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  1. Alright the old copy and paste into a word document and save as whatever you want. My computer is 2013 edition don't see the snipping tool anywhere, could do a print screen and save it that way to I guess.
  2. Guys just as a piece of info how would we go about saving a post to our own computers?? Not really from the free for all forum but from any forum topic like questions asked and answered.
  3. Found it!! Could you give me a model number perhaps was just coming home to order the version I posted.
  4. Pat, great to see you viewing our community lately, hope to see you around often! Thanks for being here!

    1. Pat Meeuwissen

      Pat Meeuwissen

      I enjoy the fellowship of this group very much, several members have been extremely helpful on as well as off the forum. 

  5. Never had good luck working with mdf, even bought the special conformat? screws, predrilled and the material still split on me. I have a Porter cable 3 1/2 horse plunge router so have plenty of power to work with the larger bit.
  6. Guys, thanks for the suggestions and I'll be getting the original bit I inquired about. I would love to see some pics of your sleds for doing this?? Or suggestions for making a good solid version, I've seen quite a few on YouTube that when the router is being pushed back and forth that the carriage dips in the center under the weight.
  7. Guys, I have a rough slab to flatten and am making a router sled, to do the work I found an Whiteside 6220 router bit which looks like it would do a good job. Found some carbide insert ones that are not in the budget, ($100) any others I should look at? While I'm asking I'd love to be able to afford the Woodpecker version I have a beer budget can you guys share your router jig setups please?
  8. I like it as a novel solution for a drawer that was already build but if building from scratch I think its more practical to build two slimmer drawers. Doing it like in the video your loosing the extra storage from the width to build it in the existing drawer. Thanks for posting the video link doing from my cell phone was just not possible for me.
  9. Good afternoon guys, I have been fooling around with a set of drawers to add to an old work table. Trying different styles and designs of slides, wood, commercial version full extension. While surfing came across the Wood whisperer's drawer in a drawer video, even posted a question to ask why build this design as opposed to just making a second drawer. What are your opinions on this? "Double your drawer space" on YouTube
  10. Guys, found this calculator and it worked perfectly. https://www.blocklayer.com/trig/righttriangles.aspx
  11. great project with accuracy to boot. Can you show it in action on the project? You got me very curious.
  12. Very nice build, the lamination glue up looks like a well thought out process. Did you have to allow for any spring back on a piece this thick? How much more open time does the glue provide?
  13. John, I'm making a version of the Paulk workbench to work out side in my driveway. Going to install t trak in the top and add a pipe clamp on the end to use as a vise with that. No dogholes like this but will make the cutouts for the tools underneath. My table saw is right in my garage so this will be more like an assembly table. Low ceiling in the basement limits projects during the winter months. The main reason I asked the question was to learn how to simply calculate the angle cuts myself.
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