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  1. @John Morris Try working 7 12 hour shifts a week for awhile, you really won't know what day it is.
  2. So... I'm not the only confused one.
  3. Hi Phil, Welcome back!!! I was gone a few years myself.
  4. @John Morris, That's alright John, it's now Friday and I'm just getting back around to checking in myself. It's been a busy couple of weeks with "Picking" season just getting started, and trying to get the yard cleaned up around the weather.
  5. No I didn't John, that's one of those projects still on my to do list.
  6. Low 40's today with moving in.
  7. Are you using one of those new Lee Valley tape measures?
  8. Which one? 3 sheds, 1 trailer, 2 storages,... not to mention the " Stuff" stored here, there, and everywhere!
  9. Lew, It all depends upon what I find going through the "Materials Supplies" . It seems to me I remember seeing an Oak faced drawer that might be just right for making into a keyboard/trackball tray...Now where was that? ... And that Oak table top from a drop leaf table,...Where did I see that? ... Where did I put that Oak mirror harp from a dresser, ...those Oak posts......that cool old
  10. Hmmm, Me thinks we need to go a bit more "Nautical" with the desk style this time around Matey, something more on the order of a Davenport Ships Desk. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davenport_desk Sooo, I've been looking through my "Junk Stash", err I mean "Materials Supplies" Let's see now, There's this set of drawers from a pedestal desk, they might make a good base to start with... More to come....
  11. Happy Birthday Gene have a great one!
  12. Must be the Wilson Wilson type. Soooo,... He want's to get paid? ... Or is he afraid we're to old to hang out with?
  13. Dave, we use two antennas, one aimed at Milwaukee, the other at Chicago. 92 channels, who needs cable or satellite?
  14. One of these might help with my next desk build.
  15. Herb, I'm somewhat back to the I don't draw plans stage with the desk. My new monitor is 1.5" to wide to fit into the desks hutch. But the difference in the quality of the view more than makes up for this minor setback. I've been looking through my "Junk Stash", and I've got something going on in my mind that I think will out do that one! Besides that the wife needs a desk for her PC.
  16. Must be for those small jobs.
  17. I'll stick with line-shafts, and jack-shafts.
  18. Sure Keith, make me look up a word.
  19. We don't need it to be summer for that kind of weather. A few years back we had a tornado in January.
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