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  1. Self inflicting a vasectomy to prevent a future generation of moronic behavior.
  2. Better grab your the reflection off the snow is like Wow.
  3. It warmed up overnight here 35° now headed for 41° partly cloudy and windy. Tomorrow is forecast to be SUNNY, with a high of 20°. Then the crap returns for Sunday through Friday.
  4. ...I'll see what I can do, BTW The SUN is still SHINING!!!
  5. The SUN is SHINING, 14° but The SUN is SHINING!!!
  6. ...From one Hippie to another...sounds like you're into Cheech & Chong landscaping.
  7. ...Temp dropped to 7°, ..guess I'd better find the swimsuits.
  8. ...10° headed for 33° might see the sun today, might not.
  9. ..I don't think Gene has a moisture/high humidity problem, I don't see grass anywhere.
  10. ...I guess it depends upon if the spew landed on the keyboard.
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