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  1. well myself have finally finished all the installion of both sides of shop,now on to putting up OSB for the walls ,hard goin cause i think i might have fractured or broke my wrist,wont know till i got clinic,but only openin is 15 Sept,so i am keepin iy wrapped up for now,GOOD thing is its my left hand,cause i am right handed,will put pics up of shop.
  2. wife wanted me to redo the cloths hamper the dog had chewed on,so grabed old cedar scraps an tada new hamper.
  3. wow outstanding stack,like the one i got awhile back,still have some left,most of the stack was Ash,have fun w/ur stack of wood lol
  4. have a friend who wants to give her husband a wooden 18 Wheeler,likeone w/all the details on it,so if anyone knows someone who does them,and now onto house.finally got all the windows framed,so now its onto the baseboards(OH my achein back),the do some framin in the Hallway,ay lest its small,when done w/that then its on to the shop got some installtionso will be puttin that up an the OSB for the walls(wife asked why didnt i use sheetrock)told her cant hang stuff on sheetrock like u can on OSB.so will takepics of everything an post them,now to soak in a HOT bath to relive back pain an legs.so y
  5. no how you feel,still trying to find electrician to redo our house,myself i can do wiring but would need to call 911,for them to get me down out of attic,haha,but i hea done the wiring in my shop is great to have a Dad who was a Electrician and showed me how to do it.
  6. have some nice weather so me an momma put up a new fence w/help from so friends that was Fri,and today i put down the floor for the bathroom in the shop,so now i have a top to put the joiner on, just need to build table for it,while i was doin that put my foot thru the floor of the new shop(old building),had a small leak in roof,fixed it but didnt look at floor,so now i have to put down a new floor in it.
  7. yeah i sure do Larry,its 103 23900
  8. thxs John,found out its 50yrs old,they don't make replacement parts for it,that ok got a motor and a pulley,Craftsman said i might have to try a few different pulleys to get it to work right,but that's half the fun right,already drawing designs for the base .
  9. ok need help,picked up a planer from craftsman(pics uploaded),where do i go to find out how to set it up,i have a motor for it just need to know where to place it.
  10. looks nice,and BOY do i know about not square houses,mine is the same way,redid our kitchen,and back room,found out ,the last owners took out support wall in backroom,(wondered why ceiling bowed some),
  11. maybe igor liked to play in the sawdust ?
  12. would love to see more, goin to make some of those.
  13. nice cabinet,an what everyone needs on their vanity a sander lol
  14. welcome Mahendra,hope u enjoy our site,i have learned a lot from all here.
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