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  1. I've tried both Avast and Chrome
  2. Just tried just putting test in all three boxes. It still didn't load and blanked out the text in the first two boxes.
  3. I had things filled in the boxes that now say required
  4. There was a dialog box that popped up that said it restored my previous something.... Your previous content has been restored. Clear editor
  5. Ok, just tried to start my own thread and got this again.
  6. This is John Morris, signed in as Pat, with his permission. Testing to see if Pat's account is having issues with starting a topic and uploading images.
  7. I went to the show in NJ as well, if you were into turning you had allot to look at. The rest of the show was very disappointing, I liked it much better when it was at the Edison convention center way more vendors and some decent deals to be had. I bought some walnut scraps and a new crosscut blade for my tablesaw (just because I needed it no deal)
  8. Guys, made some more progress. Waiting for lazy susan hardware. I hand planed the banding and it worked quite well. Then took my trim router and attached a 1/4" piece of plywood to the bottom to bring it even with the top of the banding to do the round over. Cut a piece of thin silicone mat to match the interior radius to sand the inside. Got the drawers sanded, fitted and lined with 1/8" melamine. Installed pulls.
  9. Derek, loving this step by step build. Learning a ton, I'm not much of a hand tool woodworker but love to see how to do it. I can translate them to power tools. I'm going to ask though since the exterior sides are long grain and the dividers run vertical won't that cause the guides to twist against each other? I saw you addressed it in a previous section but longitudinal and horizontal movement will never equalize?
  10. I managed to get all the layers on with some irregularity but the top is leveled (used a sharp block plane)and shaped edges with my router. My clamp collection is fairly good, I think technique was lacking on the first one, which made the others more difficult.
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