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  1. Thanks, Gene. I did get yours but nothing overnight- which is unusual.
  2. Anyone else not getting email notifications of activities?
  3. Joe Zeh has released CabWriter 4 for Sketchup. If you use Sketchup to design kitchen cabinets, this extension/addon is a great idea.
  4. Looks like a much better color match.
  5. Bowl blanks can be expensive. If you are out and about, keep an eye out for tree guys doing trimming. You can probably pick up some stuff for free. They might even custom cut some blanks in exchange for a 6 pack
  6. To create the hole, I would start with the round finisher and work down to the depth you want then use the square rougher to square off the bottom/sides of the hole. The diamond detailer can sometimes grab if pushed too deep and both edges engage in the wood.
  7. Thank, @Gunny, for the better pictures!
  8. They say a picture is worth a thousand words! I'm not very good at explaining stuff. This is what I had in mind as far as the glue-up/lathe orientation Turnings will have really neat patterns-
  9. It’s a good practice wood. Not really very hard so catches aren’t disastrous. On the next one, try a few longer pieces glued up and the oriented so it is a spindle turning
  10. Boy, that's looking nice!
  11. That is fabulous! I can see why she likes it.
  12. I notice they have a 5/8" post diameter. Don't do like a buddy of mine who ordered a tool rest that didn't fit the banjo!
  13. @Gunny Thank You! Those are some awesome handles. I've used some of celtic knot rolling pin blanks- that had glue-up gaps- for the same thing. @AndrewB Thanks! That's just a plain salt shaker. Salt and pepper grinders, with internal mechanisms, are a little more involved. Precise Forstner bits and measurements can be tricky. Especially diameters- lots of the mechanisms are made in Asia but the instructions often indicate imperial dimensions. That's really a nice looking chuck you got. Also, Thanks for the link to the Mike Peace video on chuck selection. @FlGatorwood Thank You! I think @Gerald nailed it with his explanation of the chatter. @Gerald Thanks! It's an easy way to use old thin rippings and left overs. Thanks, also, for the response to the question on tool chatter. @HandyDan Thank You! I was going to keep it as it was from the tree we had removed last year. I still have a couple of pieces so maybe I can hide one from Mimi.
  14. Working now! It might have been the camera angle but it looks like the tenon shoulder is not tight up against the chuck jaws. Sorry if I'm wrong.
  15. @AndrewB That's a great video. At about the 3 minute mark, Mike talks about spindle adapters. It's important to know that not all chucks can use just any adapter. Some chucks require a specific adapter from the chuck manufacturer. Check the chuck specs!
  16. Nice Save! Love the spalted maple and silver together!
  17. Cool Idea! Sometime back, I made some chairs for the little kids next door. Compound angles for all of the legs. I built a sine plate to help drill the holes. Don't use it often but it sure does fill the bill when doing that kind of work,
  18. Well, June is over half way done and summer begins on Saturday! It was almost a "4 For" Mimi and me. When we were married it was the first day of summer (and the longest day of my life the year). This year the first day of summer falls on June 20. Had it been one day later we could have had Fathers Day, first day of summer, longest day of the year and our anniversary all at once! Please remember that our annual fundraiser/raffle is being held. We still have a ways to go to meet our goal. Check out the details at- Our Patriot Turners- I think the last 2 weeks must have maxed out the Patriot's bandwidth with all of the discussions here on the Turner's Forum. If you missed it last week, @AndrewB was working with his new lathe. We all pitched in to offer advice and the discussion continued well past Wednesday. This picks up the discussion from late Wednesday- @AndrewB showed us some more of his turnings and shared some of his frustrations- Andrew also was wondering about food safe finishes and showed us a new toy he purchased- Please head over to Andrews posts and see if you can offer any suggestions or ideas. Member @Skippack posted a picture of a beautiful maple bowl in our gallery- Please give him a big thumbs up for this awesome piece! @Gerald turned a thin end grain bowl. Gerald explains some of the process and what happens next- @Gunny gave us a look at his gorgeous, finished Lazy Susan- You can read the entire thread here- What’s Coming Up- @Gerald gave me a heads-up for another virtual turning demonstration. Please check this from last Week's "Wednesday's..." Don't forget Cindy Drozda has scheduled additional demonstrations- You can find all of the details at http://cindydrozda.com/ For The Newbies- Last week we mentioned how the different carbide cutter rakes work on a turning I was making. @Jim from Easy Wood Tools was kind enough to provide this PDF file from Easy Wood Tools that illustrates their cutting characteristics- Why is rake important in woodturning Final rev 6.11.2020.pdf The Woodturning Monthly newsletter arrived. There's a really great article discussing how to cut bowl blanks from trees. Great illustrations! The entire newsletter can be viewed at- https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/woodturning-monthly/?utm_medium=email Expand Your Horizons- Rick Turns just uploaded a video on turning a bowl from a piece of Mulberry. He then embellished to finished bowl using aan unusual idea- New Turning Items- Our new turning item last week was a heavy duty drive spur. @Gerald provided a link to another one This one has removable/replaceable blades- Click on the image for the link to more information. Woodturners Wonders has a new light available- Click on the above image for the link to more information Everything Else- Rick Turns uploaded his weekly list of YouTube turning videos- I have been following along with @AndrewB's post and his progress with his turnings. Andrew's projects are mostly face glued blanks then mounted with a face plate- perfectly acceptable. But I got to thinking (I know that's dangerous for me!) that instead of flat face glued pieces, longer strips glued-up in a blank can make for some interesting turned patterns when "spindle" turned. Here's an example of what I was thinking- That elm bowl got finished up and Mimi has already given it away- Just mineral oil and beeswax Safe turning and stay healthy
  19. Looks like great advice. As @Gerald mentioned, and I stand corrected, cured finish is key to safety. Dried and cured are 2 very different things.
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