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  1. Jim, I've never worked with the Azek brand PVC products, but I have used the clear Oatey brand cleaner, and clear PVC cement to repair Crestline brand vinyl windows with excellent results.
  2. Getting to kind of look that way Gerald, but reusing as much as I can is saving in the cost factor, and I doubt whether I could have captured the character of this old desk. I'm not currently set up to work from scratch. The stripper I've been using is a gallon of the Jasco BIX (The good stuff with the MC) that I found in a box of supplies when we were out picking. So the only cost in stripping the old parts is my time. I've got more time than money, so felt it was worth the effort to salvage what I could of this old desk. Most anyone else would have probably left it for the curb pickup due to it's broken condition. A lot of the wood I'm using came from our picking outings also. It's amazing what some people toss out. I've had to purchase a few pieces and was rather sticker shocked at the prices of SFS Oak.
  3. 49° with on the way. Looks like another day of playing hide and seek with Mother Nature.
  4. Nice job Steve, I also made my own but just used an old standard screwdriver and file to make the clearance slot.
  5. Charlie, Why do you feel that it would not be worth your time? You started the topic, and got asked some reasonable questions from members that might also not need a multi-inlet system due to space restrictions etc.
  6. The way the saw table is pictured will handle over a 4' wide panel. The circular saw mounts to the metal plate that rides in the tracks, and can be turned 90° to do rip cuts. When doing rip cuts you have to feed the material like using a TS.
  7. Instead of a track saw I use a carryover from when I used to do siding, and construction. This is a Tapco Easy Angle Cutting Table.
  8. Made a little progress over the past couple of days despite having to work around the crazy off/on rain showers. I finished the build outs of the inner desk compartment side panels. Here's a view of the left side before the build out. And a view after the build out. Now the right side before. And after. The buildout didn't cover the dugout caused by the drop front prop, but I'll be building lift lid compartments that will hide this. Now a frontal view. The brace across the front was also added. Here's a view during a monitor mock up. The lift lid compartments will be mounted both sides of the monitor. I won't be hard mounting the top of the cabinet, instead I've decided to hinge it from the rear and use it as a lid that will provide access through the top to the monitor mount etc. I also made up a couple of brackets that will be used along the front side of the rear legs. These got installed here, and will be used for locating the PC shelf, and the rear panel behind the PC. I'll be making a different shorter in height lower PC case section on the lower shelf. This is being done so I can get the drop front drawer for the all in one printer below the PC shelf, and still allow a bit of space below the drawer. I also accomplished getting the original drawer in the glue-up stage. Since I will be eliminating the repurposed silver box due to height issues, I probably should retitle this topic, "Repurposing Junque (New PC Build)"
  9. Working on the old desk between Can't leave anything sitting out Mother Nature must be watching, if I just turn my back and forget she gets it all wet!
  10. @Artie, If your just wanting to figure out how many for the roof/joists 24" on center will require 3 per 4'. In other words 9 due to subtracting one for overlap. And 16" on center will require 4 per 4' or 11 total for subtracting the overlap.
  11. Made a little progress today working around the weather. Not near the progress "The Boss" made with his wonderful looking Curly Maple chair. I'll have to settle for what did get accomplished. First of all was a Menards run, that place was pure crazy today. Must have been due to another one of their 11% off sales. Then I was running out between showers to cut a piece, then getting it glued up rinse and repeat. The first piece was a 1/2" X 3/4" stick across the top of the previously added side braces, the second was a 3/4" X 1 1/2" brace between the rear leg extensions, and finally the third was 3/4" X 2 1/2" brace between the 1/2" X 3/4" brace and the 3/4" X 2 1/2" cross brace on top of the desk compartment lower shelf which will serve as a monitor mount for the 15" monitor that will be inside the desk compartment. The photos show this in better detail. Front view. Rear view. I'll be adding a pair of lift top compartments along each side of the 15" monitor. I saw this type of compartment on a desk that my neighbor has in his Antique Store next door, and thought they'd be a perfect compliment to this old desk. I was considering adding a pair of drawers but thought these would be way cooler. They'll also hide that dug out spot from the old drop front support arms. That's all for today folks, so until next time.
  12. Wow John, You're really making some progress. I'll bet you had a blast seeing the chair finally going together.
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