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  1. Embarrassed to say I haven't looked to see what kind of blade my bother left on it other than he said it was a couple months old. we used it on the new deck broads for the deck. cut through them like butter .
  2. I am proud of my knew saw that I won't lie about. but who said anything about retiring my old saw. weas for te new one My Bother takes care of tools like me, we learned from our dad. the tools he had he used to make a living with so they where taken care of.
  3. New project just left the drawing broad and hit the bench today. after lose the old house in the fire I also lost my drawing broad. I loved that broad. now that we are in the new house and the deck I have been working on is about done. get back to my art. I needed a desk top type of drawing table not enough space for a bigger one. it will be a 25X25 inches. I kind of have the plans in my head for what I am wanting, It custom made to fit my desk. I have seen some cheep ones at the art supple store but they just look cheep and feel cheep. Any way before the heat took over today I got most of the frame cut out. now just need to find a drill press that I can use.
  4. I would rather be in my shop tomorrow, but time to do some more home maintenance that badly needs to be done. Only been in the new house a few months now and been notching, when it rains that I have water going over the sides of the gutters and not the downspouts. Got my hose and gutter cleaner out thinking this would not be a big job. Oh how wrong I was... as soon as I put my gutter cleaning tool over the edge it hit what ever has been building up in there for years. Aint no one going to come and do the job for me.even thought they have all said just asks, I have been asking to deadf ears. and "well we do have a life of our own you know". So with two bad hips and two bad. knees... who am I kidding I don't have any knees anymore. But I will be going up and down ladder all day till the job is done or I fall off the ladder and can't get back up. in that case just bring me a cold one
  5. got this today finely getting Brother replaced his and passed it on to me. Not what I was saving up for, But then I am very happy to have it. before all I had was an old miter box I have had since the 80's. has been used and abused you could say. Just used the old one on a project on our deck and to make a new step from the lower deck to the upper deck. Took all day with the old saw. Now I got to go have some scap wood I need to run through the new one
  6. p_toad easel I have. I prefer to do my drawing on a drafting type table. I will be checking into the Countertops I sure I can find something like that around here.
  7. A Few years back I lost my Drafting table that I did all my art work on, in a house fire along with most of my wood working tools. Also the desire to create anything. I am now I am in a new home started to get back into wood working again. I am also wanting to get back into creating my art again. the old me coming back. What I need now is plans for a Drafting table. One that would fit a 30X36" desk top would be great. I have an Ideal what I am wanting but would like to see some ideals.
  8. To be honest I have been looking in the Shopsmith’s. Had a friend years a go that had a shopsmith mark V If I remember right. I loved to
  9. Loosk good, since our move my wife wanting something like that for her quiting room.
  10. OH forgot to say I am wanting to try an live edge wood epoxy pore dinning room table. I already got the table frame done in Cherry, Just not found the right wood for the top yet. I get the Mad and we will be eating off a fancy table. LOL
  11. Thanks for the Welcome back it feels Like I have come home. Cal i am in S/W Indiana. AS soon as I get all the boxes out of the garage I will be sitting up a new shop. I already have a list of things I want to build. Like a couple of Cabinets for the pantry, wife thinks she needs a place to put can goods. Also thinking about really pushing my limits to try a guitar build, may cheat and go with a kit for the first one. get and Ideal what to do and get measurements from it.
  12. I am back.. You would not believe what happen to me on the way to the lumber yard. Jokes a side. We had I had a house fire a few years back, we pretty much lost everything even my little shop. We end up living in a trailer park for a few years. By the time I had a computer I had lost my way to get back to here. With no wood working tools I kind of felt I no longer belonged here. I started to build a small shop in an 12'X20" shed. I now have a small table saw, bench top band saw and a lot of hand tools. I have since just moved into a new house and will be slowly building me a new shop, well more like adding the missing pieces, like a drill press, joiner ECT.
  13. Phil, just checking up on you ol Pal, how have ya been? Hope all is well.


  14. John if you can get better Photos of that Label and sizes I could recreate it for you and send you the file. There are probably better Graphic Designers that are closer to you but it's what I did at one time.
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