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  1. It turns out that the locking lever can just be lifted forward and set down one notch back further on the large hexnut that captures it.
  2. I'm having trouble with my router Plunge Locking Lever not fully locking. There is nothing in the manual for repairing this is there a solution somebody can give me? Thanks Pat
  3. OI see what your saying Lew, thinking though in this soft pine thinking a rounded corner better for longevity and the little bit of play. Something like this?
  4. Well guys, I've come to ask for help once again. I'm making a Catan game board and pieces, I need to create this joint 6 times so that all the pieces are interchangeable and interlock better. I was trying to make them by cutting the them with the scroll saw but then had to shorten the individual pieces and now the dovetail ends are no longer the right shape. I'd like to machine them with some sort of jig, have a tiny bit of play for the fit in the legs.
  5. Guys, some really great options. I think this might be the front runner, but intrigued by the option to use some 3/8 brass rod and drill them into the chop as is. I saw a video on YouTube where they installed them with spring mechanism to pop them up when needed but store flush when not in use.
  6. Guys, to increase the jaw capacity of my vise I reduced the thickness of the chop to just over inch thick 1 1/8. I would like to add dogs on the outside face of the chop as drilling out 3/4 would weaken it too much. Anyone have any pics or video links on a good choice for this?
  7. I figured you might not have seen my last post. lol Thanks for the help.
  8. It would seem my problem was mostly that it was open too much like I posted above.
  9. What happened to my reply to Steven??
  10. Well spent about an hour this morning, honing the blade (which wasn't horrible but now perfect). I disassembled the entire thing cleaned out all the tiny little bits, found the frog actually too far back, not co-planner at all with the mouth (fixed). Also added about a half a turn on the cap iron screw to tighten it down some more. The sound and feel are much better. Planed some poplar and some white oak, nice flat even shavings with no clogging so far. Thanks for the combined efforts to get me on the right solution. Pat And spent no money. WIN!!!
  11. Guys, I need to improve the quality of blade for my Stanley #7, I've tried everything to fix the cap iron re-beveled it sharpened to not allow any light thru but the chips still get in between. Thinking of getting a set of Hock pieces was looking for input or/and a good place to buy. Best price quick shipping and so on. Thanks Pat
  12. Here is the final version, you'll notice it's all screwed together to allow for changes if need be. Today I'll load it up with all my short pieces. Will probably add some markings for depth and a stop on the open flat shelf.
  13. Good morning guys, thought I would post an update to this thread. The project is much further along then this but more important projects have taken up my time. I'll try to get a progress shot later today after I clear out the current work.
  14. Thanks this picture of the handle is MUCH better. I like the jig idea to make all the handles the same height. And now its time to get busy on the router fence. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
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