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  1. Guys, found this calculator and it worked perfectly. https://www.blocklayer.com/trig/righttriangles.aspx
  2. great project with accuracy to boot. Can you show it in action on the project? You got me very curious.
  3. Very nice build, the lamination glue up looks like a well thought out process. Did you have to allow for any spring back on a piece this thick? How much more open time does the glue provide?
  4. John, I'm making a version of the Paulk workbench to work out side in my driveway. Going to install t trak in the top and add a pipe clamp on the end to use as a vise with that. No dogholes like this but will make the cutouts for the tools underneath. My table saw is right in my garage so this will be more like an assembly table. Low ceiling in the basement limits projects during the winter months. The main reason I asked the question was to learn how to simply calculate the angle cuts myself.
  5. I just wish I could remember it. Was good at math MANY moons ago.
  6. John, this is perfect a way for ME to do it in the future. I see now that it is just two triangles side by side. Very much appreciated. Pat
  7. So I need the top of the two boards in the center to be at 35" @ 30 degrees of angle
  8. Guys, I'm looking to see if there might be a calculator that I can input a length of a giving piece of wood and what the height would be if it was cut parallel to 20 or 30 degrees.
  9. Larry, the price on that sander is fantastic too bad I live in NJ. It would be sold otherwise.
  10. Butcher, (for the fact I don't know your real name;-))I think I commented on your bench when you first showed it and even asked a question. It is still a real great piece of work, I would love to hear a little more about how did your mapping, I have a need to build a hand power tool storage area/cart something and would like to learn> Maybe add it to your original thread to keep it together. It doesn't matter if you post it here I don't mind either way. Thanks Pat
  11. Thanks for the kind words. It came out nice I thought. The brass was just not needed. If I had any might have used it but not to buy.
  12. made this one for my use and after a couple adjustment on the screw for blade thickness it worked perfectly.
  13. Send it to me, you won't miss it anyway.
  14. Good morning guys, I need to make myself one of these and am wondering you have made one and could share yours? I have looked thru YouTube and have found ones that are super simple from a piece of wood with a screw at one end to some very nice looking ones. The bulk of these videos don't go into the differences and the extra things the "fancier" ones can do. Am leaning towards this one by Mafe, https://www.lumberjocks.com/projects/37513.
  15. It turns out that the locking lever can just be lifted forward and set down one notch back further on the large hexnut that captures it.
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