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Fred Wilson

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    Life is like a camera - - Focus on what's important, Capture the good times, Develop from the negatives,And if things don't work out, take another shot.

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  1. Fred Wilson

    Choosing the Right Blade for the Job

    Don, know what you mean. Most "modified Geometry" style blades are machined instead of stamped. Both sides of the blade are identical meaning they won't pull one direction or the other. Good choice.
  2. Fred Wilson

    20 Years Later

    Being that I was right in the middle of helping brining that tech stuff to market, I worried a lot that it would work as advertised. Sometimes the salesmen would advertise a feature and then we would have to make it work.
  3. Fred Wilson

    20 Years Later

    And this is really the truth. My how technology flies.
  4. Fred Wilson

    Equisite Rot and Spalted Wood

    WOW WOW WOW WOW Fantastic projects - I've got a LONG way to go before I would even attempt it
  5. Fred Wilson

    Word Art

    Great work, Harry Another great application to use is Inkscape. Inkscape Home Page Oh, did I mention it is FREE and there are great FREE tutorials on how to use it.
  6. Fred Wilson

    God Bless America

    Received this from my brother - I think this video should be broadcast by every TV station in the country. Super Bowl 39 This video was shot 13 + years ago. Been quite a change since then, hasn't there? Super Bowl Opening
  7. Fred Wilson

    Choosing the Right Blade for the Job

    Great replies, guys - thanks
  8. Fred Wilson

    Please Add Tags!

    I am happy to report that our Scrollsaw Forum members are doing an excellent job in adding tags to their threads. Thank you guys.
  9. I think your choice of blade for a particular job really is a personal choice with prior knowledge of your cutting habits. There are times where I will change sizes or type of blade during the cutting of a piece ! ie: long straight or slight curved lines vs tight inside cuts. Blade choice also depends on the speed of your saw, the thickness of the wood, and the hardness of the wood. OK - I don't think there is a hard and fast rule. Your style of cutting will choose your blade size and type.
  10. Fred Wilson

    Updating a Pricing List

    I guess I'm living and working in the wrong geographical area. My usual scrolling hourly rate is "minimum wage". Now if someone comes into the shop and want something done, it's $20 / hour for non-scrolling work. Yeh, I have been told I have a "Walmart" attitude when it comes to pricing. This is my hobby, folks,not a business. The bucks we get covers expenses, buys more wood and equipment AND sends us on vacations each year (where we are right now). That's my 2% of a dollar for this scrollsaw topic. Have a great day, brothers.
  11. Just sayin hi Fred, was perusing your profile, and just being nosy, cheers!

  12. Fred Wilson

    Happy Independence Day

    Just had to add this one. https://www.youtube.com/embed/YaxGNQE5ZLA And this one from John Wayne https://www.youtube.com/embed/UFv-fqQ9D_Y?rel=0
  13. Fred Wilson

    Intarsia - Judy Gale Roberts' Studio

    And I see that she is an Excaliber lover. (Me too) Yes, she is super talented and her creations have won many awards.
  14. Ron, really enjoyed this post. Thought I knew everything about the story. Learned more.
  15. For our U.S. Navy guys. Found this and wanted to share it. Picture of Sailor Jerri, her YouTube Video, her song, and the lyrics - - - - enjoy The lyrics are shown in the video. If you would like a personal copy of the song and lyrics, they can be downloaded by clicking on the "mp3" and the "pdf" files at the bottom. HallelujahSailor Jerri - HALLELUJAH FINAL 1.mp3 HallelujahVeteransVersionLyrics.pdf

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