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  1. I think the mistake is in the angle of the blade. The 23.2° is the total angle at the point of the piece. I think the table saw blade angle should have been 20°. The phi angle is defined as the internal angle. My thinking is that you set the internal angle to be 40° so the blade should be set to 20°.



    I failed algebra in school so take what I'm saying with a very large grain of salt.

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  2. 38 minutes ago, Fred W. Hargis Jr said:

    OK, I was chasing those hinges Lew linked above and came up with something else. It's this one

    and the installation could be made to work and do exactly what I want. It's a little deep to install into a 3/4" rail, but I can glue some extra wood to the back of the rail to accommodate it.


    Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 12.39.14 PM.png

    I like these better. No mods necessary.

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Larry Buskirk said:

    Another question, I've discovered that if you're using one of the 3 wheeled bandsaws they require the use of a thinner blade due to the flex issue going across the smaller diameter wheels. Has anyone tried using these blades on a 2 wheeler?

    The reason I'm asking is my old 2 wheeler requires a 66 1/2" blade, and the closest I can find in an off the shelf blade is a 67" that is made for the 3 wheelers. 

    I don't have that saw but my Taiwanese band saw takes 92.5" blades. I found I can use 93". It does run the adjustments almost to the end but it works. Not too may sources for ready made 92.5" blades any more.

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  4. I haven't turned a lot of burl and what I have turned was dry. I know "regular" wood turns nicer when it is green but then you run the risk if cracks, checks and splits as it dries.  


    A bowl gouge or carbide cutter would probably made more shavings and less sawdust even on that dry piece.


    I love the color and shape and the fact you didn't try to hide/fill the natural defects. To me, those add character.

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