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  1. Thanks. I like Ron's suggestion. Gonna have to add that to what I do. Thanks @Ron Dudelston
  2. These are some I use. They are similar but specialized for the item
  3. lew

    knee replacement

    Sending prayers for a speedy recovery and painless rehab.
  4. @Gerald Thank You! I am thinking of gold leafing the texture. @FlGatorwood Thanks! And, thank you for posting your turnings. @Woodbutcherbynight Thank You! The handle was from a piece of gifted Mesquite burl. @HandyDan Thanks! @Cal Thank You! @Larry Buskirk Thanks! Load up a Jerry-can of water. You'll make it!
  5. Lots of activity this week! Our Patriot Turners- @Masonsailor continues to work on his tiered lazy susan. Check out what he has accomplished this past week! @Gerald decided to fancy up some of his "fire sticks" with textures- Gerald explains his methods and what tools he used to create the designs, here- Gerald also gave us a link to some beautiful turnings that can be purchased- @Woodbutcherbynight isn't one to let things go to waste. His beautiful wood and glass goblets provided the extra materials to create these gorgeous candle holders- He explains more in his post- Woodbutcher also gave us a heads up on a nice 2 part video by Mike Peace on making a turned jewelry box- @FlGatorwood used some "fog" wood to turn some beautiful rolling pins- He created a really nice pictorial of the process used in making these- @John Morris posted a picture of a "traveling lathe". Pretty Cool!! What’s Coming Up- Click on the above image for the link to more information and registration. For The Newbies- The Woodworker's Journal posted a nice article on a beginners guide for lathe tools and sharpening. Although primarily for traditional turning tools, they do mention carbide insert tools. https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/beginners-shopping-list-for-turning-tools-and-sharpening-gear/ Mike Waldt has a nice video that shows us we may not need as many of those turning gouges as we might think- Expand Your Horizons- Sorry, couldn't come up with anything really exciting here this week. New Turning Items- The folks at Woodturners Wonders have a couple of interesting things. First, if you belong to a club, you can gat a nice discount for ordering from them. They also have a nice sanding package for the next couple of days- You can find there website at- https://woodturnerswonders.com/ Everything Else- I wanted to try out the texturing tool that Mike Peace developed. Some of the parts were in my junk box so it wasn't going to be an expensive lesson if I failed. I found the bronze bushings at the Fastenal dealer and that's the only thing I had to purchase. These bushings had a different O.D. than the ones Mike referenced so I made up the difference with a wooden insert. Then pressed the bushing assembly, along with a small magnet, into the brass plumbing nipple. Used JB Weld to secure the bushing assembly. To reinforce the brass tube, I turned a maple dowel to fill the void behind the bushing assembly and pressed it into place. Next, turned a handle from a scrap piece of wood and drilled the end for the brass tube- The pressed the tube into the handle- Cut off the ned of a copper elbow and pinned it with a nail to act as a ferrule. Tried it on the hollow vessel I've been playing with- Before- After- Safe turning
  6. @Larry Buskirk might be able to give you some help.
  7. Like the zero clearance insert idea! Thanks!!
  8. Nicely Done! I hate hanging curtains!!
  9. That belongs on a bulkhead in Captain Nemo's quarters, aboard the Nautilus! Beautiful!!!
  10. Do they have a website? If so, I'd post it in the links directory.
  11. That's a beauty! Love the idea of using the glass goblet bottom!
  12. Love those dovetails!
  13. Those are spectacular! When I'm doing a bunch of rolling pins, I sand them with my random orbital sander with the lathe running. Also, I stop at 220 grit. A super smooth surface doesn't provide any grip for dusting flour.
  14. I was thinking that. too!
  15. No fair cleaning up before taking pictures. It makes the rest of us look bad
  16. Beautiful flag cases, Ron! What an honor to have your work hold those special flags. I'm gathering up the parts needed to make a rotary tool similar to the one mentioned in this week's "Wednesday's...".
  17. @Woodbutcherbynight Thank You! The video seemed to cover it pretty well. @HandyDan Thanks! The folks at Woodturners Wonders are really easy to work with! @Gerald Thank You! Well, yours was a beautifully splated derby! @Jim from Easy Wood Tools Thanks! You're gonna make me blush!
  18. That spiral is really nice. Haven't been able to master them yet. Maybe with the new lathe's slower speeds I'll have more luck.
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