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  1. Dang, that's a good looking saw Gerald if I remember correctly, the saw weighed just over 1200 lbs.
  2. Nope, never tried it. Is it good? Larry Buskirk said:
  3. The burl on the Box Elder tree can be some beautiful wood with some wild grain as ya can see in the pics below. We have a lot of it here too, in fact, the county I live in is called Box Elder county ... lol
  4. Thanks for the comments guys! Larry the wood is Box Elder Burl and Cocobolo. The finish on most of them is CA and BLO. Tony, I'm not sure I understand your questions. I turn the main body first so the finials can be sized to fit the openings. Is that what ya meant? I should of mentioned above that you can click on the thumbnails for a full sized image and a description of what I'm doing in the pic.
  5. Kathy I gave a few away as xmas gifts when I made them and the rest to my wife .... She has them hanging on the tree and I don't think she would part with any .... lol They are easy to make ... Give it a try
  6. Very cool ... Way to go John!!! I need to hang out here more often, I missed your original post I have one of those too, just a little bit longer and pretty beat up but it looks like the same manufacturer.(need to clean it up better to be able to read it all).
  7. I can't remember if I posted this here before or not so here it is again. This is a pictorial I put together a few years ago to make these Holiday Ornaments. Click HERE to go to the pictorial. Click on the thumbnails for a full sized image and a description of what I'm doing in the pic. This is what they look like. If you make one please post a pic.
  8. Bill I'm still getting the same thing. My virus protection wont even let me visit the site. Hope they get it fixed. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  9. Weird .... I'm running AVG on mine and it picks it up every time. AVG's online link scanner also picks it up ... 1 malware and 16 compromised pages http://www.avgthreatlabs.com/website-safety-reports/domain/glaserhitec.com/
  10. Bill it sounds like Glaser makes some nice turning tools and American Made is a big bonus.  I would like to check them out but whenever I go to their website my AntiVirus blocks the site. I tried to go there a couple of months ago and it picked up two different viruses, now it's only showing one which is called Exploit Blackhat SEO (type 1720). Don't know what it is but AVG says its a High Threat. Ya might wanna let your friend know about it. edited: Did a quick google search and here's some info I found on it ... Blackhat SEO
  11. Along the edge? Nope, someone cut that out for some reason. There's plenty of webbing under there so I left it as it was, just cleaned up the rough cut a little.
  12. "Back From The Archives" I finally finished the restoration of this Walker Turner drill press. I restored this DP for a gentleman as payment for some machines that I got from him. You can read more about that here. In my opinion the 20 inch Walker Turner is one of the best drill presses ever made and I wish it was mine. This one came with the production table, 1 hp 3 phase motor, and power-feed. It was in pretty rough shape when I brought it into the shop ... Ugly blue paint job and lots and lots of rust. It's a floor model but as you can see in this pic I lowered the head so it wasn't so top heavy when transporting it. Disassembling the DP was a challenge. Everything was heavily rusted. To give you an idea of how bad it was, this is the inside of the gear box for raising and lowering the table. Rusted solid! I pulled off the motor, powerfeeder and spindle and then I used my old Hercules chain hoist to get the head off the column I then tried to get the table off, it was rusted solid to the column. It took a couple of weeks of soaking it with Acetone and ATF and lots of heat to finally get it to bust loose. The base was even worse. No amount of heat, penetrating oil or banging with a BFH was getting the job done. I finally had to make a puller, or I guess you would call it a pusher, out of an old barbell weight and three ½" bolts to push it off. Even then it took about 2 weeks to get it to budge a 1/16 of an inch, but once I got it moving it came off fairly easily. To get the rust and paint off I made an electrolysis tank and used a 30 inch saw blade for the anode. I put the base in for a couple of days and let it cook ... it got rid of most of the paint and rust. Next I used fine grit sand paper and scotch brite pads to shine it up. Then I finished removing the rest of the rust and old paint and prepped it for fresh paint. Three coats of paint and it was looking good as new. I used the same steps to clean up the head and table. The powerfeeder wasn't working when I first tried it. I took it apart and found a couple of the clutch discs were in wrong. It was then working but when I cleaned it up I found a couple busted gears. I informed the owner about it and he decided he didn't want it repaired so the powerfeeder didn't get put back on. The owner doesn't have 3 phase power in his shop so I added a Teco FM50 VFD. Now the motor will run on single phase 120 v power and the VFD also gives it variable speed which I really like. So here's some pics of the DP all restored. The DP looks and works great .... now I don't want to give it back to it's owner. Thanks for looking, Shane
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