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  1. ..Red Green would be proud! ..But I think I'll stick with bolts!
  2. ...I thinks I've got 1" 8 TPI to 1/2 straight bore figured out after a brief thinking period ...... ...Now if I takes this 1/2" bore 3" faceplate, and bolt it to this 1" 8 TPI 3" faceplate, and add a piece of 1/2" rod. ...Works for me. See Above ^ Present wife drama reducer.
  3. @John Morris, Thanks John... ... Now I needs to find adaptors that will go from either MT2 or 1" 8TPI to 1/2" straight bore.
  4. 7:30 AM 25° WC 12° forecast high of 33°, and windy. ..Thankfully the snow forecast came out like political promises...we got maybe 1/4"
  5. 7:45 AM 34° WC 23° 80% chance of "some kind of precipitation" with a "dusting to 3"" of whatever we get. .. Yesterdays forecast was calling for several inches of "wet heavy snow." It appears the N.E. winds have kept the major part of this storm front just South of the Ill., WI. state line. ..Hopefully it stays that way.
  6. ...Probably got the "Mash" name when someone mashed their fingers/thumb.
  7. Still moving rather slow, backs still giving me grief. So of course the weather forecast is calling for anywhere from 1-8+ inches of wet heavy SNLUSH! It all depends on which way the storm tracks.
  8. The Lowes by me has foam core plywood. The stuffs pretty weird, it's real flexible.
  9. You can tell I don't do much hunting. ...Well other than for rusty ARN. From the title I was expecting something like a duck call.
  10. ... Do like we do. Don't like one weather report switch the channel and watch another. Usually around here though none of them are correct, the only way to make sure is stick your head out the door.
  11. 10:35AM 44° headed towards 52° The SUN is shining Not looking forward to Tuesday/Wednesday forecast. Looks like we might get a few inches of SNLUSH.
  12. ...Talked to a ASE certified GM dealer mechanic I know. Told him the codes, and he said the following. "Check to see if the distributer shaft bushings may have went south. He stated they went to plastic bushings, and it's a common problem on the GM products, and when they go it's not uncommon for this to trigger several codes due to the misfire condition it creates."
  13. Why do you think I still manage to fix my own. The labor alone would be more than either one of ours is worth.
  14. ....Well now, got your moneys worth out of them plugs.
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