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  1. Pat Meeuwissen

    Sketch up lover?

    Here is the final version, you'll notice it's all screwed together to allow for changes if need be. Today I'll load it up with all my short pieces. Will probably add some markings for depth and a stop on the open flat shelf.
  2. Pat Meeuwissen

    Sketch up lover?

    Good morning guys, thought I would post an update to this thread. The project is much further along then this but more important projects have taken up my time. I'll try to get a progress shot later today after I clear out the current work.
  3. Pat Meeuwissen

    Utilizing Dead Space

    Thanks this picture of the handle is MUCH better. I like the jig idea to make all the handles the same height. And now its time to get busy on the router fence. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
  4. I read somewhere about being able to upgrade the impeller for older wall mounted DC is this worth doing? I don't have the space to put a larger more powerful unit but would love to get the best out of what I do have.
  5. Pat Meeuwissen

    Utilizing Dead Space

    Really nice build, how much room did you leave around it to stand and work? Are the center part of your handles metal and epoxied to the stand offs? And lastly do you have a separate router fence, shop made? could you show it please.
  6. Pat Meeuwissen

    Sketch up lover?

    Could add a small block on top to keep it square. Kept the top clear of the stairs by a little bit.
  7. Pat Meeuwissen

    Sketch up lover?

    I think we worked through this very nicely, I'll have to add some supports/stop to the small shelves if I add them. Guys, do you see any room for improvement?? I might just go with one depending on how small the area is. These are the wheels I'll use.
  8. Pat Meeuwissen

    Sketch up lover?

    Yes that would be a good idea. They might make the cut or not? See my email
  9. Pat Meeuwissen

    Sketch up lover?

    Sounds right. I will definitely build to fit don't think the "exact" dimensions will be real close but might vary slightly.
  10. Pat Meeuwissen

    Sketch up lover?

    I like your fix for the support and just make it shorter to allow my wheel assembly to mount underneath. How do you like the wheel idea?
  11. Pat Meeuwissen

    Sketch up lover?

    No, I'm going to do it like this. If you watch the video it shows in the first minute or so. I have 6 wheels I think this will keep it running straight in and out like I want to.
  12. Pat Meeuwissen

    Sketch up lover?

    I think that works. Any suggestions from you?? Or the gang?
  13. Pat Meeuwissen

    Sketch up lover?

    I figure just go 18" all the way across to support those and close in the back bins at the same time.
  14. Pat Meeuwissen

    Sketch up lover?

    The triangle shape will be on the four rear dividers. The front that's open when under the stairs will be sqaured off at the 18" height the dotted lines will connect to the two partitions you drew in already with two small strips.
  15. Pat Meeuwissen

    Sketch up lover?

    Does this help Lew?

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