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  1. Larry Buskirk

    More Repurposing and Junk (PC Desk/Cabinet)

    Dave, I'll have to see if my neighbor still has the Brass Port Hole mirror with the broken mirror. might make a neat back lit access panel. The ornamental lamp was just a pile of brass when I started assembling it. I can hardly wait to see it lit up. I'll have to get a photo of the Oak desk chair that I got from my neighbor awhile back. I rescued it before it went into his storage. It's really old, and needs to have the cane seat replaced, but I hopefully have enough matching caning to redo it. It goes really well with the desk build.
  2. As I stated in my PC build located in the link below I'll be building a Desk/Cabinet for the PC. I'll be repurposing a "White Clad" Ice Box type end table/night stand like the one below as the base for this Desk/Cabinet. The photo is of one listed on ebay, I have to go down to my storage tomorrow and get the one I have. It is in a bit rougher shape than the one in this photo. I'll be doing this up similar to a Secretary Desk with an upper section that will house the monitor. I'll be using parts from one of those Oak Toilet Toppers along with other bits and pieces along the way. I don't work from any plans, simply just wing it, and figure this will look good here, that will look good there etc. I've also got some real neat cast Brass Brackets that will get incorporated into this build. I've been working on what will be the top (Monitor) door along with the PC build to get this started. Here are a couple of photos of the door before I got started on it. It is the worst shape piece of this build, but it came from a junked "White Clad" cart, and matches the door on the "Ice Box" These are some really cheaply built doors in that the frames are simply attached to a 1/8" plywood back which also serves as the door panels. The veneer on this door is in real poor shape, but the plywood is still rather solid. Below are a few photos of the door as work progresses on it. This is an edge photo of the door you might be able to make out the plywood back. The frame members on these doors are not spliced together in any way, and I added braces to the rear side of the door to keep it stiff, and straight. the edges kept wanting to bend away from being straight with the other frame members. The door is looking much better then when I started with it. Almost half of the veneer has flaked away, and I'm not sure if I'll re veneer it, or cover it with some Plexiglass Mirror that I have. That's about it for today on this build. Until next time.
  3. Larry Buskirk

    More Repurposing and Junk (PC Desk/Cabinet)

    Yesterday, and todays progress report. Yesterday was our bulk pick up day, so of course I went scrounging for goodies. I didn't find much, but I also went to my storage, and saw my neighbor. First this is what I found for this build. I found a pair of these doors from an entertainment center. They are just about the perfect width to make the back panels for the Desk/Cabinet. I also went to my storage and pulled out a couple of items that I'll be using with the PC/Desk builds. First off a set of desk drawers. The bottom drawer was being glued at the time I took this photo but is present. And a side view. This was all I had of this desk, and will serve as a base for these Oak file cabinets that I got from my neighbor at a real good price. I've got an Oak top from another desk that I'll be cutting down for this storage unit that goes alongside the Desk/Cabinet. I also scrounged through my neighbors, and my brass lamp parts and came up with this. I'll be lighting this up with LED's, the holes in the center ring will get red indicator bezels, and I'll be making up a few marble lens's for the arms etc. That will get mounted here. As you probably noticed, I've filled in the sides and added a galley rail to fit in with the Nautical theme. I've got more brass to add that will also fit the theme. I'll be doing a bit of hand cut fret type work to the filled in side panels. That's all for now. Until later.
  4. Well here I go, time for me to build a new PC. But being the way I am, I can't build anything that's quite normal. Doe's anyone remember the Silver Boxes I found awhile back? I knew when I picked them up I'd have to come up with a good use for them, but what? Well here we go with what will become of the first one. I'll be using the one on the left which I have spent the past few days hand sanding the old finish off. Why? I like hand sanding, and I'm not totally refinishing the inside of the box to try and save the liner. Here is how the box looks so far. I've removed, and saved the liner for future reinstallation in the box. Here are a couple of photos of the box lid. This one shows the liner which will be a real pain to remove any further. This photo shows the original finish. Sorry about the bad picture but it shows how bad the finish was. The below photo shows some of the hardware which will be going into the build. I'll be using an AMD Ryzen 5 2400G 3.9 Max Boost, 3.6 GHz. Base, 4 Core 8 Thread Processor with Radeon RX Vega Graphics, along with a MSI B450M PRO-M2 Motherboard, a Samsung V-NAND SSD 970 EVO NVMe 250 GB M.2 Hard Drive for the OS, and 16GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000MHz Memory, along with a 1 TB Seagate Barracuda 32 MB Cache 7200 RPM Hard Drive for storage. But since this is all that I've got to work with, Hopefully this rig should satisfy my needs.
  5. Larry Buskirk

    Repurposing A Silver Box (New PC Build)

    Yesterday, and todays progress report. About all I got done on the PC build was to add a pair of USB ports inside the case for the Bluetooth receiver for the keyboard and trackball. Yesterday was our bulk pickup day so I went scrounging, and got some more goodies from that and out of my storage. I'll be posting more in the Desk/Cabinet build Topic. So until later.
  6. Larry Buskirk

    Repurposing A Silver Box (New PC Build)

    Thanks Dave, But they are not yet polished.
  7. Larry Buskirk

    More Repurposing and Junk (PC Desk/Cabinet)

    Todays progress report. Today I accomplished several things on this build. First off I used the part of an old Oak desk that went below the center drawer to make a ledge at the back side of the "Ice Box" top. This ledge will allow me to split the back into sections. Here's a couple views of the part I used. And here are a few views of what I did with it. First the top side. And now a rear view. And a side view, the notch will help fit the following part. I then took a look at the toilet tank toppers door frame, and decided to use it for framing the rear of the "Ice Box. It was 4" to wide for the cabinet, so I removed 2" from each side. I then glued the frame back together. I'll be doing like the "White Clad" doors, and paneling the back side with 1/4" Oak veneered plywood that was salvaged from a bookcase my neighbor threw out. I'll be using the same plywood for the back of the hutch also. I then went to work on making the supports for the brass "Eastlake" shelf brackets. I still have to make the fillers for the hutch's side panels, but did get the shelf brackets mounted. I'm doing it this way so I can get all of the holes drilled before applying finish to the Desk/Cabinet. Almost all of the brass still needs to be polished, but I'll do that while the wood finish is drying. That's about it for today. Until next time.
  8. Larry Buskirk

    Repurposing A Silver Box (New PC Build)

    Todays project update. About all I got done on the PC part of the build was to figure out the basic assembly procedure for making up the speakers. I have to find a matching pair of standoffs, but other than that here's a peak at what they will look like. I did get some more done on the Desk/Cabinet build and will shortly be posting that progress in that Topic/Post. Until next time.
  9. Larry Buskirk

    Repurposing A Silver Box (New PC Build)

    Thanks Curtis, Plated just doesn't polish up as nice as the solid brass, so I try to use mostly solid.
  10. Larry Buskirk

    More Repurposing and Junk (PC Desk/Cabinet)

    Todays progress report. Today I worked on closing up the front part of the rear chase (Behind the PC case) These are made from 1/2" X 5 1/2" panels of Oak. Here is a view of the rear of the PC as it fits into the Desk/Cabinet. I still have to fill in across the top, and do some sanding on the side panels, but as you can see I'll have a wiring chase that will hide the behind the PC, monitor, etc.. There will then be a 1/4" oak veneered plywood back that will cover the rear of the Desk/Cabinet. That's about it for today. Until tomorrow.
  11. Larry Buskirk

    Repurposing A Silver Box (New PC Build)

    Todays progress report. Today I started doing some things with the pile of brass I've been accumulating. Being that this is not one of those light up keyboards, I decided the keyboard needs a proper lamp. The cruddy desk lamp to the right of the pile gave up its arms for this project. They are the only parts of the lamp that are solid brass. The rest was brass plated steel that had some rusting. The original lamp shade was a bit big, and rusting so I made a new one that will have LEDs powered by the PC. These are the parts I used to make the new lamp shade. I used two of these assembled onto an all thread lamp pipe. I then drilled a mounting, and wiring hole into the front top edge of the PC case. I drilled two holes for the arms as per the original shade mounting method. Here are a couple of views of the lamp being mounted. And here is a view of the lamp over the keyboard/trackball tray. I still have to drill the light emitting holes, and wire the lamp along with polishing the brass, but I think it looks pretty good. I also did a little work on the Desk/Cabinet, and will post that progress on that Topic/Post. That's all on the PC build for today. Until later.
  12. Cal, When I get the PC build close enough to finished, I'll post a tutorial about making the decals. I may be making a couple for the PC build if I can find the files I need. I've also got to remember to get ink for the printer.
  13. Larry Buskirk

    More Repurposing and Junk (PC Desk/Cabinet)

    Lew, I know where I could get a pair similar to those but the price would be more than I'm tying up in this whole build. They're a bit big for this build, but one never knows what the future holds. Yes I know they make lighted speakers Dave, but I'll have plenty of lights by the time I'm done. I'm accumulating a pretty good supply of Brass for added "Bling" Some of it will house quite a few LED's by the time I'm done. Thanks Curtis, Hammered paints can really dress up an otherwise drab looking item. I don't throw out anything until the job is done myself, as you will see shortly. Weekend progress report. As I stated above I don't throw out anything until the job is done. Here's a case in point. Remember the front edge I cut off of the "Ice Box" because of the broken out chunk? I used the piece to fill in the front edge along the sides of the keyboard/trackball tray. The right side was simply glued back into place, and I used some of the good edge to make a piece for the left side which only required sanding to match the rounded side edge. Then I went to work on the upper hutch section of the Desk/Cabinet. First I lined up the side panels by inserting cleats into the shelf dados to see if the side panels were match fitted. They weren't. One side was almost 3/16" wider than the other, and the curves didn't match either. So I planed the front edges to match, and then hand sanded the curves to also match. It took me most of yesterday, and part of today to get it good enough for me, but then I'm picky. By the way, the toilet tank topper is now upside down, and mostly inside out from it's original configuration. The top shelf is turned backwards from it's original position also. I just got it fit together a little while ago, as a matter of fact the side clamps are still on as the glue dries. Here's the pile of parts that made up the hutch framework. The monitor shelf is made from a piece of 1/4" X 5 1/2" piece of solid Oak, and two pieces of 1/2" X 1 1/2" Oak strips, and one piece of 1/4" X 1 1/8" Oak lattice. Here's a rear view with the monitor in place. I'll be building a back panel chase behind the PC going up to the monitor shelf. Here's a front view of the hutch with the monitor in place. It's still a bit higher then I would have liked, but livable. It's just above a straight ahead view from sitting on the couch. And a view of the top. Well that's about all I got done for the weekend. (Other than finding more Brass to polish ) Until next time.
  14. Larry Buskirk

    Computer storage box

    Very Cool Gerald.
  15. Larry Buskirk

    Sewing machine case

    Oh No! The Look!!! I know it well.
  16. Nice projects everyone! As to myself, I'll be working on my PC build. I'm still finding/looking for "Goodies" to add to it.
  17. Larry Buskirk

    More Repurposing and Junk (PC Desk/Cabinet)

    Lew, Nice guess, but I already have a HDD activity indicator. Dave, I got those parts from my neighbor the other day, they were in his brass to be scrapped!! You know I just couldn't let that happen! Ok guys, I'll let you know what these will become. What's a "Radio" without speakers?
  18. Larry Buskirk

    More Repurposing and Junk (PC Desk/Cabinet)

    Anyone care to venture a guess as to what these will become?
  19. Larry Buskirk

    More Repurposing and Junk (PC Desk/Cabinet)

    Dave, I think a bit further back then that.
  20. Larry Buskirk

    More Repurposing and Junk (PC Desk/Cabinet)

    Not really a progress report, but then again maybe so. I started checking out the old Oak toilet tank topper that I'll be salvaging the wood from, and it needs a bit more work than I anticipated. It's another of those found along the highway gets, and it had been found after it probably spent a couple of days out in the rain when I found it. I wasn't to concerned about the pressboard parts of the cabinet, but the solid Oak parts had also suffered some damage from getting rather soaked. So for now I'm in the process of regluing some of the seams in the side and top panels which is pretty much all I'll be reusing of this cabinet. I'm not sure if I ever had the original doors, but I'll be using the door from the "White Clad" cart that I started repairing earlier in this part of the build anyway. So while those parts are sitting in clamps, etc. I decided to get busy with the "Brasso" on the hardware I'll be using. I may end up owning stock in the "Brasso" Co. by the time I get all of the hardware done. I started with the following two items, which I'm sure some of you will really like. I found these a few years ago at an Antique Store a couple miles down the road from me, and can't remember if I paid $5.00, or $10.00 each for them. They were in a booth that the seller had decided to give up, and had a 50% off sign for everything in his/her booth. They were both Black as cast iron, and marked as such. This is them after a bit of cleaning up. I first scrubbed them down with a scrub brush and Dawn dish soap before starting with the "Brasso". The one on the left is after the scrubbing, the right one is about half done with the "Brasso" So without further ado, I'll "Bring on the Brass" My neighbor with the Antique Mall is bringing a couple boxes of "Stuff" he has stashed over the years for me to check through to see what other "Goodies" besides those I have stashed over the years to add to the build. I'm still looking for a couple of boxes of "Gas Lamp" parts that I can't remember where I stashed. I'll find them yet!! That's all for now. Until later.
  21. Larry Buskirk

    Repurposing A Silver Box (New PC Build)

    Lew, and Dave, "The Nautilus" it is then. You'll understand why after I do another progress update in the Desk/Cabinet Topic/Post.
  22. Larry Buskirk

    More Repurposing and Junk (PC Desk/Cabinet)

    Thanks Curtis, I always save the plugs, you never know when you might need to plug a hole. Thanks Dave, I'm usually somewhere else myself.
  23. Larry Buskirk

    1st Project of the year?

    Steve, Ditto to what Bob said. The desk is looking real good. I do believe you'll beat me done, but you have "The Dungeon Shop" to work in. I'm working on the living room floor, and outside (Brrrr!!!) for cutting my wood.
  24. Larry Buskirk

    Repurposing A Silver Box (New PC Build)

    Todays progress report. I didn't really get anything done on the PC case build today, but have figured a way to use the crystal lamp indicators and the modified lamp finial on the Desk/Cabinet build so they will get used after all. My neighbor with the Antique Mall finally took a look at what I'm building out of all of this stuff, and he said: "This is too cool. It looks like something that belongs in a Jules Verne novel" So that got me to thinking. I might just name this build "The Nautilus"
  25. Larry Buskirk

    More Repurposing and Junk (PC Desk/Cabinet)

    Todays progress report. Due to the weather being to cold to do much of anything outside today, I worked on getting the keyboard/trackball tray closer to finish. First I added the outside mounting cleats which you'll see in this photo. I may use the chase section between the inner, and outer cleats to use the crystal lamp indicators that will now not be used due to forgoing the PC case lid, and possibly for other uses. This photo is of a side view of the outside mounting cleats. The rear section will be left open, and used as a chase for power cords, monitor cords etc.. The chase will be covered later as the hutch section gets built. I also added a keyboard stop to the tray. It is made from another piece of the 1/4" X 1/2" Oak strip. It is the same height as the front edge of the keyboard. The whole keyboard tray gets mounted with four brass screws, two of which you can see in the following photo. The other two come up from the bottom of the original "Ice Box" top and into the short cleats at the front of the assembly. This section will remain removable for servicing etc. The upper hutch will mount into the sides of the outside cleats. I will be using a hole saw to cut a cable access hole into the lower "Ice Box" lower case section. That's about it for today. Until next time.

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