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    Our Patriot Turners-

    @FlGatorwood gave us a heads up about a new "OneWay" lathe that can be used while sitting. Several of our turners have devised their own methods of using a lathe in a sitting position. Check out Steve's post for the link to the lathe and some of the comments and ideas our turners offered-


    By the way, @FlGatorwood is feeling a little under the weather lately, How about we all send him some positive thoughts and good cheer!



    @Gerald posted a new topic in the turners tip section. If you have considered textured embellishments, check out Gerald's tip-




    What’s Coming Up-

    A reminder that the Mid Atlantic Woodturning Symposium is getting closer-



    Click on the image for a link to the presenters and their rotation!



    For The Newbies-

    Your new lathe came with a "knock-out bar". It probably works great for the manufacturer's supplied equipment. However, as you upgrade to newer accessories, you might find the bar leaves a little to be desired. Mike Peace has a nice video on making a better bar-



    Expand Your Horizons-

    Tim Yoder has a 2 part video on turning a thin walled Maldrone bowl. The first part of the video is filled with great tips on prepping this special wood (the second part is linked from Tim's YouTube channel)-




    New Turning Items-

    Carl Jacobson posted a YouTube video demonstrating some new turning accessories. I think we mentioned the magnetic light a while back but here's your chance to see it in action!



    Everything Else-

    The AAW is making available another free download of one of their recent magazine issues. Follow this link for your free download-



    Rick Turns has his July woodturning videos list from YouTube available-



    Safe turning


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    Our Patriot Turners-

    @Ron Altier used the heat method to "recolor" the purple heart in his latest ornament.



    Check out Ron's description in his post-



    @RustyFN continues to work on the glue-up for the vase he is going to turn-




    See how Rusty plans to get his blank ready for turning-



    @Gerald is finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with his collection plates-




    See more images and what Gerald has accomplished in his continuing post-




    What’s Coming Up-



    Click on the above image for the link to more information and registration.



    For The Newbies-

    The latest edition of Woodturning OnLine arrived this week. We are placing this here because there is a short, but good, article on selecting a lathe-



    The lathe article can be located at this site-



    The Newsletter can be found at-



    As always it contains a lot of great information.



    Expand Your Horizons-

    A couple of videos from our friends Mike Peace and Carl Jacobson showing us different methods of embellishing our turnings.


    First, Mike demonstrates how to create a shop made detailing tool.



    Carl demonstrates the processes of creating a "Basket Weave illusion"-




    New Turning Items-

    The folks at Woodturners Wonders have some conversion pads for those PSA sanding discs-



    Check their site for prices, sizes and additional products-




    While this isn't a "tool" in the ordinary sense, I thought we'd place it here. This information came in an email and the site looks interesting. If you are thinking of getting recognized and/or selling your turnings, maybe check it out-







    Everything Else-

    When life gets a little overwhelming, turning usually helps relax me. But then again...

    This little turning was supposed to be more practice with the new Easy Wood Tools ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ) mini hollowers. It wasn't the best piece of walnut as it had stress cracks but what the heck. The outside shaped up nicely and the hollowing was going well. I thought "just one more pass"- and...





    The entrance hole was compromised by some of the small cracks. Even the CA didn't hold.

    Probably should have just pitched it and chalked it up to learning. After a couple of days, I snuck back down to the shop and decided to play with it a little more-





    By accident, it ended up with a cool interior design.



    The pattern was created by using the Easy Wood Tools mini straight hollower. Moved the tool tip a little farther over the tool rest and allowed it to "vibrated" by lessening the downward pressure on the tool rest. It sorta acted like a chatter tool. 


    Not sure what will become of this, maybe add a lid, with a finial, or a pedestal base, or all of those????



    Safe turning


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