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  1. Not tooooo bad with a good scroll saw and an extremely sharp Flying Dutchman #7 blade. Interesting project though. Thanks all for your comments. fred
  2. Ya know - it just might be hickory. I remember now picking some of it up and was amazed at it's hardness. By golly, by gee, Ron I think ya got it my friend.
  3. Dan- right hardness but never hafe I seen it with that color ! !!! Gene, could be - good one
    Just downloaded the pattern and it WILL be on the saw tomorrow. Thanks sire for including it.
  4. Hello esteemed colleges. Just finished this project and one cataloging it. I always include the species of wood it is cut from. As I said, "can't figger it out" ! Took a couple of pictures for you to ponder. The wood is harder than Oak. I thought it might be Walnut but to me the color is wrong and it is harder than standard Walnut. Anyone have an idea?????? The front side has already been finished with oil base lacquer and the backside is unfinished.
  5. Hey, Patch - great tutorial. On this same topic (hard to learn) I found these words of wisdom from Steve Good (which I have included below). With all of us scrollers the main word is PRACTICE. "I often tell people who tell me they can't use a scroll saw that they can if they just work through the first small failures(perceived failures). Art has more to do with passion than talent. If you find your passion then you will struggle through early failures. Those early failures stop 95% of people from trusting that they can do it. You can do it. Don't let
  6. And to one and all Happy Thanksgiving. Special blessing go out to our heroes serving our country throughout the world.
  7. Thanks guys for the tips. All are welcomed. Don't have the $200 right now so will have to try the sled thingy.
  8. A jointer is one tool I do NOT have.
  9. The piece is 4/4 and about 4' long. I really like the "sled" idea. Thanks Will probably cut it to about 12" long for the sled.
  10. I have this great piece of Sepele that has a slight twist in it. I want to, some how, get rid of this twist. It seems to me that if I just put it through the planer that the twist will not be straightened out. Need help in trying to solve it. Anyone?
  11. Ooooops - forgot the most important thing - - - THANKS, GUYS
  12. What's really kewl is to set the lights up as random colors with a fade-in program. I'll try to get a video of it and upload it.
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