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  1. Pat Meeuwissen

    Leigh D4 Jig

    Good morning guys, I do have the book and a vhs tape which I have to dig out an old vcr to watch. Was hoping someone owned one and could give specific trouble spots and what to fine tune to get it operational sooner. Appreciate the help, Pat
  2. Pat Meeuwissen

    Leigh D4 Jig

    Guys, I got myself a used one of these and was wondering if anyone had one that might have some insights on setup and so forth. I bought at a very fair price and it's in real good condition. Thanks for any input, Pat
  3. Pat Meeuwissen

    Magazine Article? Help

    Thank you much appreciated.
  4. Pat Meeuwissen

    Magazine Article? Help

    August 2000 issue of Fine Woodworking magazine I was wondering if anyone has this magazine and could copy me the article about automating the dust collection?
  5. Pat Meeuwissen

    Buying Plywood Router Bits (Undersized)

    Thanks all for the recommendations. Hoping someone will offer a great deal on Memorial Day.
  6. Pat Meeuwissen

    Sliding Router Table Upgrade

    Probably tough on the impeller, but at least it got lubricated. Great job on the upgrades, why did you cut out the bottom of the router box, to get in fresh air??
  7. Pat Meeuwissen

    Hauling Logs

    These are some of the collection of reference pics I've saved over the years to build for my railroad modeling.
  8. Pat Meeuwissen

    Blue Bird House

    All we seem to get is finches and crackles, all the pretty ones come to the feeders my wife puts out but don't go into any of the houses I've build. This one has about 10 finches in it.
  9. Good morning to all the mothers out there. I'm in the market to buy a set of these bits, I'm leaning towards the Whiteside 470 set but was looking to see if there was any others that might be good as well? Any special place to buy to get a good deal would be really appreciated. Pat
  10. Pat Meeuwissen

    Garage Doors

    Thanks guys much appreciate the input about the doors. It seems the thread has taken a weird turn!! ;-)
  11. Pat Meeuwissen

    Garage Doors

    Guys, I have been asked to build a set of swinging garage doors. They will be painted so besides something like cedar or white oak, what choices of lumber would hold up better/best. Of course MONEY is a deterrent, but the opening is a custom size and won't fit a standard door. The existing doors were just glued and nailed from the back, I'm thinking of doing tongue and groove between the boards before glue and adding the bracing?? Thanks for any input.
  12. Can't post my work yet as it is a present my son is giving this weekend. SWMBO asked for a couple of frames and am working on those right now.
  13. Pat Meeuwissen

    rubber wood??

    Guys here is my "wooden" version all finished.
  14. Pat Meeuwissen

    Looking to make a sled jig

    Do you set bevel on the blade at the same time?
  15. Pat Meeuwissen

    rubber wood??

    A friend showed me a picture the other day for an angled shelf which was made from "solid rubber wood". Where exactly does this stuff come from and where does it fall on the hardness scale. No wonder when you tell someone that the price of the wood will be higher than the cost of a "finished" piece they think you're ripping them off.

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