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  1. U.S. Army August 1996 - October 2010 2004-2005 Iraq D Co 711th Signal QRF 2007-2008 B Co 1/20th SFG Classified deployment
  2. Thank you Arlin for the welcome and the nice comment. John, it is an 8X12 portable building that I have insulated and run electricity to. For right now since I'm just turning mostly to give me an escape it does what I need :-).
  3. Ok, after finally getting my truck fixed I started back in the shop. Oh I finally got my shop setup. I have power and lights yeah......Well back to the projects. First I finally finished turning my Cedar toothbrush holder. I turned a Bremease (spelling) Blackwood cane for a birthday present, made a pencil for my daughter used babinga, purpleheart, and black walnut and a cotton rag to burn the rings into it. (yes I know using the rag is dangerous :-/), turned a pestle and mortar for a friend using a piece of wood he gave me for the pestle and a piece of very rare South American Mahogany. Here are some pictures, I will put the rest in my photos on my profile page. Hope this isn't to many pictures in one post lol. Â
  4. Sorry it's taken me so long to post. Been a busy bee lately. Anyway, yes I do believe that it is yellow pine. Thank you all for the comments. I'll be starting a new discussion soon with all my latest projects.
  5. thank you, it was an interesting project the finish is the bee's wax and mineral oil stuff you gave me. I need to get a hollowing tool. I'm using short metal turning tool and I have to be extreamely light handed with it or what I'm turning will split even with thicker walls.
  6. Ron, Thank you for the welcome and the comment. I am cruising the site often now just to see what I can try to get into next lol.  Ron Dudelston said:
  7. No John I don't mind at all thanks for the help and the link.  Ok that was my first pen blank lol, knock on wood it's a while before I go through more than one per pen. So far to date I have turned 9 wooden pens and one full Deer Antler pen. Yes, the cane will break down into three pieces those are brass couplings.  John Morris said:
  8. Just wanted to stop in and say hi and introduce myself. I am just starting into wood turning and it is becoming recreational therapy for me. I used to hunt and fish almost year round but since I put the hunting gear up last spring I haven't found the motivation or the joy I used to have in doing it. Since I reinjured my back in a training exercise it is difficult for me to walk long distances, sit for long periods or stand for long periods in one place or position. But since November of 2011 when John (Moody) taught me how to turn my first pen I was hooked. I find great joy and pleasure in creating these things out of wood. It has also given me time away from the "Combat Zone" in my head because all I think about is what I'm creating and nothing else. Here are some pics of my work so far.
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