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  1. Those are just shortcuts to the task you want to do. Eliminates having to go through the menu every time you want to use that feature. They are inactive until you click on them.
  2. When you find it, right click on it and you will get the option of installing a shortcut (Icon) on the toolbar. After that all you have to do is click on the Icon.
  3. I'm not sure what you guys on the left coast call them. Towmotor, Clark, etc..
  4. John, When I was in Detroit for my apprenticeship they kept saying Hi-Low. Us guys from Wisconsin sat wondering what the heck is a Hi-Low? I had to ask, Duh it's a fork truck!
  5. The head is balanced to compensate for the one cutter knife. The notch below where the knife mounts makes up for the knife weight. I'll have to post photos of my 3 knife heads so you can see how it is balanced for 3 knives.
  6. I can tell who's from the Midwest by the terms scribe versus score.
  7. The cutting knives get locked into the head by the hole in the knife with a set screw located in the head. They are balanced well, and much safer than the old style slip knife cutters that got clamped between two plates top, and bottom. The slip knife cutter heads have a nasty reputation of sending knives flying.
  8. Will that 5/8" bore fit your ShopSmith John? I've got an old Delta set that uses 3 cutters for both the table saw and shaper. Same cutters two different size heads. They work well, but you have to feed the material slower than if you were using a router.
  9. When you find it, right click and install a shortcut for it to the tool bar. That way you won't have to look for it again.
  10. Gene , You'll find it listed under Windows Accessories. It allows you to capture what you see on your screen. You can capture the whole screen, or only the part you want. PNG is a file format similar to jpg. jpeg., etc. For quick access I added a shortcut for it to the bottom tool bar.
  11. Could also use the snipping tool feature, and save as a png. file.
  12. Ditto about yesterday ^ We had most of the night. We are currently under a flash flood alert. 68° now with 88% Humidity, Dewpoint 67° real foggy with 90% chance for more rain. Had to call the power company for another tree down on the power lines.
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