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  1. Well Pennsylvania is slowly moving to lessen some restrictions but where we live things are not fully reopened. 



    Our Patriot Turners-

    @Ron Altier is still creating some awesome ornaments. Ron said he doesn't like this one but our turners disagree with his assessment.




    Check out Ron's post and see his explanation of this project. Be sure to let him know your opinion on the turning!



    We've had a new turner join our ranks. @AndrewB stopped by and told us a little about himself. He also gave us a look at one of his projects. Thank you for your service, Andrew.





    He is in the process of getting back into turning and has asked us for input on several questions and our turners didn't disappoint him with their responses. Checkout the great discussion going on-



    @Gerald posted a timely topic on Interactive Remote Demonstrations. Many woodturning clubs are using this method during the Covid crisis. It hit home to me as I was scheduled to do a demo for Easy Wood Tools. The group had to postpone our scheduled meeting several times. They are now doing their club meeting via "Zoom". Unfortunately, I do not have the necessary video equipment to make a presentation.



    For The Newbies-

    Mike Peace has a nice video on maintaining the lathe drive spur. Part of the lathe we don't think much about-



    A well done video demonstrating how to turn a bowl. This author does it from start to finish using Easy Wood Tools-




    Expand Your Horizons-

    There seems to be a lot of interest in turning rings, lately. Woodcraft has an instructional video demonstrating the process using their WoodRiver project supplies-



    Easy Wood Tools posted a video demonstrating a scrap wood/acrylic bowl. The demonstrator uses the EWT  negative rake cutters.




    New Turning Items-

    Not sure how "new" this item is but it is the first time I've seen one of these. I think it would be especially attractive to the pen turners who upgraded from an small pen lathe to a larger lathe. An adapter to convert #2 Morris tapers to #1 Morris tapers.



    These are available from- https://www.thewoodturningstore.com/alfa-tools/



    Everything Else-

    Rick Turns weekly video list-



    Safe turning and stay healthy


  2. Congrats on the pending new lathe! I'm sure you'll find it an improvement over the "broken" one :lol:


    Looks to me like the project can go either way. The only thing I would point out is that your current set of tools are more suited for spindle work. Those are better for things like a candle holder. Hollowing out for a goblet is a little iffy with spindle tools.


    I imagine the Harbor Freight lathe will include a faceplate but not sure about the size compared to the one you have now.

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