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  1. Last day for relatives. Spent the day driving around the Gettysburg Battlefield. No matter how many times you go there, it is always sobering. Our Patriot Turners- @Ron Altier posted a question about gluing acrylic to wood. He received a few responses. Pease check out his post and provide him with your experiences- Ron also posted a knitting needle vase he made for his wife- Ron describes the materials and their history in his post- @hawkeye10 is looking for some input on a new four jaw chuck. He received several comments on the one he was eyeing. Why not give him your opinion about what you like in your chuck- @Jim from Easy Wood Tools posted a picture of the Easy Wood Tools Christmas tree and it is beautiful. Head on over to Jim's post and see if you can find your ornament! There's still time (and room) to send your ornament to Jim! @Bob Hodge is using his turning skills to create works of art! Check out what he is doing with some beautifully turned bowls- Bobs post explains what he is creating- What’s Coming Up- The 2019 Florida Woodturning Symposium. February 8th – 10th, 2019 Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center http://floridawoodturningsymposium.com/ For The Newbies- Tim Yoder has a new video where he shows us the tools he uses in his shop. As turners we often wonder just what tools we need and Tim helps us figure that out. One of the biggest challenges in turning is trying to figure out how to hold the material securely. Unlike flat work, turnings are moving while we are working on them. Mike Peace offers a video on how to hold small pieces- Expand Your Horizons- I've been reading a lot lately about "wet sanding" and "sanding paste". Mike Peace has produced a couple of videos on the subject. His explanations are easy to understand and the video are not too long. Wet Sanding- Sanding Pastes- New Turning Items- Although not a brand new product, Easy Wood Tools has a super nice live center and cone attachments You can see detailed specifications at the Easy Wood Tools site- http://www.easywoodtools.com/live-center-3/ Everything Else- ...and just for enjoyment, Carl Jacobson make a hybrid turning. DON"T LOOK AT THE PEN!!! Safe turning
  2. Sorry, I'm just getting back to this. Relatives left Thursday night and I subbed on Friday. @Cal Thank You! I feel your pain! I suffer from terminal CRS @Gerald Thanks! @HandyDan Thank You! @Steve Krumanaker Thanks! @Larry Buskirk Thank You!
  3. lew

    Kieth Mealy Finishing Forum Host (status update)

    Thanks for the update, John. I know I learned a lot from Keith's weekly posts and really appreciated his efforts.
  4. lew

    Help please.

    I had the same trouble with my Delta lathe. The tailstock would slide on the ways when I applied pressure. I found that I couldn't get enough torque on the short lever used to tighten the tailstock down. I made an extension handle that slips over the original handle. It makes the total length about twice the original. Much easier to operate and provides more torque/pressure. I split the lower inch or so of the hollowed handle and used a hose clamp to secure it to the original handle.
  5. Waiting on hardware for sister's church project.
  6. lew

    Fred Wilson (retires as forum host)

    Sorry to see you go, Fred. I'm not a scroll sawer but I always enjoyed the stuff you posted and I will miss that. On the other hand, I guess the boss will be dividing up your large salary among the rest of us
  7. lew

    New type light

    Cool! Between the two lamps you should have plenty of light.
  8. Issue 86 of the Woodcraft magazine has a nice article/project by Carl Jacobson using the Easy Wood Tools negative rake cutters. Carl turns a hybrid wood and resin box. Woodcraft even provides OnLine extras to flesh out the article https://www.woodcraft.com/pages/mag-online-extras
  9. lew

    Help please.

    A while back you asked about a safety drive spur. Is that what you are referring to?
  10. lew

    Getting some done

    That’s really a bunch of wisemen
  11. lew


    Your best build yet! Looks like the Mrs. already has it filled!
  12. lew

    A platter and a bowl, or a bowl and a platter.

    Both are gorgeous! I really like the lip detail on the spalted piece.
  13. lew

    New type light

    Great find, Thanks!!
  14. lew

    My move from craftsman to art?

    Gorgeous!! Can't wait to see the completed piece!
  15. lew

    Knitting needle vase

    Love the choice of woods you used. I’m sure the Mrs appreciates what you have done.
  16. lew

    The Farmhouse Table

    That is gorgeous.
  17. A lot of things happening here at the Patriot this week, so we'll get right to it! Our Patriot Turners- The Easy Wood Tools Christmas tree is going to be spectacular this year thanks to the talents of our turners. @Jim from Easy Wood Toolshas been keeping us up-to-date this the ornaments he has received from our members. The children of some of the employees decorated several of the ornaments they received- It looks like they really had an enjoyable time with this. Jim also showed us some of the other ornaments he received from The Patriot member @HandyDan The folks at Easy Wood Tools are putting up the tree on November 2 and Jim promised to post some images for us! If you haven't sent your ornaments, I'm sure it is not too late! Not only did @HandyDan help with the Easy Wood Tools tree, he went into production mode with his angels! Dan posted a really nice tutorial on how he made these beautiful little angels- Please checkout how he made them and some of the terrific comments he received. Ornaments were not the only turnings that were made. @RustyFN has been creating gorgeous apple wood bowls. The first one- And the second one- Head on over to his posts and see some of the great comments he got from our members. More bowls came from @DAB. That beautiful pine bowl has some interesting wood history. Read more in DAB's post- @PostalTom added to this week's bowl bonanza with this beauty- Tom used his Easy Wood Tools for this turning. In his post, he provides proof as to the sharpness of those EWT cutters! @Steve Krumanaker spent a week at the Marc Adam's Academy of Woodworking learning from Glen Lucas. Steve describes his experiences and some of the important takeaways from his week- While he was there, he started a bowl that he then finished, with "milk paint", when he returned home. Steve described the process in his post- "Just one more light pass" and then... We've all done it. Steve discusses what happened with this turning- For The Newbies- Continuing with the bowl theme, one of the problems we face when turning a bowl (or almost any turning) is grain tearout. Here is a video explaining what causes tearout and how to reduce/eliminate it. The video is by Lyle Jamieson- @hawkeye10 posted a question about Safe Drive Centers. Please see if you can offer any additional information and your experiences with this type of center- Expand Your Horizons- We are always looking for ways to speed up the drying process between the rough turn and the final turning. Carl Jacobson included a new to me method for drying in this video. My background/career in electronics should have led me to this idea a long time ago. Check out the use of the Easy Wood Tools, too! New Turning Items- I received an email from Woodturners Wonders featuring a new air powered random orbital sander. If you are in the market, it may be worth a look- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/random-orbital-sanders/products/pros-variable-speed-random-orbital-sander Everything Else- Safe turning
  18. lew

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    Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Ad-Blocker- Whitelist domains-
  19. lew


    Web images of shapes for turned objects http://www.ipet.gr/~akoutsou/benchmark/dataset/single-all.jpg
  20. lew

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    Your browser- Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Pale Moon, Slim Jet,Brave, Vivaldi??
  21. lew


    Yes, they are pretty small and it is a "pottery" source. Just thought some of the shapes might offer shape/design ideas.
  22. lew

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    problem solved.
  23. lew

    Another box build..

    Really like that third hand

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