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  1. RIP Ernie. As a vet I commend you for all you've done for our service.... God Bless you
  2. I love that Label! My restoration was of a 1968 Powermatic 45 Lathe. I really wish I could find an original switch for mine. Everything is restored on mine with the exception of the switch cover. They are hard to find but that doesnt stop me from using my lathe!
  3. Hey Lew remember the Submarines too! There are only 2 types of ships in the Navy, targets and submarines!
  4. You can always look in the Old Woodworking Machines forum and go to the BOYD section and place a WTB add for your part. I find some good stuff in there. http://www.owwm.org/viewforum.php?f=4
  5. So darn beautiful as always. You set the bar so high for others to follow. I am impressed.! Great job Shane!
  6. Without knowing how you restored the wheels, I basically followed the same path. No lathe so I used the dowel to sand the wheel. Then lots of polish and I used lacquer thinner to clean the parts.
  7. Nice work there. Its going to be a beauty when you're finished.
  8. Maybe they painted it on and it has worn off? Don't know but one thing I do know and that its in good hands now! Doug
  9. Shane I viewed your last restoration project. Too bad it will never see any wood or make some sawdust. Your expertise is amazing. I hope my PM 45 gets close to your work. Doug
  10. Shane, I hate you! (LOL) Geez, I am working on a restoration of a Lathe and can't even begin to think, how am I going to get even close to that work. You set the bar so high NASA will be in touch. Great work! Doug
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