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  1. ...As in this might get pretty expensive if I'm not careful.
  2. Hey! ...I've got one of those! ... ...Little hard to tell the time on cloudy days, or at night though.
  3. ..With the Winchester name, would that be considered a shooting plane?
  4. ...Don't need to see it, it has to have more room than mine. I couldn't fit the...
  5. ...I must have missed trying to log in during that time period, because I didn't experience any problems.
  6. Not Dan, but actually not that much math. I used an online pulley speed calculator that you plug in the pulley size, and driven speed. It does get a bit confusing when using multiple step, and single groove pullies in combination. You have to determine the first set, and then use those numbers to determine the second set, etc., etc., etc.. One of these days I'm going to have to make a chart/graph for the various speed combinations.
  7. 34° ...Hows about I send you 6-8" of some white stuff to play with.
  8. 36° here now headed for 39° with snow/rain showers forecast. We got about 1/2" of snow overnight.
  9. ...I guess we don't age like wine Artie, but I so far made it to 62. ...Eyes gone, SWMBO swears I'm deaf, can't eat things I used to.....
  10. And Dan will pass it on to whoever is farther east!
  11. ...Glad it's outta here, that's what we had yesterday. 38° here now and partly cloudy.
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