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  1. Happy Birthday Nate!!!!!

  2. Allen, Thanks for the review for those of us that couldn't be there! The pictures are awesome! I am so glad you got to visit with Catherine! Isn't she awesome? Nate
  3. Lew, This is awesome! No worries on the "mistake!" We all have gotten into the zone and done such things. You have recovered it very nicely!. I really enjoy reading and watching your turning tutorials! Nate
  4. Lew, This is totally awesome stuff! I love the detail! Your commitment to excellence is shining through! Hold strong, I am very excited to see how this turns out!! Nate
  5. I love reading your blogs Lew! Keep it up! Those shaving are a beautiful sight! Nate
  6. Lew, Thanks for the article! Knowledge is power and this seriously gives me more to work with when I get back to the lathe! Keep sharing please! We are eating it up! Nate
  7. John, I definitely want to participate but I will have to wait until the next run as my shop has no power! I think the Challenge Coin Display gifts are an awesome, awesome idea! You all do great work and trust me, it means allot to the service member! Nate
  8. John, O yeah, that is right, about the lathe. That is frustrating that things keep popping up. I get that too. Mike Dillen, This is considered a matter of opinion by many people, but there is science behind it! The Laguna guides keep the blade running cooler and straigher. Ceramic does not conduct heat, so the blade can stay incontact with it. That is why Nasa uses it for the shuttle noses. If you go to this link Torben explains it in a couple of videos. http://bcove.me/7wcqkg2v http://bcove.me/l8o9shs2 Thanks, Nate
  9. Torbin is a genius with only his heart to rival his head! I am so glad his work is getting the shining reviews it deserves. John, definitely go for the 3HP upgrade if your going to resaw allot. You will not regret it! Nate
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