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  1. Lew and I are doing a redesign behind the curtain. As soon as we work it out I'll post the results.
  2. Just a silly birdhouse, an exercise in how to do things. Already have the twelve sided body glued up and planned clean.
  3. This is a piece I finished for my niece's son. Baseball display.
  4. Another leather piece, think I'm getting better. Axe guard.
  5. Lew, with the way I cut them the angle would need to be drastically less than the 23.2 because the gap was way too open when I had all twelve sections in place.
  6. I'll come help you sorry those bottles.
  7. https://www.blocklayer.com/pyramid-calculatoreng.aspx
  8. Guys, I use a website called Blocklayer to get allot of my calculators, used it this time to make a twelve sided roof and I must have interpreted something incorrectly. My settings on the tablesaw were 78.4 on the miter and 23.2 on the bevel which I took to mean from 90 that was 66.8. This did not give me the results I wanted at all instead of a roof from 12 pieces which when joined should produce a lift of 3 23/32" and a spread of 9.? not sure exactly what it was. I was able to get 7 sections to glue together well but produced a roof that was only 5 1/2" across and 6" high. I'm attaching the printout from the website where did I go wrong????
  9. Guys, didn't really learn too much about my situation but allot about where to get custom blades and everybody's medical mishaps. ;-) Save two. Hope everybody is now doing well except for those major bills. Mine were $78k for my heart surgeon.
  10. Most of the work on the bandsaw consists of 1/2-3/4" hardwoods, with some occasional softwoods thrown in.
  11. Good morning guys, I need to get some new blades for my band saw. I have been using Olson blades for the past few times and am not disappointed with them, but was wondering if there were any others you might like? Most of the time I keep a 1/4" blade installed but I'm starting to lean towards maybe something a little larger as it does a good job cutting curves but not great for straight cuts. What is your everyday preferred blade size and tooth combo? Thanks Pat
  12. I'm thinking the second one(what brand is it?) won't be in my less than $100 price point. Would love to see a picture of your sled setup. Thanks for your input.
  13. Alright the old copy and paste into a word document and save as whatever you want. My computer is 2013 edition don't see the snipping tool anywhere, could do a print screen and save it that way to I guess.
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