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  1. Oh not very well ,I completely stripped down way back and restored around half of the machine need to get back to it ,been so busy at work just can't get time! Regards Michael.
  2. Can any one help,I'm trying to find the paint code for the rm planer that jack english machines used.mick
  3. Hi jack,I have started to restore the rm planer thicknesser and wondered if you could help me to find the r a l colour code it the old blue grey colour thanks,did you get your rm sorted out,can't wait to see your youtube video with the moulding cutters in.I would be beat with out your posts on Canadian woodworker keep up the great work regards mick.
  4. Can't get over how good it looks, you've done a fine job . Just starting to do up a rma planer cant decide on a colour but at the minute the black and gold you used is what I want to use. Is it enamel black and how many coats did you use ? Regards, Mick
  5. hi there,thanks for the reply .I never used a plan just made it up out of my head,will post better pics of it ,regards mick  Lance The Dude Granum said:
  6. while renovating a church in belfast i was lucky enough to salvage the original pine ceiling dating back to 1600s or so i was told i made this case to hold my collection of planes chisels and disston saws .hope you all like .mick
  7. bought this old lady for restoration,she runs great,could do with some tips from the experts.may be i need my head looked at never done any thing this size before ,help......mick
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