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  1. Guys, checking in to say I'm still here and as healthy as can be. Going to get some ideas on how you size parts of a piece of furniture relative to the size of the overall piece? Let's say an end table 24" high 13" wide I'm thinking the legs should be about an 1 1/2" squared?
  2. No, I tried to enter just text NO picture
  3. I tried the other day to post in the plans forum with just text sms it still didn't work
  4. I don't understand why is it I can post to this thread but not start my own. The settings on my end would be the same for either application, no??? Here's where I'm at with my chair. Build 99% sanded, now just have to wait for it to stop raining so I can paint it.
  5. I've tried both Avast and Chrome
  6. Just tried just putting test in all three boxes. It still didn't load and blanked out the text in the first two boxes.
  7. I had things filled in the boxes that now say required
  8. There was a dialog box that popped up that said it restored my previous something.... Your previous content has been restored. Clear editor
  9. Ok, just tried to start my own thread and got this again.
  10. It loaded tonite in this thread??
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