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  1. https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USVA/bulletins/32f7013
  2. @John Morris I received something similar in an email, today-
  3. Last Wednesday in September! Where did the month go?!?!? Our Patriot Turners- @forty_caliber Started turning a bowl from a piece of wood we don't often get to see- He tells us about the wood and his plan for drying, in his post- Forty also had a bit of a problem with a tenon on a bowl blank. He explained what he did to remedy the situation- @Ron Altier continues to experiment with new ways to embellish his Christmas ornaments- Ron tells us what he used and where to purchase it, in this post- @HandyDan continues his tradition of making sure new babies have at least on gift. Dan makes some really nice rattles that surely will please any new parent and baby alike- Check out Dan's post for more information- What’s Coming Up- Click on images for links to more information and registration- For The Newbies- Last week we posted a video from Mike Peace on using a tenon for bowl turning. This video, from Mike, explores using the mortice to accomplish the same thing. Expand Your Horizons- Turning a pen is a quick and easy way to make nice gift. If you do craft shows, maybe pens can expand your inventory. A video from the AAW- Alan Stratton added another video on turning a scoop. This one demonstrates an easier method than the others we have posted- Richard Raffan turns a natural, bark rimmed bowl- New Turning Items- I didn't see anything new here but Woodturners Wonders is offering site wide free shipping this week https://woodturnerswonders.com/ Everything Else- It's always a treat to see what Tim Yoder comes up with next. This one is out of this world- Safe turning
  4. lew

    Baby Rattle

    Really nice little rattles.
  5. Not a completely tested hypothesis. It happened on Billy Jacks poker table thread. When clicking on the Go to this Post, from an email notification, it took me to the last post in that thread that I had read not the post that Billy Jack had referenced in the email. I should mention this weird behavior occurs on my PC (Windows 11 V22H2). My iPhone doesn't do it? Weird.
  6. We feel your pain and are sending prayers of comfort. We lost our 4 year old basset a couple of months ago.
  7. Sending this to @John Morris . It may be part of the latest software upgrade.
  8. I was volunteered to help with fall house cleaning. Somewhere in the midst of moving furniture and 8 hours of carpet cleaning. At least today I can turn my head- a little.
  9. Thanks! Must be something on my end. Probably a MS upgrade.
  10. I noticed it started a couple of days ago.
  11. Yes it always ended up at the post referenced in the email
  12. Sad to see how far the education system has sunk
  13. I've noticed lately that the links displayed in received emails do not direct my browser to the correct location in the post on the Patriot site. Here's an example- I received this email- When I clicked on "Go to this Post"- my browser was directed here- When the actual post, from Forty was several posts later- Not a big deal, just wondering why the change.
  14. Finishing up the fall house cleaning. Upstairs and downstairs carpets cleaned, walls and woodwork washed, curtains fluffed and puffed, furniture all vacuumed and dusted, windows washed, landscaping lights repaired. There's a shingle that needs replaced but I'm not allowed on the roof after the last ladder incident.
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