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    Life is like a camera - - Focus on what's important, Capture the good times, Develop from the negatives,And if things don't work out, take another shot.

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  1. Kevin - much better idea than cutting it short and plastic wooding it to fit
  2. Just saw this one today - and since I have split many "small" planks with nails, I was extremely interested in this one. Great tips
  3. Thank you, Sire Judy and I still follow them every year.
  4. Great thought on the wax paper. Haven't tried that one yet. Thanks patch
  5. Scrollsawing is the skill, patience is the goal.
  6. Yeh, the victory signs were from my son and his buddy. We're all a little crazy at times. Love them all.
  7. Great tip, Patch. Hadn't thought about the 400 grit sandpaper idea. I know we all get scratches, glue drops, ect on our tables and I have just my little sanding block to shine it up. Heading down to my shop after browsing and using your great tip. Thanks
  8. Sandiply is a super smooth plywood. Don't know composition - maybe a member will know. Usually the board will have a figured side and a relativeily clear side.
  9. Fred Wilson


    Stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.
  10. Great point, Gene. There are quite a few woodworking web sites that offer suggestions as well - also free plans. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.
  11. Jess said - "This area where I stopped the blade it shows where I went on past where the line curves around and loops around to the next turn" Excellent tutorial. I have used this technique for quite some time and it really works. saves a lot of time and I get a lot more accurate cuts that way.
  12. Yes - however, not on a regular basis. If you want one let me know. They are on my website - gopopsshop.com Thanks for asking fred
  13. Bob - I made a plaque that is made from your tag line. Sometimes brings a tear to eyes. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  14. Well, sire, the velocipede would have been a great feat, however, the knees wouldn't have stood the test. I just used my trusty ole Excaliber. Thanks for the roses. Bob, it is my humble opinion that the scroll saw is meant to have the object material pushed through, therefore, (as much as possible) I push the object material even with a spiral blade. AND, the fact that my eye-hand-brain coordination seems to work better that way. thanks again y'all for the replies
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