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  1. Love those dovetails!
  2. Those are spectacular! When I'm doing a bunch of rolling pins, I sand them with my random orbital sander with the lathe running. Also, I stop at 220 grit. A super smooth surface doesn't provide any grip for dusting flour.
  3. No fair cleaning up before taking pictures. It makes the rest of us look bad
  4. Beautiful flag cases, Ron! What an honor to have your work hold those special flags. I'm gathering up the parts needed to make a rotary tool similar to the one mentioned in this week's "Wednesday's...".
  5. @Woodbutcherbynight Thank You! The video seemed to cover it pretty well. @HandyDan Thanks! The folks at Woodturners Wonders are really easy to work with! @Gerald Thank You! Well, yours was a beautifully splated derby! @Jim from Easy Wood Tools Thanks! You're gonna make me blush!
  6. That spiral is really nice. Haven't been able to master them yet. Maybe with the new lathe's slower speeds I'll have more luck.
  7. Spoiler Alert!! Valentine's Day is Friday!!! Our Patriot Turners- Member @Masonsailor continues work on his Lazy Susan Tulips- He explains what hes has done in this post- What’s Coming Up- Click on the above image for the link to more information. For The Newbies- Cindy Drozda recently posted two videos on negative rake scrapers. The first video discusses the various scraper shapes and their uses- The second video demonstrates sharpening techniques for these scrapers- Expand Your Horizons- We have been following Mike Peace's shop made texturing tool videos. In this one he demonstrates using the tool on both side and end grain projects- If you are getting bored turning between centers here's a video, produced by Nova Woodworking, showing the steps to turning a bowl New Turning Items- For me, sanding is one of least favorite things about a project. I have been purchasing sand paper from Woodturners Wonders and like their sanding screen products. They have a full line of sanding products. This video illustrates some of those products. Everything Else- I finally finished up the library project and had a chance to get back to turning. First thing was to put finish on the spalted maple bowl that has been my nemesis for the past several months as it mocked me everytime I walked by the lathe. I used mineral oil and beeswax. Mimi will use it as a "bread bowl" on her dining room table. The pictures were taken using my new "photo booth" fashioned after the one shown in a Mike Peace video. I'm pretty happy with the improvement in the pictures. My school is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year (my 49th year being associated with them). They are having a silent auction fundraiser to help with student scholarships. I made a few hickory rolling pins and will add a Celtic Knot rolling pin for donations. I had a couple of pieces of walnut log left from my Christmas bowl making project. I really wanted to get better at creating hollow vessels. Today I played a little. I'm beginning to think I have to stop watching 1950's science fiction movies. Every one of my attempts look more like flying saucers! The little laser device came in handy for judging the wall thicknesses Not too bad inside- I did discover that I may have to move the lathe a few inches farther from the wall. The ends of the handles of my hollowing tools were hitting the tool rack as I was making the final passes inside, under the lip. Safe turning
  8. You are probably correct. I found it difficult to get the tolerances and feed slack worked out. The one I made has everything "hand fed" and doesn't allow for very precise movements.
  9. I see Alex has improved his build somewhat. I was never really happy with the finish I was getting in the turned pieces. Maybe I just didn't work at it long enough. It was a fun build, however. My new lathe is a lot different in size- not sure I want to go thru the trouble of redesign.
  10. That table is beautiful!!
  11. Built this one but wasn’t really happy with the results. Sold the old lathe so it would have to be totally redesigned to be useable
  12. I guess a lot depends on how much you will be using them. I don't have any of their bits but do have other less expensive ones. Sharpening them with diamond mini hones keeps them cutting.
  13. I've had good success with Alumilite
  14. I have had some success with the liquid soap/water soak. However I have never tried it on pine. Here’s some information- https://www.ronkent.com/techniques.php
  15. Working on a couple of donations to my school's 50th anniversary celebration. Silent auction of items to benefit scholarship funding for the kids.
  16. lew


    Love the aged look! Cold temps and/or old poly could kave cause the problem.
  17. and then of course there's Izzy Swan's masterpiece-
  18. https://www.finewoodworking.com/2005/10/25/oscillating-spindle-sander-uses-a-drill-press
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