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  1. I hope to start a blanket chest Saturday but this past week i am doing a different kind of woodworking...
  2. I would laminate thin strips together around a form. Its easier than you would think.
  3. Veritas router plane blades fit old Stanleys. Adam Welker Red Car Construction and Fine Woodworking
  4. Awesome find! I use a 5 1/2 for almost everything these days. Can't wait to see it finished. Adam Welker Red Car Construction and Fine Woodworking
  5. Good looking repair, Steve. Can't wait to see it finished. Adam Welker Red Car Construction and Fine Woodworking
  6. Beautiful work, sir. I also work primarily with hand tools. How did you choose to make the splined miters? The 45 set for plowing? Just curious. Would love to see more of your work.
  7. Also, how did you cut the miters on the corners of the panels so perfectly? I would have cut them by hand them used a low angle plane to shoot them square. Did you use a table saw and sled?
  8. John, What a beautiful piece. I love the design of the bracket feet. The trim is outstanding as well. Very balanced. I wish I had a stack of cherry to cull through like that! I have one question. Why did you decide to glue the panels up vertically instead of horizontally? I like the design. I am just curious about the panels. Was it a cosmetic choice? Wonderful piece, sir. Fantastic!
  9. Awesome! Could you post a picture of the whole plane? Maybe a couple? Adam Welker Red Car Construction and Fine Woodworking
  10. It is in fact a 9 1/2 block plane. I own a couple myself and they are excellent users if tuned up properly. For information on Stanley planes, check out Patrick Edwards "blood and gore". He goes over every plane ever produced by Stanley from the #1 to #608. John Hechel said:
  11. Lucky find, sir. Old scrubs are harder to find in the wild than say a jack or smooth plane. I have many vintage planes but could never find a reasonably priced scrub (I paid $140 for a new premium version). Unless you are into hand tool woodworking, you probably won't get much use out of it. I use mine to take heavy cuts off the width of a board when sizing pieces. You can strike a line and work to it fairly quickly then get to final width with a longer plane. Properly set up, you can take shavings of 1/8" or better in straight grained wood. Adam Welker Red Car Construction and Fine Woodworking
  12. I got a $250 gift card for Lie Nielsen and a four VERY figured pieces of carlo walnut the local sawyer who I buy my hardwoods from. Adam Welker Red Car Construction and Fine Woodworking
  13. Well done, sir. Congratulations. Adam Welker Red Car Construction and Fine Woodworking
  14. Pure genius! I may have to add a few to my shop. You should send that in to popular woodworking and fine woodworking magazine and see if they will will publish it in tricks of the trade.

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