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  1. Hi Don,

    I wanted to ask if you made the wood burner tool for the turkey yourself or bought it somewhere?

  2. I just saw a news report that people are poaching the burls growing on the Redwood trees in California. Here is a related item from the NY Times http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/09/us/poachers-attack-beloved-elders-of-california-its-redwoods.html?_r=0 I can't believe that the money grubbing bastards would stoop so low. Please be careful where you buy your burl wood.
  3. The rack was commissioned by a very good, return customer who is a collector of unusual walking sticks and hiking staffs and an avid turkey hunter. He wanted an unusual rack to display part of his collection of sticks. He gave me the dimensions and asked me to come up with something. Here is what I came up with. The base is a 2 inch thick slab of cedar and the posts and rails are Diamond willow. I carved in the wood spirits and woodburned the turkeys, turkey tracks and flowers. The Turkey silhouettes are scrolled from 3/8 inch butternut. The rack is finished with several coats of Tung Oil. Pros and cons are welcome.
  4. Thanks Guys. John, I use only a knife for the carvings and limited use of a Dremel for cleaning out the diamonds. Then lots of elbow grease and sandpaper. The finish is six coats of Deft brushing lacquer. It is a lot of dirty work but I really enjoy creating them and they are always well received from my customers.
  5. Hi Lewis, Thanks for your comment. I used the scroll saw to cut the crook and subsequently carved its from a piece of 1 3/4 inch thick ash which I had cut down several years ago. I attached it to the staff using a 1/2 inch oak dowel drilled into both pieces about 3 inches and attached with Gorilla glue. Don R
  6. Here are pictures of some of the hiking staffs I just completed. Merry Christmas to all. Don R
  7. I keep the pivot bolts snug on my Delta and the arm stays up until I push it down. Works great. Don R
  8. Mahendra! Good to see you here. I just joined also and already have made some new friends. Did you see the photograph of my cutting of your pattern in the featured photos section? Don R
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