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  1. Oops...grammar and spelling ..."your are"...no that's the way to impress a big time "Editor".... -Ace- Â Ace HoleInOne said:
  2. Welcome Steve. Â Hope you find the time to pop in every now and then (well hockey sticks you should) now that your are retired, oh sorry, "step down" enjoy your new life out of the fast track. Â -Ace- Â Â
  3. Alright Gary great stuff your showing off their!!! Good to see your not so favorite box...hope you raise lots of money! Â -Ace-
  4. Welcome young/new/old/another Dan guy! Â I hear you on the old machines.... Â I purchased an old Power King lathe. Tore it down, cleaned and reassembled. Fortunately is was is great shape. Works fine, it has been reborn and has new life in my shop, use it all the time. Â Look forward to hearing more from you on the forum. Â -Ace- Â Â Â Â
  5. Welcome Phil...along with a rocking chair, a stringed instrument is on my to do list. My brother is a musician and guitar player, its very interesting learning about guitars.  -Ace-
  6. Yup...well I guess, I will have to find another way to express myself and not use the smile faces! Â -Ace-
  7. Welcome Dan, so your a friend of Bob's   Well I guess you can't be all that bad.   Look forward to seeing you around the forum.  -Ace-
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