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  1. Yes, I sent him the picture you shared on Messenger
  2. Pretty cool! Not nearly as complicated as some of the ones shown on the Internet
  3. That's a cool idea about the wire mesh.
  4. Check the end of the previous How-to for the additional information
  5. I'm adding stuff to the previous post now. Give me a couple of minutes
  6. You are welcome! Let me know if you need anything else.
  7. This was made from a PC Open the Patriot Home page by clicking on the The Patriot Woodworker Tab at the top left corner- From the home page locate the Create button Click on the Create Button- From the drop down window select Gallery Image From the Choose Category window, Click on the Select down arrow Select the most appropriate CATEGORY for your album Select Create New Album- Provide a Title for your New Album and add a Description. Then click Create Album in the Lower Right Corner The window that opens will be where you add your images to your new album Add images to the album the same way you add them to a post. Either click on the "Plus" symbol or drag the images to the white area. When you have uploaded you images, click on the "Submit all images" in the lower right corner of the window The images will be up loaded into your new album Once uploaded, you will be taken to your new album- If you need to Add more images to THIS album, Click on the Add Images button- The add images window will open for uploading more images- If you want to change other setting for this album, click on the Manage Album button- Here you can Edit or Delete the album- The Edit widow permits the following options- Click SAVE in the lower right corner to make sure all your changes are saved. To locate your new album, return to the Patriot Home Page and click on Browse. Click on Gallery. Click on the Gallery topic are where your album was created. In this example it was in General Woodworking. Your newly created album will show up here on the left and on the right under Recent Entries To copyright or other image IDs FOR NEW IMAGES- Open your album and click on Add Images- Use the displayed buttons for copyright and/or credits FOR ALREADY POSTED IMAGES- Select the album you want to work with and click on the image you want to copyright- From the window that opens, click on gear in the upper right- From the drop down menu click on Edit Details- The new window will provide the opportunity to copyright and/or credit the image you want to protect. Make sure to click on Save Image at the lower right when finished.
  8. lew

    Billy Jack Test

  9. Thanks Charles. I’ll have him check
  10. Thanks Larry. He is using an android phone and the same thing happened with his pc
  11. John, Pat contacted me today and asked for help with a posting problem. He is getting this error when he tries to post a picture- This is from his phone but he said he is having the same problem with his PC
  12. I'd have a little trouble getting that one down the basement steps.
  13. Not trying to be a wise a$$ here, but are you shutting down the lathe to remove the tool?
  14. I re-looked at the video and some of the images. It almost looks like the point of the parting tool (or bedan) is slightly above center on the work piece. I wonder if that makes any difference? Maybe you have already tried that.
  15. Did she make the stained glass window seen in the mirror reflection?
  16. Not sure if you have an Instagram account-
  17. Saw this in an Amazon review-
  18. I was about to post this video but Dan beat me to it. Never used this tool so I'm just spitballing here. Could it be that the tool is for setting the final diameter? Do you get close to the desired dimension and then use it for the final turning when turning several tenons of the same size?
  19. Thank You, Gunny, for remembering. It was many years before I could go to "The Wall".
  20. Sweet! I really like the vertical stripes and the little finials.
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