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  1. Cliff

    Router Boss

    looks like a good bit of kit. Climb milling can be done under control. There is an amazing amount of adjustment. However I would not think to replace my slot mortiser / miller with the thing for a bunch of reasons. I can achieve better accuracy and repeatability plus I can mount boards as long as I please and mill the directly into the ends . That rig is height limited. It won't replace the router table for things like long passes as in when making molding For Dovetails I wouldn't use it for the same reason I don't prefer DT fixtures. I don't like the look a of a DT made with a DT cutter. Too stubby and thick for me. So before dropping the 900 on it I should think one would examine the over all utility one might get from it.
  2. catch some fish. shoot a bear. Fly the helicopter.
  3. Cliff

    Homemade Hybrids

    dunno how it'll work in fish but I was seized by an involuntary snapping of the jaws
  4. Cliff

    Eames Design

    My idiot brother in law got himself one of those 2000 dollar stressless chairs. I've tried it. Don't like it. wouldn't have paid $25 for it much less 2 Grand. I can build a more comfortable chair myself. In fact I built 9 of 'em.
  5. Cliff

    WW Magazines

    I get Mortise and Tenon but its full of errors. I get it because it's kind of cool. FWW is like COSMOPOLITAN trashy full of re heated redrafts of the same old garbage " THE LAST WIPE ON POLY YOU'LL EVER NEED" Cosmo does the exact same thing. It relies on slightly sexually titillating garbage but it's all just reheated re titled articles they keep on a merry go round. Fine Woodworking is targeted almost exclusively at people just entering the hobby. You know, the Noobs full of hope and pockets overflowing with cash they can't wait to squander on something they don't need or won't quite do the job because they are still in the stage where they thinking they if just had this tool or appliance that they could turn out masterworks. That's the FWW customer base that their marketing has identified as their core audience AWW American WoodTurner is good. The material in old issues is not repeated in the newer ones. They really do try to keep up with what's going in in the craft. WOODTURNING is pretty good. Or maybe we're just a bunch of Jaded cynical grizzled old cogers angry that the new guy won't empty the stinkin spitoon.
  6. Cliff

    Cordless Tools

    OK is that indicative of a negative condition?
  7. Cliff

    Cordless Tools

    Well I was using the drill to build some shelving in my shop/ garage/ cellar - combo. Driving 1.5 & 2" Tapcons and large 2.5" screws all day lots and lots of screws. The battery is still performing fine. The clutch works very well. One thing with the clutch set to any setting and the drill is not loaded and I run it free and release the trigger there is a banging from the drill that does not happen when there is a load of any sort. IT's a tad disquieting to hear. Sounds like gears crashing. I guess the lesson is don't just crank it on and off for the sheer thrill of it. And the stinkin' thing is powerful. I mean deserving of the half inch status. The chuck is limited on the down side. It won't hold a drill smaller than 0.625" well. But whatDaYaWant for a half inch drill?
  8. Cliff

    Sliding Router Table Upgrade

    you put a lube on that?
  9. Cliff

    Buying Plywood Router Bits (Undersized)

    I know what you are doing. I considered the same thing but held back for fear that the cheap slimy stingy Ba#$@#$ds in the lumber industry would change it all up again and make the lumber smaller still.
  10. Cliff

    My Latest Dilema

  11. Cliff

    Sliding Router Table Upgrade

    wow. Just wow. That's really great. I got a question. How do you like that MLCS slider? Any slop or chatter? got any pics of the bearing carriage ?
  12. some months ago I used a big project to purchase a couple of pricey tools one was a milwaukee 18 volt circular saw. The weight took some getting used to as I was used to the old school heavy grade worm drive skillsaw. SO I've been using the thing. I gotta say I am really impressed. The prior experience I've had with cordless has all been bad. No power what power there is is fleeting and the batteries run down. They were awful so I didn't buy any. But I'd been reading lately that things have really improved. So I got one. Just one. The saw and two batteries ( two because I still didn't have faith that they had any staying power) and the charger. Well I ended up never using that second battery but one time. The thing is rugged and powerful. One time I ran the battery down on a single job. I was cutting 6" wide dados in several 6 x 6 in beams to use as interlocking joinery. I sliced hundreds of cuts and then used a chisel to make the dadoes. Other than that one time I've never run a battery down. I never noticed any flagging of power in the tool. So now I guess I'm sold on cordless. So I just got a milwaukee half inch drill / driver. And playing with that a little I am very happy with the tool's capability and power.
  13. Cliff

    Hand Cut Dovetail Tips

    Well for my money it isn't the hard way. IT's easier and I think it looks a lot better too. I can't stand the jig and the router and the noise and the dust and the terrifying holding on for dear life while the cutter takes a bite that is insanely too deep. It all gets on my nerves.
  14. Cliff

    Friction Stir Welding

    It creates a dovetail joint while softening and bonding the surfaces of dissimilar metals like Aluminum and steel. The first video linked pay attention at 1:50 to see from above what a marvelous seam it creates. The tool has little nubs the call scribes the nubs distort the base steel layer while the rotating body of the tool heats everything up making the aluminum a paste and the steel soft enough to form a mechanical bond at the grain level of the metal The second video linked is a more graphical explanation This is what it can look like from the side
  15. Cliff

    Hand Cut Dovetail Tips

    I think the hardest thing is deciding that one is going to go for it. Then suddenly it's shocking how easy it is.

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