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  1. RIP Ernie. As a vet I commend you for all you've done for our service.... God Bless you
  2. I love that Label! My restoration was of a 1968 Powermatic 45 Lathe. I really wish I could find an original switch for mine. Everything is restored on mine with the exception of the switch cover. They are hard to find but that doesnt stop me from using my lathe!
  3. Served from June 1978 to June 1988 in the US Navy. I was a bubble head! 6 years aboard the USS Permit SSN594 (sister ship to the USS Thresher) 4 years shore duty as a Master Training Specialist teaching Computers. ET1 (SS) / MTS
  4. Hey Lew remember the Submarines too! There are only 2 types of ships in the Navy, targets and submarines!
  5. You can always look in the Old Woodworking Machines forum and go to the BOYD section and place a WTB add for your part. I find some good stuff in there. http://www.owwm.org/viewforum.php?f=4
  6. Another one is in Columbus, Ohio (actually Dublin, Ohio) with an antique bandsaw, drill press, table saw, planer, Belt sander, RAS, antique lathe, and lots of hand held tools. There is misc wood also. If you search the site just use 43213 as a zip code with a 50 mile radius or just put in the city and state in the key word and it will work. The date is Saturday 10/13/12. CHRISTNER FAMILY TRUST AUCTION
  7. My hat goes out to both of you. What a great way to change the "norm" to work for you. Terry did you have plans or did you do that on your own? Either way it really works. I could see you making a tool rack on either side to hold your turning tools.Â
  8. So darn beautiful as always. You set the bar so high for others to follow. I am impressed.! Great job Shane!
  9. I will take the time to do a jig or some kind of stop and cut it with a miter saw, or table saw (I don't have a RAS yet). My miter saw is on a table that has extensions that go out to 12 feet each direction. If its sheet work I use the table saw because it can cover 52". I have a panel cuter for my table saw. I don't use my circular saw for anything but rough cuts. That's just the way I am.
  10. I got a Jet 14 cabinet band saw and changed out the upper and lower guides on it. When I bought the kit the dealer gave me the lower wheel brush that was nothing to install. The installation was about the same location as yours Jack. One screw and I was finished.
  11. I believe that the tailstock was modified (no shock to me) and the quill was taken from another tailstock and made to work in the powermatic shell. It should be a MT#2. I have an inside track to another tailstock for my Powermatic 45. Its an original so I will be restoring it. Here I go again. LOL
  12. Nice looking machine there. Will you be restoring it or just putting it to work to earn its keep?  And a cute young lady there too!
  13. BTW that is almost the farthest you can retract the quill into this tailstock. It could have gone 1/2 inch more but that it.
  14. I believe there has been a modification on my tailstock. After looking at your pictures coupled with the fact that I just went over to my friends house and looked at his tailstock, it has been modified by a previous owner. I have another source for a tailstock. The manual states that the tailstock and headstock are both MT#2. I had a new MT#2 in a box that I tested it with and the results were the same. So I know something is wrong here. Even during the restoration, I found lots of damage to the tailstock including the problem with the quill lock. I believe that this is not the original quill in the tailstock so I will take care of it! Too much work has gone into restoration of this lathe to let it go now! tool613 said:
  15. Yes jack it looks big. I found in the original manual that it is in deed a MT#2 on the spindle and tail stock. Now the question is did someone change something in the tail stock or not. It doesn't look like anything has been changed and I would question changes due to the tail stock being so different from others. The test with a live center in both the head and tail stock passed. The two live centers were within 1/64" so I don't think anything is different. tool613 said:
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