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  1. Thanks John! I really hit the sweet spot with the size. While it is larger than many hobby shops, as a pro shop it is not very big at all (the wide angle lens makes it look bigger than it is.) But I exercise a lot of discipline and the shop is very efficient, effective, and economical to operate. I still need to get out a good shop tour video. Do to some unexpected events, I had to load up on more work than I had intended this year and that has dampened my plans for video production.
  2. I am from central Ohio and have been around the Amish quite a bit. When talking tools with other contractors, I often tell them about the selection of pneumatic tools that are available that we don't even see on the shelves at the normal tool suppliers. But that the many of the major manufacturers have a line of pneumatic tools.
  3. Did you go to Keim Lumber in Charm? I have spent a lot of money there in years past. http://www.keimlumber.com
  4. So does it still come with 100 & 150 grits installed with the strapping tape on the ends? My recommendation certainly is based on my work and others may have a different opinion. The 80 grit is still pretty aggressive. I am looking forward to hearing of your experience. When it comes to changing grits, the biggest issue is the cloth backing separating from the sandpaper. This may not happen and I think it will depend largely on how much you have use the sandpaper. Since I have only ever ordered my sandpaper from Grizzly, perhaps there are other manufac
  5. Yep, 4" plumbing mates perfectly to ShopFox dust collection fittings! Although the fit does vary somewhat between brands of PVC pipe.
  6. That is the way it came from the factory so I have just continued to follow their example. The timing was coincidental but perfect since John just bought his sanding machine.
  7. Here is a shot of the dust collection off the top of my sander. I included shots from both the Grizzly (which is still used at my brothers shop as seen in image) and the ShopFox which is currently in my shop. This setup allows for easy opening of the top.
  8. In this video I show how I install velcro backed sandpaper on my dual drum sander. I know a lot of you don't have drum sanders, but this will be good information for new owners of drum sanders that have not had to replace the sandpaper yet. For those that are looking at getting a drum sander, this will give you a good idea of what it is like to replace velcro backed sandpaper and might help you make a decision for yourself if this is a feature that you want or not. I share a lot of gold nuggets on installation and things to look out for. I hop
  9. SU-WEET! I just released my video. I will post it here.
  10. Dang! Sorry to hear you got hit like that, hope you will be able to get everything taken care of without hassle. We had a storm like that move through Billings about 3 weeks ago. We were very lucky the south end of the storm that went over our place did not carry the hail. The north end of the storm carried the hail like you guys got and it was pretty devastating. Several people we know had the windows smashed out and siding stripped off or damaged on west side of the house and cars were totaled. We also got lucky because we were hiking on the southern edge of town an
  11. John - those are great upgrades for the shop! You will really appreciate those for sure!
  12. Been helping a friend do some landscape and steps and working on a new video showing how I install the sandpaper on my drum sander. I thought this was timely for John and his new purchase.
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