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  1. Thanks guys To Ron--Suede is a little tricky to work with so I began by cutting the sections to rough size and applied spray -on shellac to the back side to stiffen it up a bit and to keep it from fraying . I then cut the pieces to the exact size with a rotary cutter and use yellow glue spread evenly with a small paint brush onto the plywood backer. Without the shellac the glue has a tendency to bleed through the suede causing a big mess. The yellow glue gives me ample time to position the piece into position.
  2. Hi Everyone Here are a few photos of my newest project. Made from Walnut with Holly accents. The Intarsia Crusader Cross is made from Holly and Ebony surrounded with bookmatched walnut. The interior is lined with blue suede . Measures 15" x 15" x 8". The hardware is Nickel plated.Here is the info sent to me by the client; I am a police officer in NC, and am interested in having a custom valet box made to house / organize all daily carry items. I have drawn the internal layout & attached as two files. Also, I would would like to have a cross inside a shield (as attached) inlayed large/centered on the lid, and my initials inlaid in small letters near the front/bottom right corner of the lid. All the dimensions in my sketches are minimum internal dimensions for the sections, and several of the items have tight tolerances, so the overall size would need to be slightly scaled up to allow for the thickness of the wood. And here are the photos of the finished project. Challenging Project
  3. Thanks everyone for the comments. To Courtland-The block is made up of 33 different pieces of wood precisely fit together. The cherry slot face is 3/4" thick and the interior sections are routed and fit to align with the slots. Here is a photo of the back of the block showing the different pieces .
  4. Hi Everyone Here are a couple of projects I've been working on. The first one is a Custom Stand for a Randall 3.0 beer flavor inducer..A couple of years ago I did the tower and tap handles for the Rabid Otter Brewery and the owner added the Randell 3.0 Flavor Inducer but needed a custom stand made to match the tower and taps. I also had to make a larger version of the logo and another tap handle. So here it is-- made from solid mahogany with the Intarsia logo(60 pieces from 10 woods).Also a photo of the original Taps and tower.Fun Stuff!!! The second project is a large Custom Knife Block. Made from Zebrawood with Cherry slot face. Measures 15" L x 9" W x 11" tall and weighs 19 lbs . All of the Zebrawood sections are bookmatched. I used a #5 skip tooth blade to cut the slots into the 3/4" cherry face. The interior sections that make up the thru slots are made of cherry. Finished with 5 coats of wipe-on satin poly Challenging project
  5. To Cliff-A little history Hamilton Crest Badge Chiefs of clans have the right to wear their crests as badges: either simpliciter, i.e. without the accompaniment of circlet, motto or feathers behind the badge; or, as is more usual, surrounded with a plain circlet inscribed with his motto or slogan, (not a strap and buckle), and, if they choose, with three eagle's feathers behind the circlet. The Clan Hamilton crest badge consists of the crest of the Duke of Hamilton's coat of arms encircled with a strap and buckle, the strap bearing the family motto "Through". The strap and buckle is the sign of a clansman and shows a family affiliation by wearing the head of the family's crest within the strap. Although the crest badge is purchased by, and owned by the clansman, the heraldic crest and motto on it belong to the Duke. They are the Duke's heraldic property which clansmen are only permitted to wear. Origin of Motto Through Now that I have all the background you say, "What does the tree and the saw mean and where ever did the motto come from?" Well, legend says that one Gilbert de Hamilton was in office at the court of Edward the II of England. In 1325, he spoke in public, praising Robert the Bruce, and was assaulted by John de Spencer who felt that the speech was treacherous. Gilbert de Hamilton challenged his assailant, but de Spencer refused to fight, so Gilbert de Hamilton killed him. He then fled with his servant towards Scotland, hotly pursued by members of the enraged de Spencer family. Shortly after entering Scotland, Gilbert reached a forest and, realizing that he was close to being captured, he and his attendant changed clothes with two woodcutters. They took a frame-saw and began felling an oak tree. As his enemies drew closes, Gilbert de Hamilton noticed that his servant was looking decidedly nervous, and afraid that he might give them away with his frightened stares, he diverted his attention by shouting "Through", the traditional woodcutters exclamation. (In North America, Timber" is the commonly used exclamation.) In celebration of his successful escape from sure death, the family took 'Through" as their motto, and incorporated an oak tree and a frame saw into their coat of arms. The ducal cornet was probably incorporated into the Hamilton crest after the birth of James in 1475, second Lord Hamilton, who was the son of James, first Lord Hamilton and his wife the Princess Mary. This second Lord Hamilton was created Earl of Arran in 1503, and as the son of Princess Mary, was in line for the throne of Scotland.
  6. Hi Everyone This is a Custom Beer Tap Handle of the Hamilton Crest I just completed. Overall dimensions are 8 1/2" tall x 3.75" wide The Intarsia consists of 60 pieces from 9 different woods. The biggest challenge on this project (besides working with lots of little pieces) was bending the 2 ebony bands. I cut the ebony into 3/16" x 1/16" strips then using a woodburning iron heated the strips on the shaft of the iron and formed the circular shapes until they fit. Great trick if you need to make curved shapes. The dime shows the scale of the pieces. Challenging little project
  7. Thanks guys The stars were a little tricky to do.I began by drilling a 3/64th hole in the center of each star in the background wood then threading a 3/0 blade through the hole. I then cut out the recess for each star. I then use the hole to do a rubbing of the outline of the star and transfer this to a piece of sticky back label paper to do the cutting of each star. Getting the outline of the star right is the tricky part. Patience is the key to this work.
  8. Mike Mathieu

    Intarsia Art by Mike Mathieu

    I started creating Intarsia in 1993.One of my main objectives through the years has been to learn about and use the natural colors and grains of many different woods in my art. By combining texturing and detail carving I am able to enhance the dimensional effect that I think Intarsia is all about. All of my Intarsia Art is created using natural colored woods.
  9. I just finished this pet urn for a client in memory of "Bubz" the dog. The urn is made from antique mahogany and measures 8" x 8" x 4" and has a removable bottom cover. The Intarsia consists of 45 pieces from 9 different woods. The Subject photo of "Bubz" supplied by the client. The finished urn
  10. Just Couldn't stand it!!! Intarsia is done, Shelves are done, little turned screw buttons are done. still have to apply more coats of finish but just had to see what the whole thing looks like assembled so here it is. Have to break it down anyways for shipping to Switzerland.
  11. Intarsia is DONE Still have to apply a couple more coats of finish then do the assembly of the entire shelf unit. Also need to expose the left panel to UV for a couple of hours to let the Lignum " green out" a little more
  12. Thanks Lew I had the letters laser engraved then used a mixture of ebony dust and white glue to do the inlay. Works great
  13. Thanks Lew The flower is made from Purpleheart
  14. Almost There!!! I'm running a few days behind on this project but should wrap it up in the next week or so. All that is left is to finish the intarsia and apply a few coats of finish, The right upright is complete with 3 coats of wipe-on and spray poly.
  15. Hi Lew I used select cuts of Blue Mahoe for the different shades of water
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