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  1. Looks like they are about ready to fly.
  2. Thanks guys for all the best wishes. My 80th birthday party with kids and grandkids took place on two different sides of the street ! ! ! ! None of us was allowed across the center yellow line. We all had a great time - although we got some strange looks from passers by.
  3. Thanks guys for the tips. All are welcomed. Don't have the $200 right now so will have to try the sled thingy.
  4. A jointer is one tool I do NOT have.
  5. The piece is 4/4 and about 4' long. I really like the "sled" idea. Thanks Will probably cut it to about 12" long for the sled.
  6. I have this great piece of Sepele that has a slight twist in it. I want to, some how, get rid of this twist. It seems to me that if I just put it through the planer that the twist will not be straightened out. Need help in trying to solve it. Anyone?
  7. Ooooops - forgot the most important thing - - - THANKS, GUYS
  8. What's really kewl is to set the lights up as random colors with a fade-in program. I'll try to get a video of it and upload it.
  9. This little guy is just 7" square. Lighted it with one of those multicolor TV led strips. (remote contoled of course).
  10. This lighted box has 60 daylight remotely controlled fairy lights installed. With the various lighting types, it really makes a unique piece. (In my humble opinion)
  11. Fred Wilson


    Stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.
  12. Great reply, Harry. Love the ideas. As for me I have a small fan that blows across the top of the table and a large box fan blowing lower AND a JET Air Filtration system up higher catching the stuff that goes airborne.
  13. Well, there ya go, Dan - PUTZING - I like it. With all our spring shows cancelled, my inventory continues to grow. Will be glad when they open up again so I can sell some of it. Glad everyone - well mostly - is sheltering in place. When I have to go out it is gloves and masks. Not willing to take the chance.
  14. Kevin - much better idea than cutting it short and plastic wooding it to fit
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