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  1. Look forward to seeing how you'll accomplish the bin sensor. Not something I've come across yet.
  2. You could also install a manual on switch if you wanted to turn it on without the remote. In case you ever "misplace" the remote that sort of thing never happens to me. LOL
  3. Larry thank you so much for the drawing I'm sure it will help others down the road. Did you mount the secondary switch in the cover or outside the splice box? I don't see it in the picture of your finished splice box. I'm working on using an auto trigger device that will turn on my shop vac attached to my miter saw and will also trigger my bigger 1 hp dust collector. By the way I am an electrician.
  4. So your feeding in 120v to the remote and that white wire (comes with/on the remote??) then pulls in the contactor when triggered.
  5. I watched the video as well and HER fit was not great at all. Shot at low angle after she laid it in to hide the fact. Principle is sound think execution was poor.
  6. Dan, that would be great. I'll send you a pm.
  7. https://www.ereplacementparts.com/craftsman-113298051-table-saw-parts-c-158286_168548_202537.html This is the model of the saw it says the wrenches are no longer available.
  8. At what point does the size of the hose/pipe become too big for the size of a particular system? Is there any charts to calculate this
  9. I need something like this but that allows for movement of the saw. I have a dust deputy /shop vac and a 1 1/2 hp dust collector(4") set up just for my miter saw with very poor results. It gets the super fine stuff but not enough of the larger in my opinion.
  10. Good morning guys, I have been reading some of the blogs and would like to suggest that the authors add a picture of what is created in the blog in the opening art. Right now most are just a triangular artwork set up as a default for most. What do you think? Pat
  11. Great Blog Lew, your pics are nice and crisp, explanation easy to follow. Probably some trial and error til this gets perfected. Pat
  12. Thanks guys. Another year in the books.
  13. Thanks Dan, have to wait til someone goes back up to the cabin. I'll probably be able to get a model number but noone else is very "tool friendly".
  14. John, if I had a picture of them i'd have the wrenches. lol
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