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  1. Well fall officially started a few hours ago. I'm really missing the longer days and then there'll be the loss of daylight saving time. Our Patriot Turners- @RustyFN gave us an update on his Record Power lathe. Looks like Record Power's customer service is top notch and they go above and beyond to make things right. A nice change in this day and age- @forty_caliber showed us some of the bowls he is turning. He posted these in the Patriot "What's on Your Weekend Agenda" forum- Last week we mentioned @Steve Krumanaker use of a laser to embellish his turning. While searching for information on lasers, I realized that @Gene Howe has also posted information on lasers and the software to use them. Sorry, Gene, I didn't me to exclude you from out pool of laser masters! What’s Coming Up- Click on the images for links to registration and more information. The AAW is hosting a live event for woodturners to enhance their skills and techniques- In the coming weeks, Cindy Drozda is holding online events. This Saturday is a free sharing session. You can sign up at- http://www.cindydrozda.com/html/Signup.html On October 2, 2021 Cindy is hosting work session on burls- For The Newbies- A few neat tips from Mike Peace that can solve some problems we all face- Looking for a practical project to show off your woodturning skills? Make a lamp! https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/project-firewood-table-lamp/ A lamp was the very first thing I ever turned. Senior high school Vocational Building Construction course. Made from a bowling pin. I think my Mom kept it forever. Expand Your Horizons- A nice little project that could easily solve some of our Christmas gift problems. Video by Kent Weakley, from Turn A Wood Bowl. After watching the video, I think the epoxy could be replace with casting resin. New Turning Items- Couple of items from Woodturners Wonders- Wen Grinders with CBN wheels- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/wen-grinders And CBN wheels for sharpening chain saw blades- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/chainsaw-sharpening Roth Niles published her latest newsletter for September. To get the scoop on her most recent items and see some awesome turnings by other woodturners, please consider subscribing- https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/ Everything Else- If you have ever checked out any of the videos from Rick Turns' weekly list, be aware he has made some changes to how he is posting. In addition, he has added some new "weekly" channels for other hobby type interests. New YouTube channels are difficult to get up and running and subscribers really help. The woodturning channel- Some new stuff- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6gkzcvQ3hf5UlKMtqMqh0w/videos @Gerald asked if I could take some progress shots when doing rolling pins. My Mom always said- "Be careful what you wish for..." This is the sequence for cutting the slots (dado) for the inserts. This blank here has already had 2 slots cut and inserts glued. The trimmed blank is positioned on the jig- First part of the slot cut- Unclamp the blank and add a spacer to widen the slot- Re-clamp and make the second pass. The spacer is designed to make the slot the final width. The second pass leaves a small amount of material in the slot and that is cleaned out using 2 additional spacers- After all 4 passes- Back to the gluing process- Clamp the blank down for stability- Glue in the slot Glue on all sides of the inserts- Inserts into slot- Pressed home- Lots of clamps for an hour- This is repeated until all 4 sides have been done- IMG_0213.MP4 At this point, the blank goes to the lathe- Rounding starts and the knot begins to appear- IMG_0220.MP4 Length and diameter dimensions are set- Once all the blanks reach this point, the tapering jig and cutter replace the tool rest. More images to follow. Safe turning and stay well
  2. Looks really nice, Dan! Easy cleanup on spilled soup, too. Be my luck, I'd trip on the way from the kitchen and spill it on the carpet.
  3. Here is some additional information on Firefox. Some of it is what you have tried but there is more about working with your profile- https://www.labnol.org/software/stay-logged-in-with-firefox/8094/ As I mentioned, if you added Edge after using Firefox, it may have picked up some of the settings from the Firefox installation.
  4. Just for the heck of it, could you try downloading/installing Google Chrome (or any other different browser) and see if it continues to happen? Edit! If you install a new browser, during the installation, do not allow the new browser to import settings from the browsers you already have installed
  5. I still have one of those old 9v Makita with the long battery, but the batteries won't hold a charge for more than a few minutes.
  6. I guess the Internet has opened up a whole new market of clientele. If I asked those price, locally, they would put me in the local mental ward for being crazy. Maybe it goes by the realtor adage- Location, Location, Location.
  7. Have you checked the links I posted?
  8. I have an Hitachi 12v drill and one of their drill/driver. They both work well and the batteries are interchangeable. When I put up the vinyl porch/carport ceiling I thought the Hitachi drill/driver would be a little heavy to use overhead. Lowes had a small Dewalt small 12v drill/driver on sale that was much lighter than my Hitachi. It came with 2 batteries so I figured while one was charging I could put screws in the ceiling and just keep swapping them out until finished. I was amazed at the battery life! Put in a little over 750 1" screws before the battery needed changed- about 3/4 of the total ceiling! Poor old Hitachi hasn't gotten much use since then.
  9. It would be cool if the plaque was/had a mirror. The carving could be mounted with clear plastic(?) standoffs above the mirror and the viewer could see both sides when viewed at an aangle.
  10. If you display it top out, will you carve the underside?
  11. Looks interesting! At first I thought it might be “Ted’s” plans
  12. Vet appointment for the dog, wife mandated haircut, filters for the furnace, reorder Rx. Might get to the last round of cut/glue on the rolling pin blanks.
  13. Reloading is about the only way to afford ammo these days
  14. I bought one from Harbor Freight. It came with an adjustable surface gauge mount. Everything was in metric
  15. I like that idea, Jess. Did you re-tap the holes to SAE or get metric hardware?
  16. Like the way you put the little taper on the rim to seat the lid. I use that concept on the salt cellars and sugar bowls I make. Keeps the lids centered and seated. The taper on the lid matches the taper on the inside of the containers Picture was way before they made the Easy Chuck!! Finished Salt Cellar
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