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  1. Steve, Parts of Wisconsin are somewhat flat lands, when you get towards the middle, West, and NW parts of the state you run into the sandstone and granite hills and wood lands. From the Wisconsin Dells area north and west you run into some somewhat rugged terrain.
  2. ... Guess Georgians don't know where Bristol WI. is either. You got's to say this with a southern drawl "We're in Southeastern Wisconsin." Don't feel bad I don't have a clue where Morrow Georgia is either.
  3. ...I must be in the wrong part of WI. we make fun of those Ill. flat landers.
  4. Sure they do, take one smart phone and use a Louisville Slugger on it.
  5. ...Sounds like time for a Red Green moment. Where's the duct tape?
  6. ...Guess I should have ventured out to look, seems we got about 5" away from the house. It is now snowing hard enough I can barely see across the highway.
  7. 6:15 AM 30° WC 18° so far we've got about 1/2" of snow. Lake Geneva about 35 miles west of us has reported 5.9" and it's still snowing.
  8. According to the radar you'll be in, and out of it as it slides slightly north of you.
  9. ...32° @ 2:35 PM winter weather advisory upgraded to winter storm warning. ...
  10. Mail came draft inducer blower assembly installed to satisfaction of SWMBO.
  11. Waiting for mail to get here. Tracking info says new furnace draft inducer assembly is "Out For Delivery". Not bad shipped from Louisville KY. Friday evening arrives Bristol, WI. Monday mid day.
  12. ...I don't need to call his name he already knows where I live.
  13. ...Looks like you and Fred are in the same storm surge we'll be going through. It will hit us about 5:00 PM. We'll be on the west side of it, and they're now predicting it will be moved east outta here around 9:00 AM tomorrow with the possibility of leaving behind 3-6" of... ..."Where's the shovel?"
  14. 23° @ 6:45 AM headed for 33°. Winter Weather Advisory for tonight through most of tomorrow. Either 1-3", or 5-7" of that rain you need to shovel, depending upon which way the storm tracks. I'll be sending this outta here as fast as I can.
  15. ...Edge browser did an update a couple/three days ago. It seemed to be running slower than normal, I unplugged/reset the modem, and now seems back to normal.
  16. ...Guess I should have bought a new Draft Inducer Blower for the furnace. The used one I put on a couple months ago started making the same bearing noise Friday morning. I did manage to find a new unit for about twice what I paid for the used one, so ordered it Friday afternoon. It was shipped out Friday afternoon from Louisville KY. and is already in Oak Creek WI. Should be delivered tomorrow.
  17. Oh no you don't, if I've got to shovel so do you! 30° @ 7:35 AM headed for 35° cloudy and snowing, so I'm sending it @Gunny
  18. I found about 4' of romex stripped clean in the attic of a friends Wausau Home (Pre-Fab). She stated the lights started to flicker. I had to lift insulation to find the mess. Couldn't believe an animal could strip that much insulation off the wiring without tripping a breaker, or getting electrocuted. I've read the reason animals go after the insulation is because it is a Soy based plastic.
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