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Pat Meeuwissen

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  1. Pat Meeuwissen

    Router technique??

    I see and get it but with what this will be (for show only)and the bands around the outside(opportunity to try steam bending) I don't they are necessary for this application.
  2. Pat Meeuwissen

    Router technique??

    I did use Lew's idea. It work very well here's a pic to keep the build current.
  3. Pat Meeuwissen

    Router technique??

    Managed to route the rabbet, got the base made and glued in.
  4. Pat Meeuwissen

    Router technique??

    No they will be strictly decorative
  5. Pat Meeuwissen

    Router technique??

    The staves are only half inch thick might be a little tough to spline them.
  6. Pat Meeuwissen

    Router technique??

    Yes Lew , my wife got me some pics of an original and that's the way they were built. I was going from internet pictures which never showed the bottom. These are actually used for sugar/sap collection so they needed to be completely sealed like a bucket.
  7. Pat Meeuwissen

    Router technique??

    Guys, thanks for the info. I made a circle template and I'm waiting for the blocks I glued to the bottom to dry before routing the rabbet. As I go forward I'm going to route a groove in the staves b4 they are cut. Then I'll taper the circle bottom an glue it in as the firkin gets assembled. Thinking the bands around the exterior will go a long way to holding it all together.
  8. Pat Meeuwissen

    Router technique??

    I like this Lew, I hope I have a short enough pattern bit.
  9. Pat Meeuwissen

    Router technique??

    No but have figured out the technique. This is a firkin, working on a set. Making a steam box today to do the rings.
  10. Pat Meeuwissen

    Wife in Hospital

    Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.
  11. Pat Meeuwissen

    Router technique??

    Guys, I want to inlay a circle base into this shape how can I route a round rabbet on the inside of this shape?
  12. Pat Meeuwissen

    Used Books for Shaker Furniture

    Guys, has anyone built some shaker boxes? Was looking for some reading material on the subject. Was wondering if this one had any info on the them? Shop Drawings of Shaker Furniture and Woodenware by Ejner Handberg
  13. Pat Meeuwissen

    Working Leather?

    Thank you John, that is some very good info. Kari had mentioned she was going to put together a list of beginner tools did you get that? If not I can ask her when I send her my thank you email. Pat
  14. Pat Meeuwissen

    Working Leather?

    John, I got an email saying that you posted a comment but nothing seems to show up??
  15. Pat Meeuwissen

    Working Leather?

    I hope she included the list of starter items to buy?

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