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  1. I have said a lot that common sense must weigh a lot because in some people it seems to leak out some where.
  2. 79 and still upright and healthy
  3. In grade school somebody gave me a skunk that had his anal glands removed ( where the stink comes from). He would play with me and while I was after him he would stop and acted like he was going to squirt me but only fired blanks. He disappeared one day. Neighbors would come by an tell me they thought they spotted my skunk. I asked why the didn't catch him and bring him back. They would reply they weren't sure it was my skunk. Later in life I attended Veterinary School and learned skunks can carry rabies and appear healthy. I quit messing with skunks.
  4. I used to live in New Mexico. There is a pecan orchard in southern New Mexico that spans the road. In the summer time you drive thru a "tunnel" and the temp drops drastically. I was told a pecan tree takes 7-8 years to produce an lives over 100 years, still producing.
  5. I have carved for many years. When I had a real job I had to fly somewhere. I would take a towel to catch the wood chips and a carving knife on the airplane. Try to do that these days.
  6. I built a bird feeder feeder that resembled a granary with an over hang to protect the bird seed from the weather. I didn't mind the squirrels eating out of it but they started eating on the wood. It was mounted on a dead tree. To keep the squirrels out, I then mounted it on a pipe. The little bussy tailed buggers could climb to the feeder. I then mounted a gallon soft drink plastic bottle upside down on the pipe. They would climb the pipe, look around but couldn't get around it. I was sitting on the back porch and noticed a squirrel in the feeder. As I watched they would climb a tree close buy and jump on the feeder. I then went to the shop, got some sheet aluminum and covered the roof. The squirrels would climb the tree, jump to the feeder and fall to the ground. Someone ask my daughter what I did in my retirement and she said he sits on the back porch and try's to outsmart squillels.
  7. When I was fixing to retire several years ago, some coworkers asked me if I was going to move and downsize. I told them I was staying because of my shop. I told them I had built a casket. It was in my shop in cardboard boxes because I didn't want looking at it. When I croaked my wife was to open the box where she would find a hammer, nails and instructions for assembly. She was to put me in the casket, call the backhoe and bury me outside by the front door to my shop. I wasn't leaving.
  8. I turn pens, bottle stoppers, toothpick holders and handles for kitchen tools. I give them to friends and relatives for Christmas presents, birthdays and appreciation gifts. I keep an Excell spread sheet on who gets what. I looked the other day and I have given away 165 pens. I didn't realize I had that many friends.
  9. I, many years ago, did not know what a pill bottle was. Now I have so many they are everywhere in my shop with various items in them.
  10. I made two chairs and a two seater out of cyprees about 8-10 years ago that set on our back porch. I can't remember where I got the plans. They are very comfortable to set in. We have cushions on them. Every one who visits like them.
  11. I have been using the Abranet sanding products on my turnings since I discovered them. I am pleased with the results.
  12. I have jigsaw puzzles on my iPad. This was a "free" puzzle showing a tree in Denmark.
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