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  1. Will Downing

    Walnut Project Finished

    Beautiful work and stunning lumber. Thanks for sharing. Will
  2. Will Downing

    Kitchen Island (PIP)

    Good Lord this is finally finished!!! Normally I stain most of my projects, but the client wanted an enamel finish for the top. Well, with the damp weather, work and other vagaries of life this took forever. After priming, coats one and two went on and were sucked up by the driest boards I've ever tried to paint. Followed by coats three and four along with sanding edges that had run, a 24 hour dry cycle and wet, humid conditions that complicated the whole thing. So, after struggling along I finally got to set the top this week. Then put the trim on to finish it out. And a finished roll-around kitchen island is ready for delivery. It is pussy cat approved as well. Lessons learned: (1) I need a better approach to squaring up the legs and rails, I wasn't as happy with how the legs turned out. Cutting down a 6x6 would have provided a more consistent dimension top to bottom. (2) Finishing is a bear with brushed on enamel, I needed to spray it for a cleaner finish, and I've really got to clear some space in the garage for working on projects out of the weather. Inclement weather really slowed me down, as I couldn't work outside as normal. (3) I enjoy retro-engineering projects. This project has led to a second request for an island and may provide an interesting side job. (4) This hobby is better than hanging out in the bar...but might not be any cheaper! Thanks for following along. Will
  3. Will Downing

    Kitchen Island (PIP)

    Work continues on the island. Third coat of bright white enamel on, three coats of semi-gloss on the cedar shelf pieces, and hardware in place. Base moved to the spare bedroom for safety (because I can break a crowbar in a sandbox) Now for the top. Back to the rathole for more lumber. But first true up the edges and flatten everything down to 3/4" in preparation for glue up.. Keith you have a good eye. My old Parks planer has served me well for a number of years. DC Morrison still makes parts for these incredible machines, so I will keep her running for years more. Glue up was anti-climatic, and after drying overnight its time to start scraping and prepping for cutting to size and easing all the edges. First time using card scrapers. Found a set of four at a school auction and this seems like a perfect time to hone this skill. I"m going to size this at 26x26" and trim out the base. Thanks for the kind words and more to come Will
  4. Will Downing

    Kitchen Island (PIP)

    My client came to me over Christmas with a page torn from the Southern Living magazine depicting a kitchen island built from reclaim porch posts and lumber. The caveat was it had to be down-sized to 24x24x36 and move-able. Sure, no problem says I...hmmph! First, has anyone priced used porch posts since Pinterest? Then I priced new posts. Both are cost prohibitive. Then I got an idea, build my own. So my wife found these balusters at a yard sale. But only three. So I cut them in half (giving me six tops) and bought a 4x4 pine post to recreate the bottoms, Drilled out the bottom sections to accept a 1 /14" dowel, 5 inches long Then centered up the tops and drilled matching holes. Cut my dowels using a stop for consistency A little sanding and then assembly Now I have six legs completed. Four users and two for testing. Some detail work to make everything flow and these are ready to sand. Now the key here was the use of reclaimed lumber, so I plundered around the rathole and found this fir. Cut to length for the rails and pocket holes added. I have some 5/4 red cedar ratholed in a buddies barn, so I went and pulled two planks out to create the bottom. Resawed and planed. Cut to length and placed on the assembled leg frame And the finished bottom assembly. Now I'm ready to paint. The request for the legs and rails is to be painted in bright white. I'm going to polyurethane the shelf rails and use that as an accent piece. After paint, I'll attach the hardware (casters.) Next up: Creating the top. (BTW, I've kept up on the site, but with work and life just haven't had a chance to chime in much over the last few months. W)
  5. Happy Birthday Will. Hope your day is filled with joy & happiness (and maybe some cake & ice cream too!:P)


    Stop in and say hi when you get the chance and let us know what's going on.


    Have a great day.


    1. Will Downing

      Will Downing

      Thanks Dave, I appreciate it.  


    2. Grandpadave52


      Hope yesterday was a great day Will and all is well...


      Lots of great & cool things going on at the Patriot Woodworker...John, John & Ron and the rest of the team keep making the site better and better...Best site I've ever belonged to...Trust you'll think the same.


      Jump in when you can and enjoy the fun and learning. Hope to see/hear from you soon.


  6. Will Downing

    Sofa table

    Placement is everything isn't it! I can rotate the feet if need be, but the client is very happy. It will be used for everything from drinks, to the omni-present phone chargers to books. Extra space as a catch-all. My guess is that the cats will find it attractive as well.
  7. Will Downing

    Sofa table

    It's been a while since I checked in, but life has a way of turning one around in circles. The wife indicated she wanted a "sofa table" to go behind the couch. So I looked up several designs and plans and presented a sketch to the client. She wasn't impressed. After some judicious questioning, it was determined that a top no bigger than 5 inches was desired with legs that allowed for minimum clearance of the couch to wall. Soooooo...on went the thinking cap and here's what I came up with. Using reclaimed lumber, I took a cedar plank and milled it down for the top. Cut a dado into the bottom and inserted a 1/2" thick piece of oak for the apron. Then started on legs. Using 2x2 stair risers that I got a smoking deal on (10 bundles of 12), I milled the edges on the shaper and cut a mortise for the apron to slide into. Glued up and squared up the assembly in preparation for feet. My original plan for the feet didn't meet the test for minimum clearance (too wide) so I rotated the orientation and added the two pads to each base for stability. Honestly it was the iffyest portion of the plan, but... the stability was excellent. No wobble, and all the joinery locked up solidly. A minimalist approach that matched my mental expectations. Three coats of spray laquer, with a light sanding between each to bring out the grain and color. And installed. 29 inches from floor to top, 72 inches long, 4.5 inches wide. The wife is happy, I got to make some sawdust and a design from my mind turned into a finished piece using material at hand. I really like the mixed media of the cedar contrasting with the white oak. Thanks for looking. Will
  8. Will Downing

    been a tough spring

    Cliff, We walked this path last year with my father in law and there is nothing that I can say that will make the pain any easier. Hold the missus close, be prepared for little things to suddenly hammer you unexpectedly and give your mother in law all the love you can. I dearly miss my father in law; he was a true father to me in more ways than one, but I'm so glad he is no longer suffering nor would I want him back in that condition even for one second. Please accept our condolences and know that you and your family will be in our prayers over the coming days. Will
  9. Will Downing

    While tracing the Family Tree..

    Neat photo and history. Just learned that my great-granddad, who was something of a rounder apparently, was found deceased in a booth at the local saloon. The patrons thought he had passed out, not passed away. Family history can be fun. Will ps: sorry to have been away for so long, but life has been...well interesting.
  10. Will Downing

    My own stupidity

    A little different, but similar story. I work for an enforcement agency and during the time of the ubiquitous Crown Vic we had a member assigned a loaner white CV to take to the academy for an overnight stay. Now pranks are part of life, so when he came out to find the car missing he immediately cried foul and started looking for the car. After a couple of hours, several accusations and some acrimony it was determined that the car actually was missing. So, a report was made, radio call was put out, and folks began looking throughout the community. We thought we'd had one of our cars stolen from the academy parking lot. Next morning I walked out the door to begin the day and there sits a white Crown Vic. Uh oh! Now there is a flurry of phone calls cancelling everything from the night before and I'm grilled about whether I had anything to do with the "disappearance." The agency member comes up to get his car and finds paperwork and boxes from another trainer in the backseat. Come to find out, there were seven key "sets" made for CV's world wide. Another agency member was assigned a "white Crown Vic" for a loaner, walked out, put in the key, started the car and left for his overnight assignment. Brought it back that morning none the wiser and left it where he had found it. We had a good laugh.
  11. Will Downing

    Image downloads saved as .jpe

    Just want to make sure I'm clear on what you did. You opened the file in a photo software program and tried to "save as" a jpeg. It wouldn't allow it, and required saving as a .png file. If I'm correct in what I wrote above, then we aren't connecting directions wise. Instead of opening the file, take the original (boat_image.jpg.jpe) and right click and then rename it to boat_image.jpg Then try to open the file within your photo editing software. I'll look at my photoshop software at work tomorrow to see if the .jpe file extension is recognized. Will
  12. Will Downing

    Image downloads saved as .jpe

    A quick and dirty way to possibly open the image is delete the .jpe extension and make sure the image shows a .jpg extension only. So your file "boat_image.jpg.jpe" needs to be shortened to "boat_image.jpg" You will get a warning box pop up, but at the moment ignore it and try to open the file. As a side note, the .jpe extension is actually a rare jpeg format. Some photo viewers will open it, but not all. As far as why, I'm not sure but changing the extension nomenclature should allow you to view the image.
  13. Moving a chairlift for a friend of mine on Saturday, then disassembling an older wash stand style dresser, cleaning, filling damaged veneer and then painting. A teal base with gloss white top. Hope to get it done and up on Craigslist and out of the garage/under foot after dodging it all summer. Then, starting the base and legs of a table top. Using reclaimed lumber for this one. Will
  14. A little late, but volunteered to help a friend demolish his old home; drywall and insulation into the dumpster and wood into the burn pile. Will be getting some 1800's 2x and 4 quarter lumber to work with. Repaired the arms of an outdoor rocker for another friend and returned today. No pictures, but it really happened.
  15. Will Downing

    Mixed Media Project

    Our local camera shop can print on aluminum or canvas. Opens up a wide variety of paths for my photography. You can also use MPix (originally Millers Photographyout of Parsons KS, and now with two labs in Pittsburg KS and Columbia MO.) to get the same results. I'm partial to locally owned, so Wolfes' Photo here in Topeka or MPix gets my business. As an aside, Millers was the last Kodachrome processor in the United States. Closed down that business about 10 years ago I believe.

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