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  1. Pat Meeuwissen

    Adirondack Rocker Plan

    Herb, I like the look of the base much better on yours than the plan I found. The bearing surface of the rear base is much more solid looking. Do you remember who's plans they were? Still haven't found the right one yet.
  2. Pat Meeuwissen

    Adirondack Rocker Plan

    Lew, I have made some regular ones as well as the Grandpa/ma version much easier to lift and still very comfortable. More upright design.
  3. Pat Meeuwissen

    Adirondack Rocker Plan

    Guys, been asked to make some of these and was wondering if anyone has built some they really like. Found a couple designs online, but would like to hear from someone who has actually sat in them.
  4. Pat Meeuwissen

    Flip Top Cart Build

    Could post a pic of the template and the resulting finished pull please?
  5. Pat Meeuwissen

    Flip Top Cart Build

    Been there, done that!!! Backwards too.
  6. Pat Meeuwissen

    Flip Top Cart Build

    Tom, that means the cove bit will have a bearing to ride on the cut surface from the initial templated cut.
  7. Pat Meeuwissen

    Flip Top Cart Build

    Tom, I too like the pulls and would like to hear how you made them. I do some heavier work on my planer and think the slides would not hold up for me.
  8. Pat Meeuwissen

    Working Leather?

    Guys, thank you all for the info and suggestions. Pat
  9. Pat Meeuwissen

    Working Leather?

    Gerald, I'm not sure how do you get a "snap fit"? This might work well for the tools I carry on my truck.
  10. Pat Meeuwissen

    Working Leather?

    Gene thanks I have a Tandy leather supply about 25 minutes from my house will take a ride and get some.
  11. Pat Meeuwissen

    Flip Top Cart Build

    Something funny on my computer?? I just started a new topic and the text from my project post was in the reply box?? Ok for my question of the day I need to combine my planer and another tool, sander more than likely and was wondering after doing a search came up with this archived topic. Did anyone actually build one and really liked their version or changes they would make now. Pics would be greatly appreciated. Lew you added several links and was hoping someone liked one way better than the others. Look forward to hearing the feedback. Allen did you ever build yours?
  12. Pat Meeuwissen

    Working Leather?

    Well I watched the video and made my sleeve with some scrap leather I had, calculated carefully was looking really good then when I slid the SHARP chisel into it for the first time it grabbed the leather and cut right thru. That was allot of work to just throw it away. I actually just slipped it onto a much skinnier chisel which I keep in my tool drawer. Need some thicker material and might try the rivet and glue method next time. Pete any recommendations on the type of glue?
  13. Pat Meeuwissen

    Working Leather?

    Guys, I want to make some sleeves for some larger chisels and a slick. Would this beginner kit be a good starting purchase or if anyone has a better suggestion please let me know. https://www.amazon.com/BIGTEDDY-Leather-Stitching-Leathercraft-Projects/dp/B06W5TFX29/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1532780399&sr=8-5&keywords=leather+stitching+kit
  14. Pat Meeuwissen

    Finished End Table

    Irish, I made wooden buttons and used a biscuit joiner to cut slots.
  15. Pat Meeuwissen

    Finished End Table

    Guys, here is the final pics of the table I built for my SIL. Stained with watco Danish oil and 4 coats of lacquer. This was for the other side of the couch from the first one like a sister build.

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