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  1. Great article about securing your Internet browsing. The only caveat is that you need to use Opera. Opera’s parent company is European, it was recently purchased by a consortium of Chinese tech companies. https://medium.freecodecamp.com/how-to-set-up-a-vpn-in-5-minutes-for-free-and-why-you-urgently-need-one-d5cdba361907 Of course this can be done in any browser, Opera just makes it a bit easier.
  2. My biological father served in the Merchant Marines late in WWII
  3. lew

    Plans for Folding Chair and Table

    Mine , Too! As you said- too heavy.
  4. lew

    Plans for Folding Chair and Table

    I made some of these. Mine had a bit more curve in the back- http://kahinarte.com/check-this-small-wooden-folding-chairs/check-this-small-wooden-folding-chairs-wooden-folding-chair-plan-civil-war-folding-camp-chair-plan-small-wood-folding-table-and-chairs/
  5. lew

    Next Up?

    Sweet! Your daughter show be VERY happy with this!
  6. lew

    Next Up?

  7. Sounds like our famous "30-30 guarantee"- 30 feet or 30 seconds, which ever comes first!
  8. BTDT! I am lucky enough to have the VA do mine. Starkey Halos that bluetooth to/from my phone/app. I've had these a year and still getting used to them. Conversation in a noisy environment is my biggest problem. The audiologist had a set of special ear molds made to reduce feedback and that helps.
  9. Man, John, you put me to shame!
  10. lew

    Hard Tail

    Wow!!! Thanks!
  11. lew

    Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country

    I was there in 1966. Unfortunately, not long enough to be able to see much of the country but what I remember, it was a beautiful place.
  12. lew

    Graphic Error?

    This is what I see (windows 10, CHrome)
  13. Yes, just about 25 minutes from here
  14. Not sheets but pretty reasonable prices- https://www.industrialabrasives.com/hook-loop-discs-sheets-psa-hook-adaptors-c-201_176.html This is my goto place for any sanding need http://www.supergrit.com/products/products_accessories-conversion
  15. @Gerald Thanks! @HandyDan Thank you! I have a piece of Manzanita that might be a candidate for a small turning. @Steve Krumanaker Thanks! I like the dibble. Especially being that length. No need to get down on your knees to make the holes.
  16. The 2018 Raffle is on!!! Please head over to this post and see the prizes from our generous sponsors- Good Luck!! On another note, you may have noticed many of our forums now contain a sub-forum for tips. For the Turners forum, you can find it here- https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/forum/65-wood-turning-tips/ As with any of your posts in any forum or sub-forum, please remember to use "Tags" to help others doing searches for similar content. Our Patriot Turners- Last week, we featured a beautiful platter from @Gerald. Gerald was kind enough to show us the steps he used to create the different colors- Please add your comments to his post at- You may remember that @Steve Krumanaker turned a maple bowl and then use pyrography to create a "rock" finish. Steve also came up with a beautiful display stand that permits viewing from any angle- You can read about how Steve made this in his post- @DAB is considering turning some pens and pencils. He posted an inquiry about what he should think about for equipment and supplies. Pleas check out the post and offer your suggestions- As it turns out, Woodcraft is offering some tremendous close-out deals on a bunch ot their pen/pencil kits. Thanks to @Gerald for the heads up on this one- Woodcraft Pen Clearance @Ron Altier was having trouble with his lathe. His On/Off switch failed. Ron's ingenuity for the repair should be a lesson to us all! What’s Coming Up- Just a reminder, the Mid-Atlantic Woodturners symposium will be held in Lancaster, PA, September 28-30. From The Internet- Tim Yoder posted a neat project for the gardener in your life. We mentioned "Garden Dibbles" in the past but Tim put his own spin on this one- Everything Else- Our administrator, @John Morris has revived several old turning posts from the archives. I think you'll enjoy the trip down memory lane- Had an afternoon to play this past week. Turned some maple finials using my Easy Wood Tools Mid-Sized Micro Detailer. Was going to see what they looked like "ebonized" with India ink but my old bottle had dried up. I hope @Jim from Easy Wood Tools passes along how much I like the new micro (sharp) tip. The taller one is about 3" and the shortes is about 2". Turned completely with Easy Wood Tools. Safe turning
  17. lew

    Small Vase/Box

    Nice turning!
  18. lew

    Web Site Changes (Button Color Too Light)

    This is what I see- Windows 10, Chrome Never set a custom color scheme
  19. lew

    Question About Woodsmith 'Tip'

    I put used blades (box knife type) inside another container (laundry detergent, etc.) and dispose that way. Nails, screws never really worried about them.
  20. lew

    Next Up?

    That'll make an interesting conversation point!
  21. lew

    Interesting Sanding Technique

  22. lew

    Next Up?

    I better not show those first 2 pictures to the Mrs.!!
  23. lew

    Ever Use Venmo?

    If you made a transaction, better check this- https://publicbydefault.fyi/
  24. lew

    Pecan Platter

    It didn't really smell like walnuts but had an "oily" odor. Over time, it did diminish. I left the bowl get pretty dry and recoated with mineral oil, that took care of it.
  25. lew

    Next Up?

    Nice dovetails!!

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