the other radio buttons for the frequency of notifications. Hope this helps
  13. I just checked my email and there were several responses about yesterdays "Wednesday's...". My desktop notifications have also been working OK.
  14. Looks like I haven't been the most on-the-ball forum host for the last several weeks. I've missed several posts by our turners and for that I apologize. Our Patriot Turners- @Pauley asked our opinions on the Laguna 1216 midi lathe- Check out his post and see if you can offer any help. @Kevin Beitz showed us a beautiful pedestal fruit bowl that incorporated an inside-out turning. Kevin added his picture here- Back in the summer, @RustyFN was working on a vase he was turning from a glued up blank. Somehow, I missed his posting of the finished turning. It really turned out fabulous! Here is the link to the entire thread- @HandyDan is trying his hand at finial making! Looks to me like he has those things mastered!!! Dan explains his work- What’s Coming Up- If you are in or around Louisville, KY this coming summer, Keep an eye out for the AAW symposium. Currently there isn't any registration information that I can find- For The Newbies- The best way to learn to turn is to have someone teach you how to do it. A turning club is the idea environment for this. Unfortunately, not all of us live in an area where this can happen. Cap'n Eddie Castelin is starting an online club for turners. This video goes into more detail. Expand Your Horizons- Acrylic turnings seem to be all the rage right now. Carl Jacobson turns an acrylic sphere, in this video. The information he presents is more about the prep and how the acrylic casting was completed. Check out the use of the Easy Wood Tools products ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ) !! New Turning Items- Some of these aren't "new" but the prices are pretty good- Click on the above image for the link to WoodTurners Wonders. Everything Else- I am currently "lathe-less". Sold my old Delta in less than 24 hours. Thanks Craig's List! I'm going to order the Jet 1640 EVS. The local dealer is offering a 15% discount thru October. Some of my jigs will have to be reworked and I'll need a spindle adapter to match up my chuck and shop made items to the new size. The most work will come in the shop rearrangement. I had the Delta bench mounted and the new Jet will have its' own stand. And, of course, I'm gonna have to call in some favors to get it to the basement!!! Before the lathe left, I managed to complete the locust bowl. Because of the shape, I took extra precautions when finishing off the bottom. Strapping tape made sure the thing stayed in place. I used some more of that black CA from StarBond to fill in a void where some of the bark was not quite complete. The finish is mineral oil and then some mineral oil/beeswax paste. Mimi has already decide who will receive it. Safe turning
  15. Beautiful! Nice Sketchup work, too!
  16. lew

    Finial Practice

    They are nice! I've been watching another turner- Rebecca DeGroot- her finials are awe inspiring!
  17. @Jim from Easy Wood Tools Thank You! My wife has already gifted it!!!
  18. lew

    Laguna Midi lathe

    From everything I've read the new Revo 12/16, from Laguna, is an awesome machine. I seriously considered it in my quest for a new lathe. The only drawback- for me- was the distance between the centers. Even with a bed extension, it's too short for some of the things I do. What excited me about that particular lathe was the reported power at low speeds.
  19. lew

    Soliciting opinions

    Actually, Larry, the Jet is beefer than the Delta.
  20. lew

    Soliciting opinions

    Hahahahahaha Thanks! I think the Robust is out of the question but she might just go for the Jet!
  21. lew

    Soliciting opinions

    @Larry Buskirk @RustyFN @HandyDan Thanks, just not sure it’s worth putting that much time, money and effort into a lathe this old. I’m thinking after all the help everyone has provided and my responses- I’m just looking for an excuse to buy a new lathe.
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