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Larry Buskirk

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    Bristol Wisconsin
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    You got me, you figure it out!
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    We the unwilling, lead by the unknowing, have done so much with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing!

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  1. Larry Buskirk

    Shop Organization

    Now if I could only get the throbbing in my head to quit.
  2. Larry Buskirk

    Shop Organization

    Much faster!
  3. Larry Buskirk

    Shop Organization

    Praise be Oh Glorious Leader
  4. Larry Buskirk

    Shop Organization

    All Right!
  5. Larry Buskirk

    Shop Organization

    Yeah Right!!!! Good luck finding anything in my shop. You must have found the floor, you found all the pencils.
  6. Larry Buskirk

    Shop Organization

    Click the "Insert other media" bar at the lower right. Click "Insert existing attachment" It will take you to a page of all the photos, etc. that you have uploaded by inserting into your posts.
  7. Larry Buskirk

    Shop Organization

    Sorry John, I haven't been uploading them they're in my attachments.
  8. Larry Buskirk

    Shop Organization

    John, & Gene, I like the fact that it's a single motor machine. And I'm sure change overs are not so bad. But you still have to do them. Vee also haff vays of combining machines and running them from a single motor. But Vee are not going to tell you now. You'll have to wait for an upcoming Old Machinery post.
  9. Larry Buskirk

    Shop Organization

    Hey John, They do have one thing going for them. The TS is a Tilty!
  10. Larry Buskirk

    Replace Box Sill

    Ya, Larry's first photo looked like the wall was sitting on the inside edge of the sill plate. The rotted joist looked like it was 90°from the wall. The second photo shows the rotted joist is part of the wall.
  11. Larry Buskirk

    Replace Box Sill

    Just make sure to use long screws and screw into the studs. Do you know anyone with a camping trailer? See if you could borrow their leveling jacks.
  12. Larry Buskirk

    Replace Box Sill

    Since the crawl space is accessible you could also support the wall from beneath using a 4x4 on jacks just shy of the outside joist.
  13. Larry Buskirk

    Replace Box Sill

    @LarryS Ok now I can see what you're working with. Since you have the wall down to the sheathing you could support the wall from the outside by screwing a 2x6 across the wall and using a few bottle jacks or camper jacks to take the weight off the end joist.
  14. Larry Buskirk

    Shop Organization

    I could have got one like that complete with all attachments for $500.00 awhile back. It was all original and ran&looked perfect.
  15. I was around then.

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